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Logan County Pioneers:

, Fleming

Johann G. and Martha (Fisher) Schieck, son Alfred Schieck, son Frederick Schieck, daughter Mary / Maria (Schieck) Sass, Fleming

John was born near Berlin June 19, 1815, and was a clockmaker by trade. He served in the German revolution of 1848, then farmed and for one year was postmaster of a town in Germany. He and Martha came to Canada in the fall of 1860 and was a lumberman and farmer until moving to Hall County, Nebraska in 1874. He disliked the location and started with a colony of Germans for Schneider township, Buffalo County.

Departing Hamburg on October 4, 1860 were Johan Georg Schick 44, Martha 40, Dorothea 17, Fred August 10, Carl 7, Theodor 6, and Heinrich 2.

In 1861 Perth County, Ontario, John is 44, a laborer, with Mary 41 born in Prussia. They said Dorothea 17, Frederick 14, Charles 10, Theodore 6, and Henry 3 were born in Ontario. All wee Lutheran.
In 1871 Perth County, John Gl. is 55, Mary 51, farming. Charles 20, Alfred 15, and Henry 12 were born in Germany, Frederick 9 in Ontario.

Johann G. Schieck was admitted as a citizen in September 1879 in Hall County, Nebraska.

In 1880 Buffalo County, Nebraska, John G. Schieck is 63, farming with Martha 61, Henry 21, and Fred 18. Daughter Mary Suss / Sars / Guss is 37. Alber
Albert is the next household, 25, Anna 23, and Clara six months.

Johann G. Schieck proved up 80 acres in 20, 11N 14W in 1880 - Buffalo County, Nebraska.
The Wilhelm Fischer claiming land in that township born about 1843 in Germany, might be a relative o f Mary...

" CARL B. SCHIECK was born at Werbustedt, Germany, November 20, 1851. His father, John G. Schieck, was born near Berlin, June 19, 1815, and was a clockmaker by trade. He served in the Revolutionary war of 1848, afterwards followed farming and for one year was postmaster of the burg in which he lived. He came to America in the fall of 1860 and made his home in Canada, where he was engaged as a lumberman and farmer until 1874. He then moved to Hall county, Nebr., but he disliked the location and started with a colony of Germans for Schneider township, Buffalo county, and there took up a land claim, which he still holds. He married Martha Fisher while still a resident of Germany. Karl B. Schieck received four years of schooling in the old country and came to America with his parents, settling with them in Canada, where he was reared a farmer, and then coming to Nebraska with his father. At the age of twenty-two he married Carolina Straw, and to this union have been born four children, viz. William. Emma, Henry and Royal. Mr. Schieck is Lutheran in religion, and in polities is a republican. "
In 1885 Buffalo County, John "Schiack" is 70, Mara 66, with daughter Mary 42, all three born in Germany.

Johann G. Schieck cash-claimed a quarter in section 35, in 1891.

The land in section 35 was owned in 1917 by Elizabeth Bell, W.G. Keim, and Martha Ingram - so it appears theey sold it to snon-relatives.

Frederich A. Schieck proved up a quarter in 22, 11N 10W - Hall County, Nebaska in 1877.
This is probably a relative, but not the Logan County one.

In 1885 Buffalo County, Nebraska, Frederick is 22, farming, Mary 21, with John W. 1.

Frederick cash-claimed a quarter in 35, 8N 49W in 1890, and cash-claimed another in 1sections 14 and 15 in 1891.

Frederick had a record of a homestead entry, but it wasn't completed.

In 1898 Sheldon, Nebraska, Fred and Henry Schieck deliverd a unloaded a steam threshing machine at Shelton and drovee it seven into the country about 7 miles.

In 1900 Buffalo County, Nebraska, Frederick is farming, born June 1862 in Canada, married 16 years to mary Nov 1863 Bohemia. John W. March 1884 and Frederick > Oct 1885 swee born in Nebraska, Bernhard Aug 1887 in Colorado, Benjamin Aug 1889, Otilie April 1891 and Gustav Sept 1893 were born in Nebraska.

In 1910 Buffalo County, Frederick is widowed, 47, born in Canada, with Wesley 25, Fred L. 23 both born in Nebaska, Bernhard 22 and Benjamin 20 wee born in Coloado, and Tillie 17 and Gustaf in Nebraska.
Mary Schieck is divorced, 45, in 1910 Kearney, Nebraska, with Ella 9 born in Nebraska. They're living with mother Mary Kranzneser 74 widowed born in Germany.

She must be the Mary Kranzneser in 1880 Merrick County, Nebraska, 17, a servant for the August Boehmann family.

Ella is in Grand Island in 1920, 19, a bookkeeper for a creamery company, a cousin of eighter Frank Bowen 38 Nebraska, or Anna 31 born in Nebraska.
Rosella Reutlilnger 1900-1995 is buried in Whatcom County, Washington # 140435410 "Married 1) Purly Dennon 2) William A Reutlinger 16 May 1978 in Humboldt, Calif "

In 1930 Buffalo County, Fred is an insurance agent, divorced, 65, living with brother John H. Schieck, 71 and John's wife Christina, both born in Germany.

