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Logan County Pioneers:

Nettie E. (Brooks)(Shunk) (Fitzpatrick) Warwick , Fleming

Nettie E. Shunk cash-claimed a quarter in sections 9 and 10, 8N 49W in 1890.
She had a record of a homestead application in that township, but it wasn't completed.
In 1880 Webster County, Nebraska, Philip D. Shunk is 25, a physician born in Wisconsin, boarding with the John McClellan family. There's a Jacob Shunk family on the same page, 27, an implement dealer.

Mary Catharine Oglevie married Stephen Brooks on August 27, 1855 in Polk County, Iowa.

In 1870 Henry County, Iowa, Stephen Brooks is a preacher, 58, Mary C. 44, Virginia 12, and Nettie 7.

Stephen was married:
(1) Elizabeth Mitchell m. Feb 22, 1832 Montgomery Co, Ind
(2) Mary Catherine Oglevie m. Aug 27, 1855 or Sept 6, 1855, near Rising Sun, Polk County, Delaware Twp, Iowa
(3) Lucinda Bilbo m. Nov 8, 1879; divorced Jan 12, 1886; m. again Feb 15, 1887.

Mariah (Stephen) Brooks 1823-1910 is buried in Holdrege, Nebraska # 36722136.

(Virginia Honor BROOKS Brewer 1858-1936 is buried in Greeley, Colorado # 65216301.)
Mary Ellen (Brooks) McKenzie 1852-1919 # 38802129 is buried in Holdrege, Nebraska, with Jesse H. 1841-1917.
This is probably a cousin, daughter of Benjamin and Mariah Brooks.

Nettie Brooks is single in 1880 Adams County, Nebraska, 17, a school teacher. She's with widowed Mary Brooks, 54, born in Indiana.
Mary (Shackelford) Brooks 1829-1882 is buried in Webster County, Nebraska # 117864205.

1881 Blue Hill, Webster County, Nebraska "Dr. Shunk will build a dwelling in the next few weks."

One tree said Nettie E. Brooks, born August 21, 1863 in Marion County, Iowa, died March 25, 1937 in Wichita, Kansas. She married Philip D. Shunk in Hastings, Nebraska on December 1, 1880, that they had Cyrus in October 1881, Philipa born and died in 1882, and Hezekiah in 1883.

Philip died in September 1884 in Washington County, Wisconsin, and Nettie married Albert P. Fitzpatrick in 1889 in Webster County, Nebraska, having Maud Fitzpatrick in 1890 Webster County.
In 1885 Adams County, Nebraska, Nettie Shunk is 23, widowed, a teacher, with Hezebiah 2. They're boarding with the Mary Stephens 53 widowed and her son Howard Stephens 16.
Nettie E. Shunk married Albert P. Fitzpatrick, both 26, in WSebster County, Nebraska on November 3, 1889.

November 8, 1889 Red Cloud Nebraska "The following marriage licensese were issued by Judge Sweezy in October 1889....Albert P. Fitzpatrick - Nettie E. "Shank"...
Albert Perry Fitzpatrick, per one tree was born March 6, 1863 i nHamilton County, Indiana.
Albert is six in 1870 Hamilton County, Indiana, with John 30, Martha 25, William E. 8, Minnie A. 4, Edgar E. 2, and Jorth five months.
Albert P. Fitzpatrick married Goldie Brown on December 17, 1901 in Hamilton COunty, Indiana.

John Fitzpatrick 1893-1981 was born in Hastings, Nebraska, and Lillian Mae 1895-1975 in Hastings. It said she married Dawson Warwick in 1901 in Barton County, Kansas.

In 1900 Hastings, Nebraska, Albert P. Fitzpatrick born July 1863, a traveling salesman, has been married ten years to Nettie E. August 1863 Iowa. Cyrus B. Shunk October 1881, Maud J. December 1890, John G. August 1893, and Lilian M. Feb 1895.
She's had five kids, 4 living.

1901 Great Bend, Kansas "Mrs. Nettie Warwick is teaching at the Ellinwood school, during the sickness of Miss Strothman."
1905 Hutchinson, Kansas "Mrs. D. S. Warwick returned to Ellinwood. this morning after a few days' visit to her husband, D. S. Warwick, who recently located here. Mrs. Warwick will come here soon to remain permanently."

