Thomas Farley

Thomas proved up a quarter in 27, 8N 49W in 1895.

He's likely the Thomas Farley that's Jr. V. Commander of the Fleming G.A.R. post in 1895, a private in B, 102nd New York Infantry.

March 1899 "Sam Mathews, W. A. Ramey and Thomas Farley represented the blooming iittle city of Iliff in the hub to-day.

October 1899 "Thomas Farley and John Sweclenskie of Iliff each delivered a bunch of cattle to W. C. Harris yesterday."

December 1899, Sterling Colorado "Thomas Farley is in town from his ranch near Iliff to rest up a bit and visit friends. "

In 1900 Logan County, Iliff precinct, Thomas is farming, born January 1844 in Ireland, living alone.
He said he immigrated in 1863, and was naturalized.
In April 1900 he was a juror on a murder case "Considerable excitement was occasioned shortly after court convened by the fainting of Juror Thos. Farley. A twenty-minute recess was taken during which time he was treated by Dr. Stanton and returned to the box feeling none the worse for his temporary illness."

May 25, 1900 "Thos. Farley is up from Iliff. He reports extensive repairs in progress on the headwaters of the Bravo ditch with a considerable force of men and teams employed."
He's living alone in 1910 Logan County, 66.