Robert and Rebecca (Kiger) Harter, Minnie E. Harter, William Harter, Rollie Harter

Minnie is probably the wife of Ralph (Rollie) Harter, and William is likely Ralph's brother.

In 1850 Delaware County, Indiana, William Kiger is 35, Sarah 33, John 12, Valentine 11, Charles 9, Rachel 8, Catharine 7, Rebecca 6, Hannah J. 4, and Mary 1.

In 1860 Delaware County, Indiana, John W. Harter is 51, Nancy 50, Robert 2, Malinda 18, John 14, Francis L. 12, and Sarah E. 9.
Also in Delaware County in 1860, James Kiger is 50, Margaret 29, John M. 23, Mary A. 20, Margaret J. 18, Rebeca 16, Caroline 15, Catharine 14, Mary 13, Joshua 8, Margart #. 3, Sarah A 2, and Martha four months.

Robert H. Harter married Rebecca Kiger in Delaware County Indiana, August 13, 1863.

In 1870 Delaware County, Robert is 29, Rebecca 24, Rolla 4, WIlliam E 3, Estella 1, and a baby girl four months.

In 1880 Adams County, Nebraska, Robert is 41, Rebecca 34, Rolla M. 14, Wiliam 13, Stella 11, Nessa 6, and Carrie L. 4.
The John Harter, 33 on the same page is likely a brother, with Dora 24, Claude 2, and Maude 1.
The Carrie L. Harter buried in Pueblo, Colorado 1876-1893 might be their daughter, # 38306169.

Robert H. Harter cash-claimed a quarter in 26, 8N 48W in 1891. He's probably the R. Harter in the Fleming G.A.R. post in 1895, a private in A., 69th Indiana Infantry.

Robert filed for an invalid pension in February 1869, serving in "93 and A 69 and C and D 8 Indiana" and his widow Rebeca A. Harter filed in April 1914.

Minnie cash-claimed a quarter in 1890, William one in 1893, both in 24, 8N 48W. 

Rollie proved up a quarter in 2, 8N 48W in 1895.

 Rebecca Kiger , born 10 January 1845, married Robert Harter on 13 August 1863 (source IGI)  Children of Rebecca Kiger and Robert Harter are:
 i. Rollie M.Harter, born July 29, 1865; died May 25, 1903 in Longmont, Colorado.

Rollie M. Harter   was born July 29, 1865, and died May 25, 1903 in Longmont, Colorado.   - Rollie Harter married Minnie Guernsey in Sterling, Colorado Jun 11, 1887, recorded in Logan County, performed by G.W. Huffman, justice of the peace.  One tree said she was born July 01, 1867 in Osceola,  Iowa, and died December 26, 1914 in Pueblo, Colorado.

1888 Sterling "Joe Guernsey's father and sister came in from Crownpoint, Ind. on Wednesday evening."

1889 Holyoke Joseph Guernsey was elected a committeeman for the Phillips County democratic party.


Children of Rollie Harter and Minnie Guernsey are:
  i. Charles  Harter, born May 25, 1889 in Colorado; died November 25, 1892 in Colorado.
   ii. John Sheffield Harter, born August 15, 1891 in Oklahoma; died October 07, 1964 in Nevada.
  iii. Robert H Harter, born October 17, 1893 in Colorado; died April 08, 1957.  He married Alma Anderson; born Abt. 1897; died Unknown.

In 1900 Summit County Colorado Riley Harter is a woodchopper born July 1865 in Indiana, married 12 years to Minnie July 1867 Iowa, with John born  Aug 1891 INDIAN Territory, Robert Oct 1893 Colorado.

In 1910 Longmont Minnie is 43 -working out, John 18 - teamster, Robert 16 - laborer.  John C.

Robert Herman Harter registered in Riverton, Wyoming, saying he was born Oct 17, 1893 at Sterling Colorado, and was single.

In 1930 Riverton, Wyoming Robert H. Harter runs a billiard parlor.  He's 35, and Alma 27 Michigan have Alma's mother Anna Anderson 46, born in Sweden.

In 1940 Dubois, Wyoming, Robert H. Harter, a "liquor B", 46, born in Colorado, with Alma 38, Michigan, have Robert T. Harter, 9, Wyoming.

In 1985 San Bernardino County, California an article on rest home residents said "Alma Harter, who spent most of her life in northern Michigan and Wyoming. Confined to a wheelchair, Harter makes the most of it by being regularly involved in Riverside Community Convalescent's Residents' Council. "I'm the council vice president," she said. "We help decide on entertainment and things like that." Harter said she and her now deceased husband operated a movie theater years ago in Dubois, Wyo. "It was only a little town," Harter said. "

FindAGrave 26075326 has Robert H. Harter -1893-1957 and Alma A. Harter 1902-1995 buried in Dubois, Wyoming

In 1920 Brighton, Colorado John Harter is a boiler in a sugar factory, 28, born in Oklahoma, with Elva 27 Nebraska, Helen 10 South Dakota, Shirley 3, Colorado, and Dolores 1 Nebraska.

