John H. and Jane (Rush) Brown, son Roy Brown, daughter Artie F. (Oliphant) Brown, daughter Cenith (Brown) Ashcraft, , 8 North 50 West

John H. Brown married Narcissus J. Rush in Indiana on March 14, 1872.


Artie was born December 9, 1872 in Indiana to John Brown and Jane Rush.

In 1880 Greene County, John Brown is 25, Jane 26, Artimesia 7, ?? 5, and Jas Oscar Brown 2.

""Oliphant, Willam A.. 1870 - 1906 son of D. W. Oliphant. William Albert Oliphant, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Oliphant well known citizens of Highland township, was born Dec. 4, 1870 near Worthington, died in Monte Vista, Colorado, October 10, 1906.
In 1898 he was united in marriage to Miss Artie Brown daughter of Mr. and Mrs John H. Brown respected citizens of Jackson township residing near Robinson.
Funeral services were held at that place and the heart-broken wife alone started back with the remains, a distance of 1400 miles, to the old home in Greene county for burial. Arriving here by rail Sunday morning at 10:30 o'clock the funeral party was met by relatives and proceeded to the Ashcraft Chapel cemetery near Robinson."

In 1910 Logan County, Artie A. Oliphant is widowed, 37, born in Indiana, a school teacher, living alone.

Artie's brother K.C. Brown 29 and sister Cenith Ashcroft 26 are in Logan Coutny in 1910, proprietors of a store in Merino.

Artie married Arja Brown on January 1, 1911, recorded in Logan County.

Arja was in Gibson County, Indiana in 1900, married to Flossie born March 1878 in Indiana. They have Vernus October 1899 in Indiana.
Flossie's widowed mother Emily Holliman Sept 1830 is living with them.

In 1910 Orange County, Florida, Flossie is 27, just married to R.E. Dozier, 39 - his first marriage, her second. "Ernis" Brown 10 is with them.
"Flossie married Arja Robert Brown in 1898 in Posey Co., IN and we know she had a daughter Vernice. The next thing we know is that she dies in 1922 in Lake Co., Florida. Her death cert shows the right parents and that she lived in Paisley. "

Artie claimed a quarter in section 34, 8N 50W in 1912.

In 1920 Greene County, Indiana, Arja is farming, 39, with Artie 41, both born in Indiana.

"Arja R. BROWN, son of Robert J. and Annie BROWN, was born near Poseyville, {Posey County,} Indiana, January 17, 1880, and died November 14, 1923, aged forty-three years, nine months and twenty-seven days. In December of 1898 he was married to Flossie HOLLEMAN, of Stewartsville, Indiana, now deceased. To this union was born one daughter, Vernus, whose home is in Florida. On New Year’s Day, 1911, he was married to Artie F. OLIPHANT, near Merino, Colorado. In October of the same year they came to this neighborhood, their present home. Under the preaching of Rev. Lloyd he was converted about November 1914. A few months later he became, and continued to be, a supporting member of the Church of God at Walnut Grove. For over a year he has been putting up a vigorous fight against the disease, which Wednesday morning won in the conflict. All through these anxious days he has been so patient, and if hopeless of recovery, did not allow the thought to cast gloom over his spirit. Over and over again he expressed a readiness and willingness to go Home.
His daughter, Vernus, a foster daughter, Ruth EVANS, two half-brothers, Grant and Dave ALCORN, of Imboden, Arkansas, and Poseyville, Indiana, respectively; a half-sister, Mrs. John WILSEY, brother, H. L. BROWN and two sisters, Maud and Cora BROWN, all of Poseyville, Indiana, survive.
The funeral services were held at Walnut Grove Thursday afternoon, November 14, conducted by Rev. Harry LETT, pastor of the Christian church of Greenfield, Indiana, a special friend of the family. Interment in Ashcraft Cemetery.
- - We desire to thank all the friends far and near who have in any way contributed to the comfort and happiness of our loved one, or extended their help and sympathy to the bereaved.

In 1930 Greene County, Artie is farming, 57, widowed, with "relative - wards" Ruth F. 15 and Mildred Nell 7

In 1940 Greene County, Artie is 57, married to Noah D. Wade 66. Ruth 25 and Mildred 18 are still with her.

Artie in Greene County July 11, 1957, buried there # 12645125. "Arja Robert Brown first married to Eva Flossie Holliman in Posey Co., IN 28 Dec 1898. Emily Holliman raised her granddaughter Flossie after Rebecca Holliman Cave died. Flossie's surname was actually Cave and her death record in Lake Co., Florida does give her correct parent's names."

Annie Vernus Brown married E.L. Tillman in VOlusia County May 20, 1917.