Henry J. Schieck died in 1939 "Henry Schieck, 80, resident of Hall and Buffalo counties for over 50 years, died at 6:30 o'clock this morning at his home in Shelton. Though he had been afflicted for some time with the hardening of the arteries, Mr. Schieck was able to be about his home until very recently. Besides his wife, he is survived by four daughters, Mrs. Frank Bowen and Esther Schieck, of Grand Island; Mrs. Jack Oliver, of Shelton, and Mrs. Oscar Veit, residing near Ravenna. There are also 9 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and a brother Fred Schieck, of Shelton. "
He's buried in Grand Island, # 38142742, with Christina 1863-1946.

Mrs. Christine Schieck 80, a resident of the Shelton community for many years, died last evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Bowen, 312 North Lincoln, with whom she had been residing for several months.

She was born in Saxony, Germany, Oct 30, 1865 and came to this country when she was 16 years old. She was married to Henry Schieck and the couple farmed near Shelton until their retirement, about 20 years ago when they moved to Shelton.

She was a member of the Methodist Church and the Women's Relief Corps of Shelton.

Surviving are four daughters, Mrs. Bowmen, Mrs. Jack F. Oliver, Shelton; Miss Esther Schieck, Wittier, Ca.; and Mrs. Oscar Ver, Ravenna, on sister Anna Schimmer, Grand Island; nine grandchildren; nine great grandchildren. She was preceded in death by husband, two children died in infancy, two sisters and her parents.

Funeral servies will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m. in the Methodist Church in Shelton. The Rev. E.C. Staley will officiate. Interment will be in Grand Island Cemetery.

In 1940 Buffalo County, Fred is 77, widowed, living with sister-in-law Christina Schieck 74, also widowed.

Fred 1861-1948 is buried in Shelton, Hall County, Nebraska, # 47379908.

" Frederick Schieck was born on June 15 1861, in Ellice Township, Perth County, Ontario, Canada, to Johann George Schieck and Martha M. Schieck.
Frederick had 3 siblings: Henry J. Schieck, Carl B. Schieck and Marie Margaretha Sass.
Frederick passed away on January 10 1948, at age 86 in Hall County, Nebraska, USA."

Charles Schieck timber-claimed a quarter in 18, 11N 14W in 1888.

Albert Schieck proved up a quarter in 20, 11N 14W, Buffalo COunty, Nebraska in 1882.

Alfred married Hannah Garing in Buffalo County October 5, 1878.
Clara, 1, was with them in 1880.
Clara A. Schieck married "Theadore" Larsen December 2, 1897, recorded in Morgan County.

In 1900 Clara Larson is in Morgan County, Colorado, married three years, with Carrie A. 2 and Lawrence M. 10.

In 1900 Fort Lupton, Colorado, Alfred born March 1855 in Germany, married 22 years to Anna May 1856 Germany, hae Liy 19, Ida 16, Theodore 14, Bertha 12, and Ernes 10 born in Nebraksa. William Jan 1892, Eml O. August 1893 and Martha E. Feb 1895 werre born in COlorado.

Alfred 1855-1928 # 57210766, and Anna 1856-1905 are buried in Fort Lupton.

Clara 1879-1956 is buried in Fort Lupton # 57105065, with Theodore 1871-1950 # 57105117.

Ida's daughter "Mary Greenlee, 84 of Eaton, CO, Passed away in Greeley on September 12, 2008. Mary was born April 5, 1924 in Fort Lupton, CO to Fred and Ida (Schieck) Funk. Mary was united in marriage to Howard L. Greenlee on December 20, 1942 in Greeley, CO. They moved to Fort Collins in 1946 and lived here until 2000. "

Emiel Otto Schieck was born August 13, 1893 at Sterling to Albert Shieck and Anna Goering, dying April 12, 1971 at Baytown Texas, to be buried in Pasadena.

Emiel Otto Schieck married "Ermie" Vivian Alexander April 16, 1914, recorded in Dener.