In 1930 John H. Harter is in Torrington, Wyoming with Elva E., both 38, and they have Shirley M. 13, Dolores 12, and John J. 9.

In 1937 they're in Denver, John S. and Elva E. proprietors of the Lincoln Hotel at 1629 Tremont.  Tessa G. Harter is proprietor of the Eddy Hotel at 1440 Tremont.

They're in Sheridan County, Wyoming in 1940 - with John W. 19.


   iv. Rollie M Harter, born July 08, 1901 in Colorado; died October 16, 1902 in Colorado.


Longmont Ledger (Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado)
Friday May 29, 1903 Page 8

Jamestown Avenue

The sympathy of this entire community is with the relatives of Ralph Harter, who was killed by lightning during the storm last Monday.


Longmont Ledger 12-1-1911 – Mrs. Minnie Harter, of Longmont, was adjudged insane today by a jury in the County Court and will be taken to Pueblo this evening by Undersheriff J. R. Morrison.  Mrs. Harter's husband was struck by lightning and instantly killed eight years ago while driving a hay wagon near his ranch east of Longmont.  Since his death the woman has suffered severely from melancholia.  She is the mother of two boys, John and Robert, aged 20 and 18 years, respectively.

She's probably the Minnie Harter recorded in Roselawn, Pueblo, dying Dec 28, 1914 age 47.

 ii. William E. Harter, born August 04, 1866 in Muncie, Delaware Co, Indiana; died January 16, 1943.
  iii. Estella Harter, born June 18, 1868 in Muncie, Delaware Co, Indiana; died Unknown.  She married Frank Spencer July 31, 1886; born Abt. 1864 in Muncie, Delaware Co, Indiana; died Unknown.
 iv. Nannie May Harter, born February 12, 1869 in Muncie, Delaware Co, Indiana; died November 10, 1870 in Muncie, Delaware Co, Indiana.
 v. Jessa G. Harter, born May 12, 1874 in Hastings, Nebraska; died Unknown.
 vi. Carrie L. Harter, born May 20, 1876 in Hastings, Nebraska; died October 13, 1895 in Colorado.
vii. Robert G. Harter, born March 03, 1882 in Hastings, Nebraska; died May 02, 1889 in Colorado.
 viii. Linnie G. Harter, born May 28, 1885; died April 27, 1886.
 ix. Bertha Harter, born January 20, 1889; died February 08, 1889.

In 1870 Johnson County Indiana, Manford Harter 24 and Armilda 22 have William 4, Elizabeth, and Enoch 10.
In 1870 Delaware County, Indiana, Robert Harter 29 and Rebecca 24 have Rolla 4, William E. 3, Estealla 1, and a four-month old baby.

Robert and Rebecca are alone in 1900 Boulder County, both born in Indiana, no occupation.  She's had six kids, four living.

Tessa A Harter is a waitress in 1910 Denver, 34, born in Colorado ?? living in boarding house on Larimer Street.

In 1920 Denver Tessa is still a waitress, living in a rooming house on 16th Street.
In 1930 Denver Tessa, 54, born in Nebraska, a waitress, living with cousin Lena R. Parsons 53, born in Indiana, and Lena's mother Sarah E. Matty, 79, Indiana.  Sarah Harter, daughter of John W. Harter and Nancy Harter,  had married Charles W. Maddy Jun 18, 1873 in Delaware County, Indiana.

Estella is also in Boulder County in 1900, married to Frank Spencer, farmer.  They have five kids, all born in Colorado.

Estella Harter Spencer, born in Indiana Jun 18, 1868, died in Wallace Idaho Dec 31, 1945.  Father Robert H. Harter, mother Rebecca Viger, both born in Indiana.

Clarkson Spencer married Martha Ann Rains in Henry County, Indiana March 27, 1845.
In 1850 he's married to Emily, with newborn Alwilda.
In 1860 Clinton County, Indiana, Clarkson is 37, Emily 26, with Harry 13, Alvide A. 11, Martha M.9, Elwood 7, adn Ida May 4.
Martha M. Spencer married Euclid H. Bristow in Clinton County Feb 28, 1867. She's buried in Clinton County 1851-1946.

MARTHA M. BRISTOW, widow of Euclib BRISTOW, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lorenzo ORR in Kempton, at 1 p.m. yesterday. She was born October 8, 1851, the daughter of Clarkson SPENCER and Emily (HIATT) SPENCER. Her husband died in 1914. Surviving are four daughters, Mrs. Lorenzo ORR, Kempton, with whom she resided; Mrs. Isador WHITE, Scircleville, Mrs. Alma ORR, Scircleville, and Mrs. Waldo WOOD of Frankfort. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday from the home of Mrs. Lorenzo Orr, Kempton. The body will be at the home after 2 p.m. Friday. Burial will be in Baker’s Cemetery. (
Note: Euclib is Euclid Bristow and an obituary has not been located for him; however, his death certificate states he was born Feb. 5, 1845 in Clinton Co., IN and that he died November 27, 1914 in Johnson Twp., Clinton Co., IN. His occupation was that of a farmer. He was married and name of spouse is Martha Bristow; parents are John Bristow and Lucinda Harding, both born in Kentucky. He, too, was buried in Baker Cemetery, Johnson Twp., Clinton Co., IN. Mc Mullen Funeral Home was in charge of both funerals.)
Source: Frankfort Morning Times, Frankfort, IN Friday, September 20, 1946
Contributed by: Mary K. George

In 1890 Clarkson Spencer of 7N 46W - about twelve miles away in Phillips County had Robert Harter and Relay Harter of Haxtun as witnesses.

