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Logan County Pioneers:

Diedrich Wedemeyer, Frederick Wedemeyer, Christoph Wedemeyer, Fleming

" The four sons of Conrad and Margaret Wedemeyer came together from Germany to Denison, Iowa, then to Colorado. Fred arrived in Ravenna in 1879, followed by Christopher, in 1883. Henry, who had married Wilhelmina Evers in Iowa, came to Ravenna about 1892. Diedrich and his wife Maria followed his brothers; they all farmed.

After Henry died in 1900, Wilhelmina raised her three sons alone until 1910 when she married Christopher. Her youngest son, Bernhard, married Minnie Rohde, whose family had come to Grand Island from Germany. Minnie's brother Herman was one of seven men sent to the county to organize Trinity Lutheran Church, Majors. "

Diedrich, 16, and Christ 17 Wedemeyer from Prussia arrived in New York April 8, 1881 on the Hohenstaufen.

In 1880 Buffalo County, Nebraska, Fred Wedemeyer is 22, a farm laboee, boarding with John Kunffer 21 and his stepfather John Hodel 62 and step-monther Anna 58. Next households are the Schuyller families
Diedrich cash-claimed a quarter in 25, 8N 49W in 1891.

Diedrich 1863-1924 is buried in Buffalo County # 44795874. "Ruhe Sanft"

In 1900 Buffalo County, Nebraska, Schneider township (where other German families were - and the Schuller family is on the same page) Dietrich born Sept 1860 in Germany, married one year to Mary Dec 1867 Germany, have Dorothy Sept 1899 Nebraska.

Next is Henry Sept 1855 married 15 years to Anna April 1862 Germany. Fred was born Oct 1885 in Iowa, Henry C. March 1889 Iowa, Bernard Nov 1892 Colorado, brother Christoper Sept 1861 Germany, single. Next household is ChFred July 1853 Germany.

Christoph proved up a quarter in 26, 8N 49W in 1893.

Chris Wedemeyer is now living practically retired on a well improved place of twenty acres at the edge of Ravenna but still holds title to valuable farms in Schneider and Garfield townships. A native of Germany, his birth occurred in September, 1861, and he is a son of Conrad and Margaret (Todter) Wedemeyer, also natives of Germany. The father devoted his entire active life to farming and passed away in his native land in 1888. He was survived for twelve years by his wife, who died in 1900.

Chris Wedemeyer received his education in the fatherland and remained at home until he was fourteen years of age but in 1876 he decided to take advantage of the opportunities offered in America and on emigrating to this country went to Casey, Iowa, where he had relatives. He worked as a farm hand until he was twenty-one years of age and then rented land in Montgomery county, Iowa, which he cultivated for a year. At the end of that time he came to Buffalo county, Nebraska, and purchased land in Schneider township, on which he re- sided until 191 1, when he retired and renting the farm, removed to his present home on twenty acres of land on the outskirts of Ravenna. He built a fine mod- ern residence and has otherwise improved his place, and his farm in Schneider township is also in a high state of development. In addition to the four hundred acres which he owns in that township he holds title to a half section in Garfield township and his income from his land is sufficient to provide him with the com- forts and some of the luxuries of life. In addition to his real estate holdings he owns stock in the Ravenna Electric Light plant and the Ravenna Telephone Company.

Mr. Wedemeyer was married in January, 1910, to Mrs. Minnie (Evers) Wedemeyer, widow of his brother Henry. She is a daughter of Peter H. and Marie (Mueller) Evers, natives of Germany, who in 1882 located in Denison, Iowa. They are still living there and both have reached the age of eighty-one years. By her marriage to Henry Wedemeyer, who died in 1900, Mrs. Wede- meyer has three sons, namely, Fred, Henry and Bernhard, all of whom are farming in Schneider township.

Mr. Wedemeyer is independent in politics as he believes that the qualifications of a candidate are of more importance than his party allegiance. In religious faith he is a Lutheran, and fraternally he belongs to the Modern Woodmen of America. In 1914 he and his wife made a trip to Germany and were there at the time of the outbreak of the European war. He began his career as a boy in his teens without capital other than his energy and sound judgment but through persistent and well directed labor has gained financial independence. His sterling qualities of character have also won him the sincere respect and esteem of his fellow citizens.

Chris Wedemeyer 1861-1938 is buried in Buffalo County, # 44795868 "Ruhe Sanft"

Friedrich timber-claimed a quarter in 25, 8N 49W in 1895.

Fred 1858-1919 is buried in Buffalo County, Nebraska # 141573586.

Fred A. Wedemeyer 1885-1968 and Alereda 1898-1965 are buried in Buffalo County # 44854056.

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