George Johnson

1889 Sterling "John A. Johnson, one of Fleming's first settlers, gave this office a pleasant call Monday and was in high spirits regarding the future outlook for Fleming and surrounding country.  He thinks there is bound to be a boom there this summer and we think the good people of Fleming deserve it.  He was on his way to Denver."

1889 Sterling "John Johnson, of Fleming, passed through Sterling Wednesday on his way to Denver, and of course stopped long enough to roll a big cart wheel in to the ADVOCATE office." (maybe renewing his subscription?)

 1890 Holyoke "On the evening of February 24th 90, George Johnson and wife, gave a party for their son John who was twenty one on that day, and we had the pleasure of being present, and had a kiss from most of the pretty girls of our neighborhood. There was about forty present and all had a fine time. After the young people had enjoyed themselves for a while, the ladies spread the table and loaded it with turkey, chicken, cake, pie, and all the good things a new country affords, and we all done justice to the same, after which the old and young resorted to playing games again which made us think of our boyhood days, and the party adjourned at a late hour full and happy."

Also in 1890, George W. Johnson was a witness for the land claim of Louis Meile for the nw quarter of 22, 9N 47W - about six miles from the 8N 48W.  Other witnesses were Milton F. Clark, Thomas Jesen, Rumford W. Plummer, all with Haxtun addresses.

John A. Johnson cash-claimed a quarter in 1, 8N 49W in 1891.

George proved up a quarter in 7, 8N 48W in 1893, and timber-claimed a quarter in 5 in 1896.

John A. Johnson timber-claimed a quarter in 8, 8N 48W in 1897.

1898 Sterling "John Johnson, wife and two little sons went to Iowa last night for a week's visit."

And a Gustav Johnson timber-claimed a quarter in 1, 8N 49W in 1896.  Probably the one buried in Bertrand Nebraska - Phelps County 1824-1902.  "Traveled from Sweden to Varna, Illinois. Moved to Bertrand. Then moved to Haxton, Colorado. "

Possibly the George Johnson in 1900 Warren County, Illinois, born 1861 in New York, a railroad laborer -  George's father is a brick mason, Andrew Johnson born Oct 1837 in New York, Mary Jan 1838 in New York, and Main Johnson, born Dec 1868 New York, also a railroad laborer.

They were in Warren County in 1880

ANOTHER POSSIBLE  and there was a George Johnson in 1880 Weld County, 19, a herder, born in New York


ANOTHER  - George Johnson, a railway laborer,  in 1900 Logan County, born May 1869 in Illinois, married three years to Vina, a cook for the railroad, born  Aug 1868 Wisconsin.