Clara M. (Gehrig) Tegtman, Charles Gehrig, Andrew Gehrig, Joseph Gehrig, Lewis Gehrig, parents

Godfrey and Careline Gehrig -

One tree said Godfrey Gehrig, born 1819 in Baden, Germany, died 1894 in Curtis, Washington County Colorado.  FindAGrave # 79617255 has him in the Curtis cemetery, and  # 79617443 has Careline Gehrig born 1830 in Germany dying Dec 10, 1899 in Washington County, buried in the Curtis cemetery.

"Heirs of Gottfried Gehrig" timber-claimed a quarter in 4, 3N 51W in 1901 - that's just a little north of Akron.

1897 Burdette news  "Mrs. Godfrey Gehrig and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Louis Gehrig, were pleasant visitors at the home of Mrs. J.J.S. Harvey on Tuesday of last week."

"The Curtis cemetery was established in 1894 on land donated to the local Lutheran church by the Godfrey Gehrig family for his burial. It was in use until at least 1919. The church has burned and many original markers are missing."

Clara cash-claimed a quarter in 13, 8N 48W in 1890, and one in 12, 8N 45W in 1890 - that's in Phillips County, about twenty miles away.

She might be the one in 1880 Lee County, Illinois, 23, daughter of Ludwig and Margrette, all born in Baden.  Rosa

In 1870 Lee County Louis and Harriet had Eugene 17, Clara 15, and Charles 13.  (  Charles Gehrig had claimed land in1890 and 1898 in 4N 51W - about twenty miles from Clara's claim)

The Louis Gehrig family were members of the German Lutheran church organized in Lee County, Willow Creek township in 1870.

Keith A. Gehrig posted "I am a direct descendant of Ludwig Gehrig who lived in Lee County, Illinois after coming to America in 1858 from Baden, Germany.
3 Children in his first marriage...Eugene, Carl (charles) and Clarisa. Then 2 more with the second wife, Martha and George."

In 1880 Lee County, Illinois, Godfrey and Caroline have Joseph 17, Charles 15, Caroline 13, Andrew 11, and Lewis 9.

When Louis Tegtman registered, he said he was born Oct 2, 1890 in Akron Colorado.

When Eddie Albert Tegtman registered, he said he was born July 26, 1893 at Akron.

When Earnest Andres Tegtman registered, he said he was born Feb 9, 1895 at Akron.

When Frank Tegtman registered, he said he was born Jan 22, 1897 at Akron.

Clara M. Gehrig married Duff I. Smith July 25, 1894, recorded in Denver.

Charles R. Gehrig married Elsie Marie Segelke January 3, 1917, recorded in Morgan County, Colorado.

Christ Tegtman was in the poor records of Washington County, Colorado Jan 31, 1897, and C.E. Tegtman in Weld County March 30, 1907.

1900 Greeley, "Little Willie Tegtman" happened to overhear a discussion of the robbery, "and at a certain place he heard a man say 'there is a kid trying to rubber-neck and hear what we are saying.' He waited on the marshal and soon the third man was behind the bars in the Greeley jail."

In 1900 Weld County Christopher born Oct 1863, Carrie A. Aug 1863, both Illinois, have William K. Aug 1885, Maggie B. Nov 1886, Carrie Feb 1888, these in Illinois, then Mary L. May 1889 Colorado, Lewis Oct 1890, Edward A. July 1893, Earnest Feb 1895, Frank A. JuJan 1897, and Charles Jan 1899 -the last six in Colorado.  They've been married nine years, meaning , and Carrie said she'had nine kids, four living. 

In 1908 Greeley, C.E. is a laborer, and they live at 1636 6th Ave.  Louisiworks at a sugar factory, Margaret a domestic, also live there.

1903 Greeley "Mrs. Charles Gehrig of Denver is visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs. C. Tegtmann."

1930 Greeley, Colorado "Charles Gehrig Honored at Farewell Picnic Party Fifty-two relatives of Charles Gehrig gathered at Island Grove park Monday evening in his honor, enjoying a picnic lunch. Mr. Gehrig, who has been visiting here from  Santa Ana, Calif., returned to his home Tuesday. Two brothers, Lewis Gehrig and Joseph Gehrig, and a sister, Mrs. Carrie Tegtman, were present with their families, and others present included nieces and nephews and grand children."

1931 Greeley "Mrs. Carrie Tegtman will be hostess at a large family reunion dinner at her home, 1927 Seventh Avenue, Christmas day.  Her guests will include Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Tegtman and daughter Leota, Mr. and Mrs. John Palmer of Denver, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. West, Mr. and Mrs. James Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tegtman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tegtman and Billy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tegtman and family,, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Tegtman, S.C. Killam, Mrs. Lidy, the gathering being a special one since it is the first time in eight years that the .... "

1934 Greeley "Mrs. Carrie Tegtman has as her house guest her niece, Clara Tegtman, of Stamford, Nebr. Miss Tegtman will be here for two weeks."  (the 1890 Harlan County Nebraska directory has Ed. Tegtman with a mailing address of Long Island Kansas, so he must be in the far south end of Harlan County.  The 1930 Harlan County graduates included Clara (Tegtman) Reece. *Deceased)

Carrie Tegtman 1865-1945 is buried in Greeley Linn Grove 11441890, which also notes that she was related to Christopher E. Tegtman 1856-1924.


