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Logan County Pioneers:

Richard L. Statton, Archie C. Stratton, Walter S. Stratton , Fleming

"John H. Stratton, Sr., b. 02 Jun 1809 - d. Jul 1864, was shot in the head and killed by Union bushwhackers in July of 1864 for failing to be forthcoming with $500 for the cause."

In 1870 Chariton County, Missouri, Julia is 50, with William 25, Peter 27, Patty 20, John 18, Molly 14, Charles 12, Walter 10, and Richard 6..
When William Stratton died in 1915 "five brothers and two sisters, namely, Arthur T. Stratton of Atwood, Colorado; Walter F., of Hill Rose, Colorado; Rev. Richard L., of Blue Rapids, Kansas; Dr. Chas. D. and John H. Stratton, of Rothville; Mrs. James G. Waugh, of Rothville, and Mrs. J. I. Willis, of Gilliam, Saline County."

Archer C. Stratton married Mattie Milsted in Chariton County, MIssouri August 23, 1883.

Archie C. Stratton cash-claimed a quarter in 18, 7N 49W in 1890.
He timber-claimed 149 acres in section 18 in 1895.

1899 Sterling, Colorado "A. C. Stratton is in the hub from Atwood to-day swapping political notes with local politicians."

One tree said Martha Milstead, age 19 in 1880 Hancock County, Illinois, with H.L. 54 and Jan3 48.l Alber is 15, John12. Next household is Martin W. Millstead 22 with Josie 21 and Jane seven months.

Mattie E. Stratton was appointed Atwood, Colorado postmaster in April 1895, , replaced by Harvey S. Leake in Decembeer 1897.

In 1900 Logan County, Archie is farming, born October 1847 in Virginia, married 17 years to Mattie August 1862 Illinois. Julia was born Feb 1892 in Colorado.

June 1900 Sterling "Mrs. A.C. Stratton was severely injured by a tilting board in the sidewalk here Saturday afternoon and remained over until to-day at W. L. Hays' home, confined to bed from the injuries."
They're still farming in Logan County in 1910.

In 1920 Logan County, in the town of Atwood, Archie is 72, Mattie E. 54, with three boarders.

Archie's application said he was a private in C., Missouri, and his descendant was Mrs. S.A. Lane of Atwood.
He's buried in Sterling 1846-1923 # 54814945, with Mattie E. 1861-1933.
"SEARCY'S MOSS [ Missouri Sharp Shooters] CSA"

Julia J. (Stratton) Lane 1892-1985 is buried in Sterling, # 45616842, with Simeon Alonzo Lane 1885-1975.


In 1880 Louisville, Kentucky, C. Troxler is a boot and shoe dealer, with Anna, both 48, Henry 25 a clerk, Constantine 23 a druggist,, Mary 21, Rosa 18, Anna 15, Martin P. 13, Charles 10, E.S. a son 8, and Robert F. 3.
Constantine 1832-1904 is buried in Louisville # 151850988, with Anna 1832-1907 # 151851055.

Richard cash-claimed a quarter in sections 14 and 15, 8N 49W in 1890.

He was born October 23, 1864 in Rothville, Missouri to John Stratton and Julia Allen, both of Virginia.
In 1880 Richard is in Chariton County, Missouri, 16, farming with his brother W.S. 20.

In 1894 Chariton County, Missouri, when Roberta Waugh married Jay Fulbright, "Roberta's uncle Richard Stratton, a local minister, performed the ceremony."
"Roberta Waugh was born on February 14, 1874, in Rothville, Missouri, to James Waugh, a farmer, and Pattie Stratton, a homemaker. She had three brothers and a sister who died in infancy in 1881. Waugh grew up in north central Missouri, attended the lower grades of public school in Rothville, graduated from high school in Kansas City, and attended the University of Missouri for two years to qualify for a teacher’s certificate. She taught in Chariton County, Missouri, schools after receiving her certificate. Waugh married Jay Fulbright on October 30, 1894, and the couple had six children. They began their married life in Sumner, Missouri, where her husband owned a bank and engaged in other entrepreneurial ventures. She worked with him in the bank when needed. "
Yes, their son William Fulbright was the Arkansas Senator whose scholarships are internationally famous.

So the Logan County, Colorado Stratton brothers had a statesman grand-nephew......

