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Logan County Pioneers:

Julius F. Gissemann, Fleming

Utah death records list Julius Frederick Gisseman as born January 17, 1859 in Copenhagen, Denmark to J.F. Gisseman and Christina Petersen.
One tree said his parents were Hans (Peter) Giessemann and Georgine Marie Petersen.

Julius cash-claimed a quarter in 32, 8N 49W in 1890.

Adella was born in Stamford, Harlan County, Nebraska on December 17, 1879, to John Cort Von Hollen born 4 Nov 1848 in Wulmstorf, Germany and Marie Garlock, born 18 Mar 1858. Adella’s father immigrated to America from Germany in 1877 where he had been a non-commissioned officer in the German Army. He and two of his brothers lived in Chicago for a time, then he and his brother Fritz homesteaded in Nebraska.

Adella thought that her mother came from Nebraska or Chicago. Adella claimed to be German so her mother must have come from Germany or had German parents. Adella said that her mother died when Adella was eight years old, which would have been in 1887. Adella was given the responsibility of raising her brother and two sisters. She had to do the cleaning, cooking and all other household chores. Her father had a huge task of providing food, clothing, shelter etc. for the family and required her help at times. She even told of being harnessed with a horse doing work in the fields. Sandy shared that as grandma grew into womanhood, her father didn’t prepare her for her menstrual cycle and possibly many other things a young woman should know. Luckily, after things started to happen, her aunt stepped in and explained what was happening and taught her things she should know.

Adella married Julius Gissemann in 1898, who had emigrated from Denmark. There are two stories that describe how they met and it is uncertain which one is right. They met either when she did the washing for the railroad workers or when he came to Nebraska and worked for her father as a hired hand. He spoke German, English and Danish. Julius worked as a straw boss on the railroad laying railroad track and they moved constantly. Their first child Mary, was born in Nebraska; their second child Clara, was born in Wyoming and died nine months later in Idaho; the third child Julia, was born in Ogden, Utah; and the fourth child Arthur, was born in Nevada and lived only a short time. Walter, Ernest, Van, Lester and Roy were all born in Salt Lake City and Kenneth was born in Bountiful.

Life with the railroad wasn’t easy and Adella worked hard doing the cooking and whatever else for Julius’s track gang. They lived in a tent, which was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. It is hard to imagine living in Las Vegas without air conditioning when it’s over 120o in a tent. She said that when they came through Las Vegas in the early 1900’s it was only a Trading Post. Julius left the railroad in 1904 or 1905 and started a business of his own. They lived in Bountiful and Salt Lake City. Adella talked occasionally about Bountiful. Water was diverted from a mountain stream and ran in a ditch by their house. The water was used for irrigation, animals, and culinary use; it was carried into the house with a bucket.

"Adelhe Van Hallen" married "Julias F. Gussemann" in Harlan County, Nebraska on March 2, 1898.

In 1910 Salt Lake City, Julius is 53, married 12 years to Adella, 32, born in Nebraska. She's had eight children, six living. Mary 10, Julia 7, Walter 5, Earnest 4, Van 2, and Lester eight months all born in Utah.

Walter D. Gissemann was born in Salt Lake City January 17, 1905 to Julius F. Gissemann adn Adelia Von Holland.

Julius F. Gissemann 1859-1949 and Adella V. Gissemann 1879-1976 are buired in Salt Lake City.

Mary Georgiania Gissemann was born December 15, 1899 in Stamford Nebraska, and died March 18, 1915 in Salt Lake City.

August 1939 Salt Lake City "Mrs. Annie E. Henstrom, 1055 Seventh East street, announces the engagement of her daughter. Miss Letha P. Henstrom, to Roy Gissemann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Julius F. Gissemann, 665 Eleventh avenue. The wedding is planned for September 6 at the home of the bride's mother. The young couple will Jive in Salt Lake City"

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