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Logan County Pioneers:

George W. Rhoads, son Marion Rhoads, son Freeman Rhoads, Fleming

In 1850 DeKalb County, Illinois, George W. Rhoads is 22, Sally 28, with parents John E. 65 and Susan 64.

George W. "Rhoades" married Lucinda Pierson in DeKalb County, Illinois October 27, 1850.
In 1860 Bourbon County, Kansas, George W. Rhodes is 33, Lucinda 30, both born in New York. Ellen is 7, Marion L. 6, George W. 4, Freeman 3, Martha 1.
Next household is Jackson Rhoads 29, a plasterer, with Adelia 21 and two kids.

In 1870 Bourbon County, George is 42, Lucinda 43, Ellen 18, Marion 16, Freeman 12, Ramsas (must be Susie) 10, Alvvaretta 8, and Fannie 3.

Fannie Rhoades, age 20, married William W. Jenkins, age 21, in Saline County Nebraska February 15, 1888.
They were in Keith County, Nebraska in 1900 and 1910.
George W. Rhoads cash-claimed a quarter in 1, 8N 49W in 1894, and timber-claimed a quarter in 2, 8N 49W i 1900.

In 1900 Gosper County, Nebraska, George born April 1828, married 49 years to Lucinda May 1827, both New York, have Leonard March 1873 Kansas and his wife Rosa E. Aug 1872 Kansas.
George W. Rhoads 1828-1916 is buried in York County, Nebraska # 117330681.

Sarah Rhoads, widow of Joseph Rhoads, deceased, proved up a quarter in 5, 8N 49W in 1893.

Marion Rhoads proved up a quarter in 14, 8N 49W in 1895.

Marion D. Rhodes is in Weld County Colorado in 1900, born May 1854 in Illinois, married 19 years to Dora Aug 1864 Missouri. Claude is 16, Edith 15, Hazle 13 born in NEbraska, Clyde 10 and infant daughter born in Colorado.)
Marion is buried in Eaton 1854-1906 # 85526646, with Dora 1864-1925.


Freeman cash-claimed a quarter in 22, 8N 49W in 1890.

Freeman T. Rhoads "of Cambridge, Furnas County, Nebraska" proved up a quarter in 5N 25W, Red Willow County, Nebraska in 1897.
This one was in Saline County Nebraska in 1880, 22, born in New York, married to Alice, 17. With them is brother marion Rhoads, single, a laborer.

Susie is also in Saline County, Nebraska in 1885, 25, married to M. T. 29, with Reno 4 and Essa 1.
She's buried in Long Beach California 1860-1938 # 111417148.

In 1900 Frontier County, Nebraska, Freeman born Feb 1857 in Illinois, married 20 years to Alice March 1862 Iowa have Maude A. May 1883 Wyoming, Gerta Sept 1887 Nebraska, Minnie E. Oct 1888 Nebraska, and Frank Nov 1890 Nebraska.
Alice Rhoads 1858-1903 is buried in Frontier County # 11565915.

In 1910 Frontier County, Freeman is 53, widowed, with Gertrude B. 23, Minnie E. 21, and Frank 19.
Grandson Marion T. Patterson is 1, born in Nebraska, mother in Wyoming...
Marion Theodore Patterson was born Aug 14, 1908 in Farnam, Nebraska to Roy Patterson and Maude Rhoads.
Maude died in 1908, and is buried in Farnam 10936951.
Roy 1883-1969 is buried in Riverside California, # 73948060, with later wife Mable Nellie (Brock) Patterson 1888-1949.

In 1920 Gertrude and Minnie are in Ellensburg, Washington, with nephew Marion Patterson, 11.
In 1930 Gertrude, Minnie, and Marion, none with occupations, are with Freeman in Frontier County.

April 1934 "Freeman Rhoads died at his home south of Yuma, at the age of 77 years.

In 1940 Yuma Gertrude and Minnie are living south of Yuma. Marion 31 is a poultry man.

Frank Rhoads registered for WWI in Phillips County, Colorado givin both a Haxtun address and a Cambidge Nebraska address, born Nov 18, 1890, working for F.M. Bellamy of Haxtun, single.

Frank enlisted in the army Bat A. 341's F.A. and was discharged 1919, born Nov 18, 1890, dying June 12, 1956.
Minnie E. Rhoads of Eckley was the applicant for his headstone in Yuma.

August 29, 1958

June 11, 1959


September 23, 1971
The headstone in the Yuma cemetery has Noan 1881-1959, Gertrude 1886-1971, Minnie 1888-1984, and Frank 1890-1956.

May 31, 1984

Marion died January 28, 1990.

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