Mary A. Fox arrived August 16, 1886 in Philadelphia, age 18.

One tree said Charles, born Sep 6, 1864 in Viola, Lee County, Illinois, married Mary Ellen Fox Spet 26,1889 in North platte, Nebraska.

In 1900 Denver Charles born Sep 1862 in Illinois, is a streetcar conductor, with Mary July 1867 England, Charles R. July 1890, Nebraska, Bessie M. Sep 1894 Colorado, and Godfrey May 1900 Colorado.  Alice Fox, sister-in-law, Sep 1877 England is with them.

When Charles R registered, he said he was born July 19, 1890 in North Platte, Nebraska.

In 1910 Montrose Charles is farming, and they have "C Raymond" 20, Bessie 15, and Louis G. 9.

In 1920 Santa Ana, Orange County California, Charles  is a common laborer, and he and "M Helen" have Louis G. 19 and Evelyn M. 8.

In 1930 Santa Ana Charles is a carpenter, and they have only Evelyn, a laundress.
Charles and May Ellen are alone in 1940 - but the Ancestry census transcription has their age as 35 - should be 85.

Charles Gehrig born Sep 6, 1864 in Illinois, died May 13, 1942 in Orange County California, mother's maiden name Schiller.
Mary Ellen Gehrig, born July 21, 1868, died Sep 21, 1955 in Orange County.


Joseph cash-claimed a quarter in 34, 4N 51W in 1890, proved up a quarter in 22 in 1894, and timber-claimed quarter in 19, 4N 51 in 1903.

Joseph Gehrig of Akron married Miss Veronica Meenan of Akron on December 20, 1889 at Akron, performed by James G. Hickey, Catholic Priest of Brighton , Colorado.  Witnesses were Louis Gehrig and Cath McDonald.

Joseph Gehrig timber-claimed a quarter in 19, 4N 50W in 1903 - that's about half-way between Akron and Fleming.

Andrew Gehrig married Maggie Munan March 24, 1900, recorded in Washington County.

In 1900 they're in Morgan County - Snyder - right on the Washington County border - Andrew is 30, Margaret, born January 1880 in Ireland, immigrating in 1883.

Andrew Gehrig and Margaret Gehrig divorced in 1909 in Washington County.

Andrew Gehrig in 1913 "PROMINENT COUPLE WED"  Dec 20th, at St. Joseph's Church, Akron, Mr. Andrew Gehrig of Snyder, Colo and Miss Corene Lindeman of Union, Colo.  Joseph Gehrig, brother , was a witness. Parents Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gehrig.  Andrew was a nephew of Andy and Lawrence Meenan and Mrs. Frank McDonald.  It was the 24th anniversary of his parents, which occurred in Akron at the home of A.D. Hoy."  (so Joseph Gehrig married in Akron in 1889)

Andrew Gehrig married Tillie Livernway March 4, 1918, recorded in Arapahoe County.

Andrew -Sep 25, 1890 - Aug 3, 1931 - is buried in Brush,  on a stone with Donald Gehrig 1924-1925.


1922 "Joseph Gehrig and brother John Gehrig took in the big fair at Akron Saturday and visited at the home of their cousins H.E. Reese, over Sunday returning to their homes in Brush Sunday evening."

It must be the younger Joseph that proved up a quarter in 15 and 22, 5N 55 W - that's Morgan County, but very close to the Washington and Logan County lines.  He added another 40 acres  in section 15 in 1923.

One of them claimed 80 acres under the Desert Land Act  in 23, 5N 55 W in 190


Joseph - Aug 18, 1862 - Oct 10, 1936 and Veronica 1863-1938 are buried in Brush. #70726689 


Margaret Gehrig married Harry E. Reese Nov 4, 1911, recorded in Washington County.  This must be Andrew's first wife.

Margaret Reese "formerly Margaret Gehrig" proved p two quarters in 30 and 31, 4N 51W in 1914.

In 1920 Washington County, Harry E. and Margaret are both 39, Coy H. 20, Frank 18, Anna M. 15, Bert H. 14, and James T. Reese 66.

Margaret Meenan Reese - 1880 Ireland, died 1942 in Akron, buried in Akron with Harry E. Reese - 1880-1960.

Merry Wolter wrote "Was reading your story about the Meenan Family History 1880's. My great grandmother was Veronica Meenan, born in Co Derry, Ireland in 1863. She came to Colorado by wagon train and settled in Curtis then Brush, Colorado. She married my great grandfather Joseph Gehrig in 1889. Veronica's mother name was Margaret (McMullen) Meenan who was married to John Meenan and I was informed that they are supposedly buried in Curtis. The town of Curtis does not exist any more - but there are supposedly graves of these individuals in a farm field that I am still trying to locate. The family story has similarities and they may be related."