E.L. Tillman and Florence Williams, both of Lake Helen, Florida, married in Volusia County April 18, 1919.
E.L. Tillmand and ruby Drandy, both of New Smyrnia, FLorida, married in Volusia County July 26, 1919.

Vernus Tillman of Lake County filed for estate adminstration of Ava Flossie Brown, deceased died Septemeber 2, 1922., surivivors Dave Borwn husband and Vernus Tillman daughter.
Per # 97313674, Ava Flossie (Cave) Brown is buried in Volusia County, Florida.
She was born March 14, 1877 at Stewartsville Indiana, married to D.A. Brown of Paisley, Florida.
Dave Dreggors and Mrs. Ava Flossie Brown married in Volusia County April 1917, both residents of Beresford, Florida.

"After the death of her first husband William Albert OLIPHANT, Artie married her second husband, Arja R. BROWN born 1860, died 1923. Her third husband was Noah Wade. "
"Artie Frances Brown oldest child of John and Jane Brown was born near Old Cliffy Church.
she applied for 160 acres of unimproved government land on the prairies of eastern Colorado, which the government was trying to get settled. To acquire the deed a person had to erect a small dwelling and actually live on the property a certain amount of time,, then after three years they recieved the deed.
During her teaching days in Colorado she taught with a lady named Cora Brown and they became good friends. It was through Cora that she met Arja Brown, her future husband.
Arja and Artie were married about 1915. He did not want to live in Colorado so they came to Greene county, Indiana to settle down. Not finding a farm with a suitable dwelling they bought a farm west of Park and built a two story frame house.
After Arja's death Artie kept the farm going and took two orphan girls to raise (one being the author of this book)...In 1930 Artie married her neighboor Noah Wade whose wife had died the year before. They pooled their resources, she had the land and he had the horses and farming equipment and for 25 years until her death at age 84 years they worked together.. ....""

In 1945 Broward County, FLorida, Vernice Brown is 46 born in INndidana. She's ina dwelling with Ernest J. Brown a doctor, refused to answer age or his place of birth.


Mary C. Repp was in Washington County, Colorado in 1910, 14, with parents Ulysses L. 37, Mary C. 4, brother Maynard A. Repp 11.
Ulysses L. Repp 1872-1920 is buried in Sterling, # 58154401, with Mary C. (Webb) Repp 1863-1943.
Maynard 1899-1977 is buried in Benton County, Washington # 117695725.

In 1930 Washington County, Colorado (Platte precinct, only a few miles from Merino) Roy Brown is farming, 41, Cosey 34, both born in Indiana. Ilo 8 and Ivan 4 were brorn in Colorado.

In 1940, still farming, Ilo is 19, Irvin L. 14, Nelva 4, and Cosey's mother Mary Repp 76 is with them, born in Indiana.

Roy Brown 1887-1965 is buried in Sterling # 41747013, with Cosey Mae (Repp) Brown 1895-1950.

"Ida" Mae Nutzman, born June 10, 1921, died in 1993, buried in Crown Hill, Jefferson Coumnty # 140172790, with Jack F. Nutzman 1922-2012.

Ivan L. Brown 1925-1989 is buried in Fort Logan # 421964.


Kiah married Mattie E. Odor on November 30, 1910, recorded in Logan County.
Kiah Clark Brown registered for WWI in Logan County, born October 7, 1880.

He married Blanche E. Long in Sterling on October 27, 1917.

In 1920 he's running a drug store in Merino Precinct, 38, with Blanche E. 27 and Edna May eleven months.
On the same page are J. H. Brown 66, and Jane 67, with G.R. 30.

Kiah is the postmaster in Sterling in 1930, 49, with Blanche E. 36 born in Iowa, Edna M. 11 and Richard K. 12 both born in Colorado.
Next household is John H. Brown 75 and Jane N. 76, both born in Indiana.

In 1940 Kiah is running a drug store in Merino 59, with Blanche E. 47 born in IIowa. Edna is 21, Richard K. 11.

Kiah 1880-1948 is buried in Sterling # 40641278, with mattie 1888-1915>

Blanche Brown 1892-1971 is buried in Crown Hill, Jefferson County # 47976627.

Richard Kiah Brown 1928-1956 was killed in a B-50D Superfortress crashed in Alaska.
He's buried in Fort Logan # 425079, with Mary Mae Brown 1933-1994

Blanche's parnets William Clay Long 1857-1910 buried in Sterling # 58209531 with Adeline S. (Powell) Long 1865-1937


In 1910 Logan County, John H. Brown is farming 55, with Jane 56, Ray 21, and Glen 19.

Glen R. Brown registered for WWII in Merino, running the Merino Drug Company, born December 9, 1889 at Dresden, Indiana.

He's buried in Sterling # 40475908.

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