Louis Menke

Louis cash-claimed a quarter in 27, 8N 48W in 1890.

ONE POSSIBLE - and my bets are on this one - 300 miles with a rail line straight through from from southeast Nebraska to Fleming.  And a son William settling in adjoining Yuma County adds to the probability.

Children of Louis and Anna Marie (Becker) Menke:
[Note - Louis Menke immigrated to America from Germany in 1869 and Anna Marie (Becker) Menke immigrated to America in 1872. They were married February 23, 1873 in Exeter, Nebraska.]
Marie Becker, daughter of Bernard and Mary Becker, was born in Russen, Germany, November 14, 1853 and died at her home in Exeter, Nebraska, September 3, 1936 at the age of 82 years, 9 months and 20 days.

In the year 1872, she, with her parents and one sister, came to America and was met by her three brothers, Peter, John, and Nicholas, at Dubuque, Iowa. Later the same year, they accompanied her brother Peter to Nebraska and located two miles east of Exeter on his homestead. On February 23, 1873, she was united in marriage to Louis Menke at Lincoln. To this union eleven children were born, nine of whom survive, two sons having died in infancy. The first years of her married life were spent on a homestead in York County near the Blue River, after which they moved to a home two miles east of Exeter, where she lived with her family after the death of her husband on January 24, 1899.

In the spring of 1917, she moved to her present home in town. Grandma Menke, as she was familiarly known to the community, was loved by everyone with whom she came in contact through her gracious and kindly hospitality. She was a devout Christian and one of her greatest pleasures was daily attendance of Mass, and her chief interests in life were her church, family and home. Funeral services were held in St. Stephen's Catholic Church in Exeter, Saturday, September 5, 1936, with Rev. E. Boll officiating and six of her grandsons as pallbearers.

1. Fredricka "Rica" Mary (Menke) Dumpert
     Born - July 16, 1874, York County, Nebraska
     Died - November 16, 1951, Exeter, Nebraska
     Married - Adam Dumpert, January 24, 1893
                      Born - July 25 1868, Eggenbach, Germany
                      Died - May 25, 1951, Exeter, Nebraska
More than 100 relatives and friends helped Mr. and Mrs. Adam Dumpert celebrate their golden wedding anniversary here two weeks ago. Mr. Dumpert was born July 25, 1868, in Germany and came to this country with his parents in June 1882, when he was 14 years of age. Mrs. Dumpert was Fredricka Menke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Menke, early pioneers of this section, born July 16, 1874, in York county. Mr. and Mrs. Dumpert were married Jan. 24, 1893, in St Stephen’s Catholic church. They lived for seven years in Saline county after which they moved  to Fillmore county, and lived near Exeter until moving to town four years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Dumpert were the parents of 12 children, two of whom died in infancy. The children are Sophia of York. Felix of Lincoln, Mrs. Lewis Dey of Seward, Alice of David City, William of Exeter, Mrs. Clifford Geis of Beaver Crossing. Leo of San Diego, Calif; Martin of Sheppard Field, Tex.; Paul of Fort Rosecrans. Calif , and Margaret of Lincoln. All the children with their families were present for the anniversary except Martin and Paul, who are in the army, and Leo who is in defense work, but who visited his parents several weeks ago.
2. Mary (Menke) Jansan
     Born - 1877
     Died - 1944
     Married - William Jansan
                      Born - 1871
                      Died - 1934
3. John Menke
     Born - December 4, 1879
     Died - May 16, 1958
     Married - Elizabeth "Lillie" A. (Nevins) Menke, February 7, 1910
                      Born - June 30, 1889, Utica, Nebraska
                      Died - July 26, 1976, Exeter , Nebraska
4. Anna Barbara (Menke) Barkmeier
     Born - March 27, 1881
     Died - March 8, 1962, Friend, Nebraska
     Married - August Frank Barkmeier, 1902, Exeter, Nebraska
                      Born - March 1, 1876, Westendorf, Germany
                      Died - September 22, 1962, Friend, Nebraska
5. Maria "Minnie" Philomena (Menke) Hammond
     Born - March 20, 1883
     Died - December 25, 1968
     Married - Frank Hammond
                      Born - May 24, 1880
                      Died - January 7, 1942
6. Sophia (Menke) Matthews
     Born - 1885
     Died - 1969
     Married - William "Bill" Matthews
                       Born - 1886
                       Died - 1969
7. Helena "Lena" A. (Menke) Matthews
     Born - February 26, 1889
     Died - May 26, 1964
     Married - Richard D. Matthews
                      Born - 1888
                      Died - 1972
8. Henry Menke
     Born - September 10, 1891
     Died - August 21, 1954
     Married - Josephine (Becwar) Menke
                      Born - March 17, 1896
                      Died - May 28, 1983
9. William "Billie" Bernard Menke
     Born - January 5, 1894, Exeter, Nebraska
     Died - October 21, 1972, Wray, Colorado
     Married - Constance Winifred (Emanuel) Menke
                      Born - September 5, 1916, Wray, Colorado
                      Died - March 20, 1988, Wray, Colorado



He might be the Louis Minke in 1880 St. Louis, a laborer, 24, married to Caroline 20, with August 2.  In 1870 Louis was in St. Louis , with Christ 35 and Henrietta 30.  He's 10, and sister Emma is 4.

Louis Menke born June 1867 in Missouri, a blacksmith in 1900 St. Louis married 23 years to Carolina January 1858 Missouri.  They have Louis Aug 1880, Edward July 1882,  both Missouri, Adela Dec 1886, and Josephine Apr 1891, both Illinois, and Victoria May 1897 Missouri.

That matches a Louis J. Menke buried in Centerton, Benton County, Arkansas - Jun 24, 1857 - Sep 30, 1932. # 13861458 -

Victoria E. Kincaid - 1897-1964 and husband Jewette R. Kincaid are buried in Benton County, so although Louis probably died in California, he's probably the one in Centerton.


Another Louis Menke was born Jan 29, 1863 in Chicago Illinois, and was in Kane County in 1880 with his parents. Louis Menke and Dorothea Moeller, both born in Germany. 

In 1900 he's in Schaumburg, Illinois, a carpenter, married to Elise (Pelletier) married Oct 22, 1891 in Schaumburg.  She's born May 1873 in Illinois, and they have Meta Nov 1893, Edwin Oct 1895 Laura Jan 1897, and Louis Sept 1898 -

He died Dec 17, 1934 in Elgin and was to be buried in Bluff City.

Laura married a  George WATERMAN - and in 1870 Cook County, Illinois is C. Waterman 58 a laborer, Sophia 57, Henry 27, Fred 18, Christ 16, and a "domestic servant, 23, Caroline"

In 1880 Cook County Henry is a "manufacturer of butter, cheese, butter tubs, 38, with Rosine 24, they have living with them a teamster, a maid,  two cheese and butter workers, and a cooper.  So he could very well have financed some land claims.

In 1900 Cook County Henry Waterman is 56, Roseine 44, Ben 15, Tilde 14, Herman 12, Erwin 9, Amanda 7, Annie 5, Walter 3, and Albert nine months.