Archie Malcolm

Archie cash-claimed a quarter in 29 and one in 32, 8N 48W in 1890.

In 1860 Webster County, Iowa A.J. Malcolm, 28 is with Orin Johnson 68,  and Steven Johnson 18.

In 1880 Custer County, Colorado, Archibald Malcolm, 42, born in New York, widowed, is a miner, living with a bunch of other miners.





Another possibility - "A. Malcomb" in 1885 Clear Creek County, Colorado, a blacksmith born in Nova Scotia, with Judith born in England, both 38, with Frederick 15, Frank 13, Andrew 11, Carrie 9, Robert 7, John 4, and Alice 1.  The last two were born in Colorado, the other kids in Nova Scotia.

Betsy Malcolm was born Jan 19, 1870, and died Jan 29, 1870  in Halifax, Nova Scotia, father Andrew Malcolm, mother Judith Harrison Malcolm.

Judith Malcom was in the 1871 census of Nova Scotia, 23, married, with Frederick two months old.

Fred A. Malcom married Ellen A. Nelson April 23, 1894, recorded in Clear Creek County. Frederick Albert Malcom born Jan 18, 1871 in Nova Scotia, died Aug 27, 1933 in Rossland, British Columbia.  So this isn't the Logan County one.