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Logan County Pioneers:

William Simeon Proper, Fleming

In 1870 Crawford County, Pennsylvania, James Proper is farming, 54, Fanny 52, Andrew H. 25, Clancy 19, Rachel 24, Reuben 18, James 16, Fanny E. 14, Mary 12, Willey 8.

Hannah E. Stern born July 19, 1839 in Pennsylvania to James Proper and Fannie Helfer, died January 9, 1920 in Venango County, to be buried in Sugar Lake.
Her clothing had caught fire from a stove.

In 1880 Crawford County, James 64 and Frances 62 have only Willie, 17.

William cash-claimed a quarter in 12, 8N 49W in 1892. He had cash-claimed a quarter in 8N 47W (Phillips County, in 1891

In 1916 Denver, William S. Proper is a miner, rooming at 2016 Stout.

In 1920 Garden County, Nebraska, William is a miner, 56, uncle of Louis Aufdengarten or Jessie M. Aufdengarten, both 36. Rex Proper, 18 is also with them.
Jessie M. Proper was born May 1883 in Nebraska. Jessie Maybell Proper married Lewis Aufdengarten on November 23, 1905, recorded in Sedgwick County, Colorado.

In 1930 Denver, William S. Proper is 67, a miner, living in a rooming house.
He's also listed in the 1930 Grand Junction directory, with Jas L. and Jennie at 5363 Struthers Avenue.

In 1940 Denver, William is living in a rooming house on Stout Street, 78.
William S. Proper 1862-1945 is buried in Grand Junction, Colorado, # 120925373.
Birth Date: February 1, 1862 Death Date: January 3, 1945

Thanks to the Mesa County Library.


Bernice M. Proper married John N. Philmalee on May 10, 1926, recorded in Logan County.

Nell J. Proper married Loyd J. Shelton on Sept 9, 1922, recorded in Washington County.

Leonard Proper married Elsie Lee on Sept 6, 1925, recorded in Washington COunty, Colorado.
They divorced in 1928 in Washington County.
Leonard was the son of Zurial and Edith (Bowman) Proper - who are buried in Brush 52260719.
They were farming in 1900 Keith County, Nebraska, Zurial born July 1853, Edith Aug 1870, Lydia 12, Mary 7, Cynthia E. 3, and Laura A. 1.
Zurial's parents Thubel and Lydia Proper were both in Crawford County, Pennsylvania in 1870, with Zurial 17.
So he's probably a cousin of James, William, and Reuben ---------------------------------------------------------------------

James L. Proper 1853-1936 and Jennie C. Proper 1863-1933 are also buried there, # 120925529.
James was in Ogallala, Nebraska in 1900, a merchant born Feb 1854 in Pennsylvania, married 20 years to Jennie Jan 1864 Illinois. Jessie 17, James C. 14, John A. 10, Beatrice 7 Fancheraa A. 5, and Candace 2 were all born in Nebraska.

James is in Morrill County, Nebraska in 1910, farming, 56, with Jennie 46. John is 20, Beatrice 18, Fanchon 15, Ferna J. 12, Rex 8, and Avis A. 5.

In 1918 Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Jas. L. is running a second hand store, with Jennie living at 1290 7th. Rex isa a high school student with them.

In 1920 Mesa County, Colorado, James L. and Jennie have only Avis A. 14.
Next household is James C. 34, married to Agnes 24 and James 5, all born in Nebraska.

In 1931 Grand Junction Jas. L. (Jennie C.) live at 854 1st Avenue.

Genevieve Fernie (Proper) Houtz 1897-1978 is buried in Grand Junction # 61143557, married June 8, 1916 to Ross Houtz 1894-1981.
John Archibald Proper 1890-1962 is buried iN Mesa County # 46390808.
James C. Proper 1885-1959 is buried in Sidney, Nebraska, # 115477633.

Beatrice Viola (Proper) Price 1892-1958, married to Henry L. Price, has an obituary in the Grand Junction newspaper.


Reuben M. Proper had also cash-claimed a quarter in 8N 47W, in 1890.
He married Georgia M. Boughman on February 20, 1890 in Warren County, Pennsylvania.

The 1900 Venango County, Pennsylvania census has the Proper name marked over, but Ruben was born August 1852 in Pennsylvania, married ten years to Georgia July 1873 Pennsylvania, James Nov 1890 Pennsylvania, Lula M. August 1893 Pennsylvania, Sylvia Feb 1897 Pennsylvania, and "Albert" January 1900 Pennsylvania.

In 1910 Erie County, Pennsylvania, Reuben M. Proper is a laborer, widowed, 51. Carla M. is 16 Nebraska, Sylvia A. 13 Illinois, Lee 10 Pennsylvania, and Bernie M. 7 Pennsylvania.
Reuben Moore Proper died July 6, 1926 in Erie County, born to James Proper and Fannie Helper August 2, 1850. Wife was Georgia Mae Bowan (Boughman?)
He was to be buried in Wattsburg, Pennsylvania. Lee L. Proper of Jamestown, New York was the informant.

Lulu 1893-1971 is buried in Pasco County, Florida, per # 33329581.
James R. Proper, born Nov 10, 1890 in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, died 1957 in Erie County, buried in Wattsburg, Pennsylvania. # 10928864.

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