Andrew G. and Bertha L. Quist

One post said "Looking for information on early life in Sweden of Andrew G. Quist, b. 1828 in Sweden, married to Berta Wyman. Children Axel Patrick Quist, b. 1868; Anna Axelina Quist, b. 1874; John Alfred Quist(Johan), b. July 27, 1875, Hogby, Ostergotland, Sweden.
Father of Andrew G. was John A. Quist. Andrew G. Quist and family emigrated to U.S in 1881, settling in Sigel, Wood County, Wisconsin. In Swedish family Bible, the name of "Anders Noran Quist" is written. Have descendants of Andrew G. Quist."

Andrew proved up  a quarter in 11, 8N 48W in 1899.

In 1900 Logan County Andrew born Oct 1838 in Sweden, married 34 years to Bertha L. , Oct 1828 Sweden.  She's had four kids, three living.  Axel P. April 1868 and Anna A. Dec 1873, both born in Sweden

In 1910 Wood County, Wisconsin, Axel is 42, partner John 35, and Andrew and Bertha are living with them.  So is Anna, no occupation.

One Ancestry tree said Bertha "Brita" died in Sigel Wisconsin Oct 22, 1913 and was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Wood County,  Wisconsin. and that Andrew died in Pueblo in 1925, buried in Forest Hill -

The Quist family moved to the "Casa Blanca" in 1917, coming from Wisconsin. All the Quist photos are contributed by Joan Alyea. Joan said "these Doyle stories were told to me by my mother-in-law, Bertha Quist."
"In the winter, and at other times, everyone would get together and have spelling bees for entertainment -- adults included. Hannah Quist, Bertha's mother, had only a third grade education, but she regularly spelled down the teacher!" Hannah was literally a self-made woman -- one of the most intelligent people I have come in contact with!
"The school house was also the location for dances on the weekends --- there would be a few fiddles, and occasionally another instrument or two, and everyone had a great time square dancing or whatever."
The way to get into Pueblo was with a horse and wagon, and it took almost a day. Usually they would spend the night with some friends in town.
When Axel and Anna left the Doyle, they established a homestead at Broadacre

In 1920 Pueblo County, John 43 is married to Hanna J. 32, Wisconsin, and they have Bertha 8 and Edward 6, both born in Illinois.   Axel and Anna, still single, are with them, too.

Doyle School house, early days. Hannah Quist at right rear, Bertha Quist 2nd from left. Woman at left rear might be the teacher.

The teacher, Miss Porter, and the Quist family

Andrew (Anders) Quist
Contributed by Joan Alyea.

Anna Axelina Quist
Daughter of Andrew Quist. Contributed by Joan Alyea.

 John, a carpenter, Hannah a hotel chambermaid, Bertha a waitress, and Edward are still in Pueblo County in 1930.

 Axel Quist is buried in Pueblo, 1868-1943, with spouse Anna A. 1873-1960

John A. Quist 1875-1948 and Hannah 1887-1974 are buried in Pueblo Mountain View, too.

The Pueblo obituary index has Andrew G. Quist dying January 5, 1925, Axel January 23, 1943, John . November 10, 1948. Anna A. Quist dying April 19, 1960.