C. Spencer was a member of the Fleming G.A.R. post in 1895, for service in C, 58th Indiana Infantry.
(His December 1881 invalid pension record says he was in C, 10th Indiana, and C, 38th Indiana)
A daughter is probably Alwilda A. (Spencer) Finney 1849-1911 buried in Clinton County, Indiana # 99183047.
Frank L. Spencer 1862-1935 was with Clark in 1870 Indiana, and filed for land in 7N 46W in Phillips County. He's buried in Belle Fourche, South Dakota # 105544981.
He was in Boulder County in 1900, born Nov 1861 in Indiana, married 13 years to Estella, June 1869 Indiana. Maude Dec 1887, Bessie Aug 1890, Clarkson Nov 1892, Elmer Dec 1895, Lessie Aug 1897 were born in Colorado.

Frank and Estella are farming in Butte County, South Dakota in 1920, with Robert C. 27, Elmer L. 24, Cyril B. 17, Alvil L. 14, Harold A. 12.

Frank's son Robert Clarke Spencer 1892-1977, born at Haxtun, is buried in Sturgis South Dakota # 3318079.
Another son Cyril B. 1903-1980 is buried in Lawrence County, South Dakota # 31015187.
Alvis L. Murray 1905-1967 is buried in Hill City, South Dakota, per # 48254606.

In 1880 Clinton County, Indiana, Clarkson is 57, farming, with Emily 45. Elwood is 24, and stepdaughters Lydia Spill man 15 and Julia Spillman 12 are with them.
Clarkson Spencer's Company C, 58th Indiana military tombstone was to be sent the the GAR Riverside in Denver, dying May 7, 1894.
But it's in Haxtun # 58320754 with Emily Hiatt Spencer buried in Clinton County, marrying Clarkson Dec 8, 1848 in Henry County.

William E. Harter married Bessie Nelson July 23, 1898, recorded in Pueblo County.

In 1910 Weld County, Wm. E. a teamster,  is 44, Bessie 28 born in Nebraska,  and they have Mildred M. 4.

May 24, 1916 Greeley "Mrs. Rebecca C. Harter died this morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. P. L. Spencer, who lives nine  miles northeast of the city. She is survived by Mrs. Spencer, a daughter, Miss Tessa Harter and son William Harter of Fruita, Colo. The body will be sent to Longmont Thursday  afternoon and will be interred beside that of her husband, Mrs. Harter has lived in this vicinity for the past two years. "

One FindAGrave listing has Tessa Harter "ashes" buried in Mountain View.

Rebecca C. Harter - Jan 10, 1845 - May 25, 1916 has a stone in Mountain View, Longmont. Also in Longmont is Robert Harter, 1838-1914 Co. E. 8th Indiana.

In 1920 Fruita, Colorado, William Harter is 54, born in Indiana, a railroad laborer.  Daughter Mildred, 14, Colorado is with him. 

The next household is Arvil Harter, 45, born Indiana, a carpenter, with wife Minnie 46 Nebraska,  daughter Freida  18 Colorado who's married to Glen Arnspiger, 23 Oregon, a locomotive fireman.

Freida Arnspiger - Oct 9, 1901 - Mar 2, 1988  - is buried in Orchard Mesa, Grand Junction.

 Bessie and William Harter divorced in Mesa County in 1921.

In 1930 Fruita William is a farm laborer, 63, divorced, boarding with Lunes Koopf and his wife Belle.

Mildred is married to Vaughn Lang, and they're farming in Fruita in 1930, with Mioma 5 and Evayne 1, both girls born in Colorado.

William, born April 10, 1863 in Indiana to Manford Harter and Elizabeth Reed, died Jan 20, 1959 in Berrien County Michigan, divorced.

Our William is probably the  stone in Grand Junction Orchard Mesa cemetery "William E. Harter" dying in 1943, per FindAGrave # 74696710.

October 2, 1907 Fort Collins, Colorado "C. D. Charles , a member of the firm of Osterhout & Charles, quietly stole away to Denver last week and, on Wednesday was united in marriage to Miss Jesse Harter of Longmont. The groom is a son to W. C. Charles of Loveland and has won many friends since coming to Windsor. The bride is a daughter of a prominent family in Longmont. After a brief wedding tour the young couple will return to make their home in Windsor."