Richard L. Stratton and Annie Troxler married June 28, 1898 in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

R. L. Stratton in 1900 Salina, Kansas, a minister born Oct 1863 in Missouri, married two years to Annie June 1864 Kentucky. They ahve Dorothy March 1899 born in Missouri.
In 1904 Richard was appointed to the Baptist church at Sedan Kansas.

In 1910 Barton County, Missouri, he's 46, Anna 45, Dorothy C. 11 and Richard C. 5.
In 1916 Richard was the Baptist minister at Laclede, Missouri.
1916 "Rev. R. L. Stratton and daughter, Miss Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Allen and two children, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Perkins and daughter, Mrs. Walter Stockwell, Mrs. E. R. Barton and W. B. Calhoun attended the Baptist assemblv at Marceline Saturday and Sunday.
November 1917 Chariton County, Missouri "Rev. R.L. Stratton filled his Chariton county appointments last Sunday, preaching at the Baptist church in Sumner morning and evening and at the Taylor school house in the afternoon."

In 1920 Holt County, Missouri, Richard is 56, Anna 55, Dorothy 20, and Richard 15. Anna's sister Mary Troxler, 61 born in Kansas is with them.
In 1930 Richard, Anna, and Richard C. 25 are in Park County, Wyoming. Richard doesn't have an occupation>
In 1940 West Lafayette, Indiana, Dorothy is dean of women at a state university,, - probably urdue, and her parents are with her, 76 and 72.

July 3, 1941 "Richard L. Stratton, 77, a retired Baptist minister, died at 6 p.m. Wednesday in West Lafavette, Ind., at the home of his daughter Dean Dorothy C. Stratton, Purdue University. He is survived also by his wife Mrs. Anna Troxler Stratton, formerly of Louisville, and a son, Dr. Richard C. Stratton, Green River, Wyoming. Funeral services will be held at 4:30 p.m. Friday at Dean Stratton's residence. Burial will be in West Lafayette."

He died in Tippecanoe County Indiana July 2, 1941. He was a retired Baptist minister, informant Mrs. Anna Troxler Stratton, his wife.
He's buried in West Lafayette # 92935820, with Anna 1864-1942 # 92935819.

Richard C. Stratton, age 28, married Dorothy Claire Wilson on August 14, 1933 in Wasatch County, Utah.

Richard C. is a doctor in 1940 Green River, Wyoming, 35, with Dorothy C. 31 Missoi. They have Barbara Ann 2 born in Wyoming.
July 1948 "Be it known that I, Richard C. Stratton, a citizen of the United States, residing at Green River, in the county of Sweetwater and State of Wyoming, have invented a new, original, and ornamental Design for Child's Spoon or Similar Article"

He's buried in Green River 1904-1977 # 75251639, with Dorothy W. 1908-1982 # 75251638.

August 1958 Bridgeport, Connecticut
"Miss Barbara Stratton, of Green River, Wyo., who arrived Wednesday in New York from Europe on the Queen Elizabeth, is visiting for a week with Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank Welborn. Barbara is a senior in Stanford university."

Sunnyvale, California
Barbara Stratton Myers September 29, 1937 - May 23, 2013
Barbara passed away peacefully in her sleep in the early hours of May 23. She will be deeply missed by all of those who knew her.
Barbara grew up in Green River, Wyoming and came to California to attend Stanford University. Barbara earned a BA in History from Stanford and a Masters of Library Science from San Jose State.Barbara taught middle school in Martinez before marrying Morgan F. Myers on 8/13/60.
Barbara and Morgan lived in Menlo Park before settling in Sunnyvale. She focused initially on being a full-time mom to her two daughters and an active member of the Congregational Community Church. Later, Barbara was a substitute teacher, a Reference Librarian/Manager at the Sunnyvale Public Library, a volunteer at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, and a volunteer with Reading Partners.Barbara is survived by her husband of 52 years, Morgan Myers; daughters Melinda Myers Cook (Kelly) of Los Altos and Megan Myers Blair (James) of Wilton; grandchildren Kaitlin Cook, Austin Blair, Kendall Cook, and Emma Blair; and brother Dr. Richard Stratton of Reno, NV.
Barbara was a wonderful and loving wife, mother, sister, and grandmother. She also was a voracious reader, but her favorite time was the time that she spent with her grandchildren.

Dorothy - who has a Coast Guard cutter named for her, is buried in West Lafayette # 54047400.

