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Logan County Pioneer Photographs:

Lee Baker, Logan.

Lee cash-claimed a quarter in 3 and 10, 8N 49W in 1889.

Possibly the Lee Q. Baker in 1865 Atchison, Kansas, with H.S. 32, Susan 31, Byron R. 7, and Frank eight months.
In 1880 Atchison, Kansas, 19, Lee is a laborer with Hood S. Baker 49 and Sarah A. 30. Ray T. is 3, Fankie M. 15, and Bryon R. 21.

Hood 1834-1910 is buried in Poplar Bluff, Butler County, Missouri.
"H. S. Baker, the second one of the family, at the age of eighteen was sent to Wabash College, where he remained three years; then he returned home and taught school near his native place for a few months. But in the spring of 1856 he came to Kansas Territory, and traveled extensively over it during that summer and the early part of the fall, being present at many of the exciting outbursts of the popular feeling in those days that were replete with thrilling incidents. Prominent among these was the disbanding of the Topeka Legislature by Colonel Sumner, of which he was an eye witness, though not one of the actors upon either side.
In October, of that year, he returned to Indiana and taught school in Frankfort, the county seat of Clinton county.
March 5, 1857, he was married to Susan Stonebreaker, a teacher in Crawfordsville Seminary. A month later they both came to Kansas."


April 1901 - the Burlington Colorado newspaper reported "Lee Baker has gone to Goodland whee he has secured a job in the roundhouse." So he must have been working for the railroad.
This is another born February 1881 in Michigan, with parents in Lansing precinct in 1900. - January 1906 "Lee L. Baker, son of Dr. William J. Baker, who lives north of Goodland, has come to make his home with his father in this county. Lee has been living in Yuma County, Coloado." )The Wray newspaper mentions couple of times "Lee Baker" of Hale.

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