In 1905 Barton County, Kansas, D.S. Warwick is 43, Nettie E. 42, with Maria Fitspatrick 14, Donald 11, and Lillian 10.
1919 "D.S. Warwick, of the Warwick Grain Company in Hutchinson, has opened a branch office in Denver, Colorado. Will L. Brown of Wichita is manager."

In 1910 Hutchinson, Kansas, Dawson S. Warwick is 48, born in England, a grain buyer. He's been married ten years to Nettie E. - a school teacher - 47 born in Iowa. She's had four kids, three living.

November 1912 Hutchinson Kansas "Mrs. Nettie E. Warwick wants not only a divorce from her husband, D. S. Warwick, but she also, wants $10,000 worth of his property. Suit was filed in the district court today, in her behalf, asking a decree of divorce and Judgment for $10,000 as her share of the estate of the husband."

Floy M. Johnson married Dawson S. Warwick in Wichita October 16, 1913.

1921 "William L. Brown, 44 years old, manager of the Denver office of the Warwick Grain Company of Wichita, Kansas, ad one of the oldest members of the Wichita Board of Trde, died Febraary 5."

January 1, 1925 Colorado Transcript "D. S. Warwick filed complaint in divorce against Floy M. Warwick, charging desertion and cruelty."

(D.S. Warwick and Floy M. Warwick divorced in Jefferson County, Colorado in 1925.
Dawson S. Warwick is in Arapahoe County, Colorado in 1930, 68, born in England, a farm laborer, married to Blanche S. 54, born in Indiana.

1939 "Mr. and Ms. D.S. Warwick attended the thirty-fifty wedding anniversary of Mr. Warwick's niece, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stone of Denveer."
March 1940 Douglas County - "Mr. Cyrus Shunk of Englewood, spent Monday visiting at the D.S. Warwick home."

In 1940 Dawson, a farmer, and Blanche are in Douglas County, Colorado. Dawson's estate was probated in 1945 Denver. )
1941 Douglas County "Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Warwick and Mr. H.T. Warwick were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Noll at their mountain home in Wandcrest Park Sunday. The occasion being the birthday anniversary of Mrs. D.S. Warwick."
His obituary is in the Rocky Mountain News of May 26, 1945.
The Douglas County newspaper mentioned in 1946 that Jack Taylor and family lived for some time on the farm in Sedalia purchased from Mr. Dawson Warwick.

April 20, 1945 "Jack Warwick died in California a short time ago. He had married Hildred Lamb of Larkspur, Colorado had a daughter Patricia. Funeral services were held at Sawtelle, California."

Nettie E. Warwick 1862-1937 is buried in Wichita, # 123777892.

Dawson's last wife might be the Blanche S. (Warwick) Shinn 1875-1949 buried in Denver # 133201891, with Claude Clay Shinn 1877-1953.
Mrs. Blanche S. Shinn's oituary is in the Rocky Mountain News of August 25, 1949.

Cyrus Brooks Shunk registered for WWI in Wichita, a plumber born October 24, 1881, reference Mrs. Grace Shunk.
In 1920 they're in Oklahoma City, Cyrus 38, Grace 31 born in Kansas, Wendell 14 Oklahoma, Wayne 9 Kansas.
Cyrus and Grace are in the 1926 Tampa Florida directory, a plumber. Wayne is a clerk for a cable company, living with them.
Cyrus registered for WWII in Arapahoe County, Colorado (Petersburg, now Englewood) born at Blue Hill, Nebraska. His eference was Mrs. S.L. Nicholl of Petersburg.

John D. Fitzpatrick registered for WWI in Hutchinson, Kansas, a sheet metal worker, single, born August 12, 1893 at Hastings, Nebraska.
He's buried in Mesa, Arizona 1893-1981 # 131146822, with Celeste 1896-1986.

In 1920 Hutchinson Kansas, Maud is 26, married to Joseph Hollis 25. Her brother John D. Fitzpatrick, a tinner, 26, widowed, is living with them.

Maud Jewel (Fitzpatrick) Hollie 1890-1984 is buried in Wichita # 23811014, with Joseph John Hollis 1894-1977.