Also buried in Akron is son John G. Gehrig " A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gehrig, of the "55" ranch, October 20."

The Brush Tribune
Brush, Colorado
October 25, 1901 


Frank A. Reese proved up a quarter in 6, 8N 48W in 1893


Lewis Gehrig 1873-1947 and Maggie 1873-1955 share a stone in Linn Grove Cemetery, Greeley.

Greeley November 1952 "GEHRIG In loving memory of Lewis Gehrig .who passed away six years ago today. Sadly missed by his wife, children and grand children"

Greeley January 24, 1955 Maggie Gehrig Dies in California Mrs. Maggie Gehrig, former Greeley resident, died at LaMesa, C"alif. She had been in California V, months. Mrs. Gehrig had lived in Greeley since ???. Her husband, Lewis Gehrig. died here in 1947.  She is survived by four children: Mrs. Hilda Sypkens of LaMesa, Calif. William Pflelderer of Greeley, Ted Gehrig of Cleopatra, Calif., and Ray Gehrig of Salt Lake City. She was the sister of Jess N'ltien of Denver. There are four grandchildren and a great grandson. Funeral services Wednesday  from Macys Drawing room, interment Linn Grove.

Carrie Gehrig dying Aug 1912, buried in Portland, Oregon 68202815 might be related.

Charles Gehrig 68202820 also has an August 1912 date -  Carrie is in Sec 11, Lot 207, grave 1 N, Charles 2N

In 1900 Portland Charles L. born March 1857 in Germany, and Carrie W. Nov 1865 in Illinois have James B. Holmes Jan 1887 Oregon, stepson. and Carrie' sister Ada R. Hunter Sept 1885 Oregon.

In 1910 Portland Charles L. 53 is an electrician married 17 years to Carrie - second marriage for both.  She was born in Illinois.




Enraged Man Lurks On Street For Third Intended Victim

 One man is dead, another may die and two women are wounded as the result of two murderous attacks made last night by Charles Gehrig, a gate keeper at the Oaks, on his wife, her sister, his wife's former husband and his stepson. Mrs. Carrie Gehrig, who is seriously wounded, and Mrs. Nellie Oliver, her sister, slightly hurt, were shot at 408 Fourth street, Port land. Winfield Scott Holmes, a hackdriver, and former husband, of Gehrig's wife, was shot down and, it is thought, fatally hurt, at Third and Mill streets. Gehrig took his own life. The dead: Charles Gehrig, aged 45 years; a gatekeeper. Wounded: Winfield Scott Holmes, 47 year old, a hackdriver, shot in the abdomen; believed fatally hurt. Mrs. Carrie G. Gehrig, aged 45 years, shot in the hand and right side of abdomen; is given a chance for life. Mrs. Nellie Oliver, aged 37 years; shot in the right knee. Gehrig, who separated from Mrs. Gehrig about a week ago, was the second husband of the woman, her first being W. S. Holmes, from whom she got a divorce 16 years ago. After being separated from her for 15 years Holmes went to board with Mrs. Gehrig a week ago, when Gehrig, after a quarrel with her, left her. In the household were Mrs. Gehrig, Jimmie Holmes, her son by W. S. Holmes, Mrs. Oliver and James O'Rouke, a hostler in a livery stable. Mrs. Gehrig and Mrs. Oliver were sitting about a table on which was an oil lamp in their rooms at 408 Fourth street about 9 o'clock, and O'Rouke was sitting at the stove across the room when Gehrig entered silently with the gun in his hand. The first intimation they had of his presence was when he shouted: "Now I have you," and fired three times. The first shot put out the light, says O'Rouke, who turned when he heard Gehrig speak, and who saw the face of the man with the gun. The second and third shots, fired in the dark, struck home, one in Mrs. Gehrig and one in Mrs. Oliver. They fell to the floor together, and Gehrig ran out of the door. O'Rouke ran to a neighbor's home and telephoned for a doctor. Fifteen minutes later, as Jimmie Holmes and his father approached Third and Mill street, on Mill, on their way home, Gehrig stepped out of the shade of a tree with the revolver in his hand. He fired twice, says Jimmie Holmes, the first shot striking the elder Holmes in the abdomen. Then Gehrig ran down Mill Street to Second. Jimmie Holmes ran to Patrolman Mallon, who was attracted by the shooting, and together they ran down Second street. A block toward town they stumbled over the body of Gehrig, who had taken his own life.


Wingfield S Holmes engr boards 1703 11th. Portland OR 1890

1899 Portland "Nellie Oliver sued Joseph Oliver for divorce"

So this is not likely the Charles and Clara Gehrig in northeastern Colorado, but the story is so vivid that I left it in.