John W. Gregory

In 1876  a military warrant for 80 acres in 17, 6N 53W was granted to Leroy and William Hewitt, minor children of George Hewitt, Private in Captain Wyatt's Company,  Tennessee Militia, War of 1812 "in favor of John W. Gregory in whose tract it is located"

1900 Sterling "W.G. Hewitt is down from Denver visiting friends and other people."

John W. cash-claimed 80 acres in 8, 6N 53 W, also in 1876.

1889 Holyoke "M.H. and H.L. Van Meter, of Denver and E.J. Gregory, of Sterling, are here to erect a 16x20 foot building in which to erect two large oil tanks, of about 6,000  ???  gallons each, for the Continental Oil Co.  The material for tanks is on the ground and the building witll begin to-day.  This will be quite an addition to Holyoke, as this will be the distributing point."  Probably the Elias J. Gregory - a real estate agent in Fort Collins in 1900 and 1910, dying there. 

John cash-claimed a quarter in 14, 8N 48W in 1891.

George Gregory cash-claimed a quarter in 34, 8N 45W - about twenty miles away, in 1891.

Maybe the John Wilson Gregory of Shelbourn, Shelby County, Missouri.  Son Howard Newel Gregory was born April 24, 1900.

John and Mary Elizabeth LAMB married July 7, 1885, son of Thomas Gregory and Eliza Shipp.

In 1920 Valley County, Nebraska John W. is 61, Mary R. 46, with John W. 21, Joseph 18, and James L. 7 - the three sons born in Nebraska. .

In 1930 Bailey County, Texas, Mary R. 57 is widowed, with John W. 31 and his wife Helen 30.  James L. is 17, and Lila F. is 7.

In 1940 Bailey County James L. and Alria are both 27, with James William 5.  Mary R., 66, is with them.

John Wilson Gregory, - Sep 168, 1859 - Mar 14, 1922 and Mary Rebecca Grgory July 11, 1873- Oct 11, 1949 are buried in the Bailey County Cemetery, Muleshoe.

Albert's cousin John Tucker often talked about their time in Muleshoe. Albert's Aunt Mary Tucker Gregory and her husband John Wilson Gregory also lived there, as well as many other family members


Another John W. Gregory !

John and Mary are buried in Chapel Hill cemetery Macon County Missouri  -John 1859-1932 and Mary 1865-1946  - 85001729


Kathy Lumsden was searching for information on GEORGE S. HEWETT who was born 1790 in Holland, and died March 01, ? in Duncanville, Tuscaloosa Co., AL. He married SOPHIA DOCKERY. He is buried in Hewett Family Cemetery, Duncanville, AL

ANDREW JACKSON3 HEWETT, b. April 1815, Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., TN; d. July 26, 1901, Duncanville, Tuscaloosa Co., AL.

JOHN J. HEWETT, b. February 1819, Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., TN; d. Bet. 1874 - 1880, Sebastian Co., Arkansas.

MARY HEWETT, b. 1823, Tuscaloosa, AL; d. Tuscaloosa, AL.

GEORGE W. HEWETT, b. January 1824, Tuscaloosa, AL; d. Texas.

CALVIN HEWETT, b. 1826, Tuscaloosa, AL; d. Abt. August 1864, Presidio, Presidio Co., TX.

PHILIP HEWETT, b. 1827, Kennedale, Tuscaloosa Co., AL; d. September 10, 1862, Knoxville, Knoxville Co., TN.

ISRAEL HEWETT, b. July 04, 1828, Kennedale, Tuscaloosa Co., AL; d. December 25, 1917, Eddy, TX.

ELIZABETH HEWETT, b. 1832, Kennedale, Tuscaloosa Co., AL; d. December 25, 1917.

LEE ROY HEWETT, b. May 06, 1837, Kennedale, Tuscaloosa Co., AL; d. September 08, 1931, Brandon Hill, Hill Co., TX.

WILLIAM HARRISON HEWETT, b. 1839, Alabama; d. March 11, 1867, Hill Co., TX.