In 1920 Harvey County, Kansas, Lillian 24 is married to Fritz Scherer, a cigar store owner, 25, born in Kansas. Maude 4 and Pauline 2 wee also born in Kansas.

In 1925 they're in Beloit, Kansas, F.F> 30, Lillian 29, Maud 10, Pauline 7, Mary 4, and Carl 3.

In 1930 Russell, Kansas, Fritz has a general store, with Lillian 35, Maude 15, Pauline 12, Mary 9, and Carl 7.
They're in Hays, Kansas in 1940, Frederick 46, Llilian 45, Mary 19, and Kan 17.
Mary might be the Mary M. Stewart 1920-1981 buried in La Junta, Colorado # 35881969.
She was born Dec 18, 1920 in Harvey County, Kansas to F.K. Scherer and Lillian M. Fitzpatrick.

1950 Hays, Kansas
"F. K. Scherer entered the department store business with the J. B. Byers company in 1928. This was a chain store with headquarters at Denver, featuring dry goods and ready to wear* In 1928 Mr. Scherer was made manager of a new Byers store at Russell. Three years later Mr. Byers sold his store to the J. C. Penney company and Mr. Scherer came to Hays to open his own store at 1009 Main street. He continued his business there until 1943 when he bought the store building at 1107 Main Street. In this, the store's present location? he has expanded his business from time to time, putting in new lines of merchandise including a women's shoe department. In 19 4 5 he bought the building at 1109 Main where the shoe department was enlarged to carry shoes for the entire family. This department now is managed by Karl Scherer, son of Mr, and Mrs. Scherer"

1963 Hays, Kansas
Karl Schercr, who spent most of his life in Hays until the outbreak of World War II when he promptly went into service, is now a successful supervisor of shoe stores in Texas. In a recent, issue of the Waco-Tribune Herald this story concerning Karl, who is a son of Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Scherer of Hays, appeared: "Just about 20 years ago, Karl F. Schercr, supervisor of Lewis' Shoe Stores was trying to knock out some of the Afrika Korps of Nazi General Rommel. He was in one of those hastily put together tank destroyer outfits armed with 75mm howitzers on half tracks that would bust up ... but was badly outgunned by the 88's of the Desert Fox. For his trouble. Karl Scherer was twice wounded in action in Tunisia and Sicily and thus has two Purple Hearts. He also received the Silver Star, was twice wounded and thus has two Purple Hearts in action in Tunisia and Sicily. He also received the Silver Star. Today. Karl Scherer sits near a constantly ringing telephone in offices of the Lewis Shoe Stores at 721 Austin Avenue and keeps things running for Joe H. Lewis. owner. That's what his title of supervisor means. And it includes everything from finding the right kind of strap to fit a woman's shoe to approving a bill for repairing a radiator in the heating; system. Scherer has been with Joe Lewis for the last seven years. He is a member of the Bellmead Lions Club. When you ask Scherer about his family, he wants to know if you have plenty of space to write the names. He and Mrs. Scherer have four sons and a daughter. There's Mrs. Scherer, who is a registered nurse and works relief at Hillcrest Hospital. Then there's Douglas, 11, who has joined the Boy Scouts and his father hopes he will get a merit badge on tying dry flies for mountain trout fishing— a. favorite sport of Karl Scherer who settles for Central Texas fishing when he can't get into the mountains. The boys also play Little League baseball and what ever league it is that comes before Little League. Gregory Scherer is 9, Randall is 8 and Kenneth, 4, a little too early for baseball. The daughter is Susan Scherer, 6. Scherer has been in the shoe business all his life. Before he came to Waco he was in the shoe business in Hays, Kansas, his home town and in Pratt, Kansas. He attended Fort Hays State College."

Tom Hollis (TOM-HOLLIS@worldnet.att.net) 08 Dec, 2003 I am looking for the obituary of Lois (Stringfield) Harman who died 10 Oct, 1991 in Garden City, Kansas. I am trying to locate some of her descendents to share (and help identify) a number of photographs in my mother's (Maud Fitzpatrick) album taken in Finney County circa 1913-18, many at the Stringfield ranch "My Old Kentucky Home" north of Garden City. Mom lived on a ranch leased by her mother, Nettie E. Warwick in that time period.

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