Joseph Ahler, 8 North 50 West

Joseph proved up 80 acres in section 21, 8N 50W in 1915.

He might be the Joseph J. EHLER in 1900 Denver, a tobacco merchant born Feb 1870 in Missouri, married two years to Mamie Sept 1876 Texas. They're next to Theodore L. Freiburg - a bottling worker - born Oct 1856 in Missouri and Ida R Janaury 1855 Texas.

Joseph J. Ehler married Mamie Farrell on Sept 22, 1898, recorded in Denver.

In 1910 and 1910 Denver, Joseph and Mamie V. are alone.

In 1930 they're with Ida Griberg 75, and Mamie is listed as the daughter.
They're with Ida "Fribourg" in 1940, and Joseph is the proprietor of a graage at age 70.

Ida R. Fribourg 1855-1942 is buried in Denver, per # 119844659.

Theodore's brother Amadee L. Fribourg 1853-1930 is buried in Aurora, Colorado # 77041027.
Theodore's father is probably the Eugene Fribourg buried in Denver 1828-1891 # 126o443019.
His mother is probably Henriette B. Fribourg 1824-1894. They were with Amadee in 1880 Houston Texas, so that's proably wheren Theodore met Ida.

Another brother Lucien E. Fribourg 1856-1878 is buried in New Orleans # 153500195.

If anyone has information on the Joseph Ahler of Fleming, please let us know.

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