Horace F. Sherman

Horace cash-claimed a quarter in 20, 8N 48W in 1890.

He also had a BLM record of a timber application and a homestead application, but apparently these weren't completed.

  Horace F. Sherman, born about 1855 in Danville, New York to Charles and Adaline (Brigham) Sherman,   married Georgette M. Hardman, 19, on Nov 4, 1884 in Clear Lake, Iowa.  Adaline was the daughter of Israel Hardman and Emma Powers.

In 1900 Weld County Colorado, Horace is a day laborer, born June 1855 has been married 16 years to Etta M, born April 1867, and they have Jessie M. June 1886 Nebraska, Lionel H. July 1888, Ray B. May 1890, Hazel L. Mar 1892, Roleta F.N. Sept 1894, Eula M. Feb 1896, and Eva H. Mar 1899.   All kids but Jessie were born in Colorado.

Jessie M. Sherman married Albert J. Cole July 17, 1906, recorded in Denver.

Horace F. Sherman and Etta May Sherman divorced in Weld County in 1909.

In 1910 Boulder, Etta M. is divorced, with Hazel 18, Leta M. 16, Eula M. 14, Ava H. 10, and Theodore 7 - no one has an occupation.

In 1920 Etta is in Benton County, Washington, 58 is a housekeeper for a private family,  rooming with Richard M. and Helen E. Shannon.

In 1930 Columbia County, Washington she's living alone, no occupation.

Lionel was rooming in Weld County, and married Grace N. Marion in Sheridan Wyoming in 1913.

In 1920 Sheridan County, WY Lionel is 31, Grace 24 and they have Leah 2 and Lester H. four months.

In 1930 Grace is 33, married to Ray Canterbury in Johnson County, Wyoming, and Lester Sherman 10 is with them.  Lester Horrace Sherman 1919-1988 is buried in Sheridan, per 60586355

 Lionel H. Sherman died April 6, 1952 in  Walla Walla, Washington.  April 8, 1952 "Funeral services for the late Lionel H. Sherman of 613 Wilbur Avenue will be at 10 am. Wednesday April 9 at the DeWitt Funeral Home Chapel.  Cremation to follow at the DeWitt crematorium, Rev. Kenneth Claypool officiating."  "Father of Lester Sherman of Walla Walla and Mrs. Albin (Leah) Kubish of Sonora Tex; brother of Mrs. Ed (Hazel) Jay of Denver, Mrs. Jesse Englebercht of Rifle, Colo., Mrs. Eva Clemens of Kansas City Kan, and Mrs. Leta Edie of Douglas Wyo.  Three grandchildren also survive.  Born July 7, 1888 at Fleming Colorado.  Member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles and the Congregational Church"

Ray B. Sherman registered in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, saying he was born May 5, 1890 at Fleming, Colorado.

In 1930 Oakland, California, Ray B. is a factory machinist, 39, married to Nettie H. 39, South Dakota, with Hazel L. 3,born in Montana.

Ray died in Madison County, Idaho Jan 29, 1948, saying his father was Frank Sherman, mother Etta Hardman.  He's buried in Bridger, Montana  60291732  with Nettie H. 1900-1975.

Eula M. Sherman married Robert L. Hill May 22, 1915, recorded in Weld County.

In 1920 Cheyenne, Wyoming Eula S. Hill, 23, divorced, a stenographer, has Robert H . Hill 3, born in Colorado, and brother Harry Sherman 19, is a baggage man at an express office

Leta M. Sherman married Edward Greenwalt Nov 9, 1938, recorded in Boulder County.

In 1920 Hazel L. Jay is married to Edward B. Jay 29, with Edward M. , 8.  they're on the same page as William H. 62 and Lucretia 58 Jay and five kids.

In 1930 Ed B. - a general laborer - and Hazel and Edward are in Long Beach, California, added Maurice 7 and Janice R. 6 both born in Colorado.

In 1940 they're back in Denver, Ed a carpenter.  Maurice 17 and Janice 17 are with them.

FAQS says Hazel born March 22, 1892 died December 1, 1983, and Edward born Sept 8, 1890 died February 1, 1970.

In 1948 Denver Hazel is a clerk at Lowry Field (Air Force) and Ed is a mechanic.

In 1910 Rio Blanco County, Colorado, Albert J. 36 and Jessie M. 24 are farming, and they have Harold 2.

In 1920 still in Rio Blanco County, they have Harold, plus James 8.

Jessie Cole and Albert J. Cole divorced in Garfield County in 1927.

Jessie Cole married P.J. Englebrecht Dec 14, 1927, recorded in Garfield County.

In 1930 Rio Blanco County, Albert is divorced, and James is the only one with him.

Jessie Engelbrecht 43 and Peter J. Engelbrecht - proprietor of a summer resort - 67 are in Rifle, Garfield County in 1930, with Ralph Engelbrecht, 26 born in Colorado.

Jessie S. Engelbrecht and Peter J. Engelbrecht divorced in 1935 in Eagle County, Colorado.

In 1940 Rifle, Jessie is 53, divorced, with a lodger, Quirino L.C. Paolaggi, 33 born in Colorado - neither have occupations.

Jessie M. Sherman  Engelbrecht, per FAG 127806709, is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Rifle - June 20, 1886 - Mar 10, 1965

Leah Kubish - July 18, 1917- May 28, 1974 is buried in Brister Cemetery, Atascosa County, Texas. 35098760  - so is Albin Kubish - Aug 31, 1913 - Sep 2, 1990.

In 1920 Cheyenne, Wyoming Robert R. Eddie is 33, an auto mechanic, and Letta R. is 25.

In 1930 Douglas, Wyoming Robert Edie is running a garage, 33, born in Nebraska, with Leta, 35, Colorado.

Robert Roy Edie - July 1, 1887- Oct 23, 1967 per fag 120515036   is buried in Douglas, Wyoming

In 1940 Kansas City, Missouri, Orval E. Clemens is 43, born in Missouri, Ava 41 COlorado, and Orval E. 12 Missouri.

Ava Helene Sherman Clemens, per 125609699, was born March 18, 1899 in Evans Colorado, and died Feb 10, 1963 in Kansas City, buried Green Lawn, Kansas City.