Dorothy Constance Stratton (March 24, 1899 - September 17, 2006) was the director of the SPARS, the United States Coast Guard Women's Reserve during World War II. She is the namesake of the Coast Guard's third National Security Cutter, the USCGC Stratton (WMSL-752). Early life and Coast Guard career Stratton was born in 1899 in Brookfield, Missouri. She graduated from Ottawa University in 1920 and received her Master's degree from the University of Chicago. She received a Ph.D. from Columbia University. She taught at public high schools in Brookfield, Missouri, Renton, Washington and San Bernardino, California (she was dean of girls at San Bernardino High School) before joining the faculty at Purdue University as dean of women and assistant professor of psychology. She served on the selection board for the Women's Army Corps V Corps Area. In 1942, she took a leave of absence from Purdue and joined the WAVES, and was commissioned a lieutenant. In late 1942, she was ordered to Washington, DC to the office of the Commandant of the Coast Guard to organize the Coast Guard Women's Reserve, and was transferred from the Navy to the Coast Guard. She developed the name SPARS using a contraction of the Coast Guard motto Semper Paratus and its English translation Always Ready. She was appointed its first director with a rank of lieutenant commander. Stratton continued in the post until 1946 and rose to the rank of captain. As director, she oversaw over 10,000 enlisted women and 1,000 commissioned officers. She left the Coast Guard in 1946 shortly before the SPARS were demobilized. For her service she was awarded the Legion of Merit. Post World War II After the war, Stratton served as director of personnel for the International Monetary Fund (1947–1950). In 1950, she became national executive director of the Girl Scouts of the USA, a post she held until 1960. In 1958, she appeared as a guest challenger on the TV panel show "To Tell The Truth". Stratton died in West Lafayette, Indiana at the age of 107. She was interred at Grandview Cemetery next to her parents. The Women Officers Professional Association (now the Sea Services Leadership Association) named its Captain Dorothy Stratton Leadership Award in her honor. Created in 2001, the award is presented to a female officer (W-2 to O-4) of the Coast Guard who shows leadership and mentorship and who shares the Coast Guard's core values. In 2005, the Ottawa University Alumni Association awarded its Outstanding Achievement Award to Stratton. In 2008, the Coast Guard named its third National Security Cutter the USCGC Stratton (WMSL-752) in her honor.

Walter R. Stratton married Mary E. McKee on June 1, 1892, recorded in Washington County, Colorado.

Walter cash-claimed 167 acres in section 6 and 7, 8N 50W , and sections 1 and 12, 8N 51W in 1890. That's on the route about half-way between Fleming and Sterling.
July 1899 Akron, Colorado " Last week it was reported that Walter Stratton was very seriously injured while digging a well upon the sand-hills. However, he was not hurt as badly as was at first believed and he is now able to be about."

1899 Akron, Colorado "Walter Stratton, accompanied by his wife and baby, drove over fron their home near Snyder last Friday. While Mr. Stratton transacted business here, Mrs. S. visited with friends. They returned home Sunday morning."

February 1900 Sterling, Colorado "W. S. Stratton, of Akron, was in the city Friday, doing business with the Palmer Loan Company."

Walter is in Morgan County, Colorado in 1900, born Sept 1860 in Missouri, married eight years to mary Dec 1863, John May 1893, Walter S. Sept 1894, Mary D. Feb 1896, Marjorie A. Jan 1898, and Rosemary July 1899, all kids born in Colorado.

In 1912 Walter was a delegate to the Democaratic National Convention in Baltimore.

He's buried in Fort Morgan 1860-1931.# 46352503 "Walter was the 9th child of John H. and Julia Branch Allen Stratton. He attended the University of Missouri and then Law School at the University of Denver. He moved to Colorado as a right of way agent for the Burlington Railroad in 1886. On June 1, 1892 in Akron, Washington, Colorado, he married Mary Emily McKee. Walter homesteaded in Washington County, Twp 8N R50W. He was a farmer and stockman. He had much to do with the beginnings of the livestock industry in Washington County, Colorado. At his death he owned 6 farms near Hillrose and a ranch of several thousand acres near Akron, Colorado, much of which is still in the family. Walter and Emma's children: John McKee, Walter Scott Jr., Mary Doris, Marjorie Allen, Rosemary, and Ruth Harriet. "

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