Charles Trumbull

Charles cash-claimed a quarter in 31, 8N 48W in 1891.  And then Charles TURNBULL proved up one in 19, *N 48W in 1895.


Possible -

Charley Trumbull -1861-1939 buried in Kearney, Nebraska, per FindaGrave 51837788 no stone, but Jonathan Trumbull 1819 1893, Cynthia (Mrs. J. Trumbull) 1838 - 1925 and Inez Trumbull with a stone 1884."Inez Bell - dau of J and C Trumbull died Mar 12, 1884 aged 15yrs, 8 mos 19 dys"

In 1880 Buffalo County, Nebraska, Jonathan is 53, Cynthia 42, Maria V. 21, Chas. 19, Morris 17, Inez V. 11, Oliver 7, and Lewis O. 4.

Charles is not with John and Cynthia in 1885 Buffalo County, Nebraska.

Charles Trumbull, 47, married S. Annethe J. Chrisman, 21,  March 30, 1909 in Kearney.


 Charley was in Banner County, Nebraska in 1920, divorced, 57, born in Michigan farming with brother L.. 43, Nebraska, and Della 33, North Carolina and their three kids.  Mother Cynthia 81 widowed is with them.


There was another Charles Trumble in Cass County, with a bunch of kids

"Plattsmouth Journal, December 19, 1918
[Eagle Beacon] Charlie TRUMBLE arrived Monday from his home in Perkins county, called by the serious illness of his brother, Art TRUMBLE.
Valley TRUMBLE came home on a ten day’s furlough last Friday in response to a telegram announcing the serious illness of his brother, Art.
Among the new flu cases are: Helen Thorp, Vera Caddy, Nellie and Marie TRUMBLE, Edith SEXON, Janet Adams, Gladys Schwegman, Mr. And Mrs. Paul Judkins, Glen Knapton.
Mr. And Mrs. Charles Rivett, father and mother of Mrs. A.M. TRUMBLE, and Mrs. James Rivett, an aunt, all from Lincoln, are here to lend assistance and comfort in the hour of grief.

Plattsmouth Journal, Monday, April 28, 1919
Charles TRUMBLE left Tuesday for Eastern Colorado to look after land matters and will probably invest. For the past year or more the landseekers rush has been on in that section."

Less likely:

Rev. Charles DeWitt Trumbull, pastor of the Reform Church at Morning Sun, Iowa, is a native of East Craftsburg, Orleans Co., Vt., born April 4, 1837, and is a son of John and Laura (Dunbar) Trumbull, both of whom are of the same State, the former born Sept. 15, 1800, the latter, March 17, 1811.  The family removed from Craftsburg, Vt., to Georgeville, Canada, in 1841, and from there to Logan County, Ohio, in 1851.  John Trumbull was a farmer by occupation, and was one of the first to espouse the cause of the slaves, being early known as an Abolitionist, by which name he was never ashamed to be called.  For years his home was a station on the famous "underground railroad," and many a poor negro, escaping from bondage, found there a place of rest, and was assisted in making his way to a free country.  The family consisted of five children:  Charles D., the subject of this sketch; Augustus G., senior partner of the firm of Trumbull, Reynolds & Allen, dealers in agricultural implements, of Kansas City, Mo.; Helen M., wife of James F. True, of Newman, Jefferson Co., Kan.; and James S., who died Aug. 18, 1880, at the age of thirty-six.  Mr. and Mrs. Trumbull were both members of the Reform Presbyterian Church, and gave liberally to its support.  The former died in Logan County, Ohio, in the month of August, 1874, and the latter in August, 1876. While yet residing in Canada the subject of this sketch attended common schools, and on his removal to Northwood, Logan Co., Ohio, he entered Geneva College, where he remained until his senior year.  It was for the purpose of giving his children good educations that John Trumbull removed his family to Northwood, the college there being well conducted and under the control of the Covenanter Church.  Leaving Geneva College, Charles Trumbull entered Jefferson College, at Cannonsburg, Pa., from which institution he graduated in 1858.  For the two years following he was a teacher and Assistant Principal in Geneva College.  Having an earnest desire to enter the ministry, he began the study of theology while yet a teacher, reciting privately to his pastor, Rev. William Milroy.  In November, 1860, he entered the theological seminary of the Reform Presbyterian Church, in Allegheny, Pa., and finished his study of the ministry in March, 1863, being licensed to preach by the Lakes Presbytery on the 21st of April following.  Rev. Trumbull began his pastoral work at the Reform Presbyterian Church of Linn Grove, Des Moines Co., Iowa, and was ordained by the Iowa Presbytery Jan. 29, 1864.  For eleven years he ministered to that congregation and April 1, 1874, resigned, accepting a call from the church at Morning Sun, being installed April 14, 1874, as its pastor, and has since been in charge of this work.  At the time when he entered upon his duties the membership amounted to only about fifty, but since there has been added to the church 203 members, 130 of whom have either died or moved away, leaving the present membership 119. While pursuing his studies in the theological school in Allegheny, Mr. Trumbull formed the acquaintance of Miss Mary Sproull, a daughter of Thomas Sproull, D. D., LL. D., then Professor of Theology.  The acquaintance ripened into love, and they were united in marriage June 8, 1864.  Their union has been blessed with six children, two sons and four daughters--Thomas S., Laura A., Lena W., Mary H., John C. and Lois A. In addition to his ministerial labors, Mr. Trumbull has been an occasional contributor to the various publications of the church, several of his sermons being found in the church magazines.  He has also contributed a number of articles of historic value, and as Chairman of several boards and committees, he has rendered efficient service.  In 1878 he was unanimously elected Moderator of the Synod, the highest position of the Reform Presbyterian Church.  Few men enjoy the respect and confidence of the people, both as a minister and as a citizen, more than Rev. C. D. Trumbull. For a quarter of a century he has been pastor of the Reform Presbyterian Church at Morning Sun and its sister church at Linn Grove, and it is not to be wondered that in that time he has made many warm friends both in and out of the church, and many he has brought into the Kingdom.