In 1930 Morgan County, Emil is 36, Ermina 34 born in Missouri, Charlott 14, Charles F. 12, James 10, Margaret 8, Lawrence 6, and Tyra V. 2, all kids born in Colorado. With thema re Ermina's parents William Alexander 60 divorced Missouri, and mother- Mary 53 also divorced born in Missouri.
May 3, 1937 " Wiggins, May 2.--Sheriff Rufus A. Johnston said a farmer killed his estranged wife and a hired man with an axe on a farm five miles northwest of here Saturday and then attempted to kill himself. The sheriff said the farmer, E. 0. Schieck, 42, felled Ben Faurot, 28, of Wauneka, Okla., with the axe and then clove the skull of Mrs Schlerk, 41, as she ran from the farm house. Faurot died as he was being taken to a hospital in the nearby town of Fort Morgan. The woman died instantly. Schieck then went Into the farm house, Johnston related, stabbed himself in the chest with a butcher knife, struck himself in the head with the axe, drank a bottle of rubbing alcohol and shot himself above the heart with a .22 caliber rifle. Schieck was taken to a Fort Morgan hospital, where physicians said he probably would live. Johnston said Mrs, Schieck and her husband called on him Saturday morning a few hours after Schieck had returned to the farm "from somewhere In Texas." Mrs. Schieck, the sheriff continued, asserted her husband was molesting her and asked that he be forced to "let me alone." The couple, Johnston explained, had been separated since December. "I told Mrs. Schieck there was nothing I cuuld do and advised her to see L. L. Fisher, a deputy district attorney at Fort Morgan. I understand she called on Fisher and that he supposed it was just a family argument. Fisher. though, advised Schietk to let Mrs. Schieck alone and to leave the farm immediately."

1977 Services for Mrs. Hattie Williams Schieck, 82, of 306 E. Wright will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Trinity Tabernacle with the Rev. J. J. Krimmer officiating. Mrs. Schieck, a Baytown resident 52 years, died Monday in a Baytown hospital. She is survived by one daughter and son-in-law, Opal and the Rev. R. C. Tillery of Woodville; three sons and daughters-in-law, Clyde and Pauline Williams of Highlands, Jack and Beatrice Williams and Raymond and Dorothy Williams, all of Baytown; one step-daughter, Charlotte Endsley of Wiggins, Colo.; one step-daughter and step-son-in-law, Jean and Lee Meisberger of New Windsor, N. J.; four step-sons, Larry and Jim Schieck of Cheyenne, Wyo.; Tommy Schieck of Abilene and Charles Schieck of Oregon; three sisters, Mrs. Pearl Smith of Port Neches, Mrs. Olive Coggins of Lake Charles, La., and Mrs. Virginia Clark of Beaumont. Twelve grandchildren, six step-grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren also survive. Burial will be in Hill of Rest Cemetery."

Martha Erma Dart 1895-1975 is buried in Fort Lupton # 57265192, with David A. Dart 1892-1964.

William R. Schieck was born January 11, 1892, at Ravenna Nebraska when he registered for WWI, "near Sterling" when he registered for WWII in Weld County,

William 1892-1986 # 57215913 and Rosa 1894-1974 are buried in Fort Lupton.

Ernest was married to Bertha in 1920 and 1930, but divorced in 1940 Cheyenne, Wyoming with daughter Evaline Schieck, 26.

Ernest W. Schieck 1889-1965 is buried at Platteville, Colorado # 33193991.

Bertha Elizabeth Schieck, born Nov 2, 1887 at Ravenna Nebraska to Alfred Schieck and Anna Goehring, was listed as Bertha Howery in 1942.

She's widowed in 1940 Fort Lupton, 52, with Louise 19, June 16, and Helen 13, all three born in COlorado. 1938 Greeley "Houseguests at the Ivan Howery home last week were Mrs. Howery's cousins, Mrs. P. S. Dennon and son, P.S. Dennon Jr., of Bellingham, Wash, Mrs. Frank Bowen and daughter, Irene of Grand Island, Nebr., Coleeno Oliver of Shelton, Nobr., and E. W. Schieck of Cheyenne. They also visited at the William Schieck and Fred Trunk homes.

Ivan H. Howery 1891-1940 and Bertha E. Howery 1887-1957 # 57067690 are buried in Fort Lupton.

Theodore Alfred Schieck 1886-1965 # 113611615 is buried in Creston, British Columbia.
So is Myra Belle Schieck 1890-1973 # 113611614.

Matilda Tracy, born June 28, 1882 in Grand Island, Nebraska to Albert Scheick and Annie "Garing", died June 20, 1946 in Kootenai County, Idaho. She was married but no spouse in 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940 Colorado census pages.

Matilda Schieck married Otto Claude Trace September 9, 1903, recorded in Weld County.
She's buried in Fort Lupton # 57280589."Tillie"


Mary Sass is in Perth County, Ontario, 28, married. So is John Sass, 40, born in Germany.
They had John Sass on August 13, 1874.

"Heirs of Maria Sass, deceased" proved up a quarter in 35, 8N 49W in 1892, and timber-claimed another in 1895.
Son of Jacob and Maria Sass, Johann was born in Mecklenburg, Germany. Johann married Mary Margaret Schiek on September 26, 1870 in Sebringville, Ontario, Canada.
They had four children dying in the next decade in Perth County.

One tree said Johann Sass was born 1826 in Mecklenburg, and died June 5, 1877 in Perth County, # 58736045.

Maria is probably buried in Buffalo County, Nebraska....
She was with her parents in 1880 Buffalo COunty.

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