Chauncey C. Chapin, mother Luellah J. (Chase) Chapin , 8 North 50 West

In 1860 Madison County, New York, John W. Chapin is 51, Betsey 40, Samira 16, Adelbert 12, Mary E. 8, Jenny 5, and Frank 2.

In 1870 Madison County, New York, John Chapin is farming, 61, with Betsy 50, Semina 26, Adelbert 22 farming, Jennie 15, and Frank 12.

In 1860 Essex County, New York, George Chase is 44, Alice 42 (index has "Chan"), Henry W. is 17, Gteorge R. 7, and Luella J. 5.

In 1865 Essex County, New York, George R. Chase is farming, 48, born in Vermont. Alice L. is 48, Henry N. 22, George Jr. 14, and "Ludia " 11. The last four were born in Essex County.

Mrs. Alice L. (Thrall) Chase 1818-1882, is buried in Essex, New York # 98483971.
"Mrs. George R Chase nee Alice L. Thrall born Sept 28, 1818 died Jan 25, 1882.
Children of George R and Alice L Chase
Cedelia M died Feb 3, 1854; Age 6Yr 6Mo
John T died Feb 4, 1854; Age 4Yr 3Mo "

In 1880 Woodbury County, Iowa, Luella Chase is a school teacher, 26, born in New York.
She's boarding with Earnest and Hannah Hall, merchants.

Luellah Janetta Chase, daughter of George Rea Chase and Alice Luvina Thrall, born about 1857, married Frank Everton Chapin, son of John W. Chapin and Betsey Jackson, on November 24, 1880 in Woodbury County Iowa. Frank was born about 1856.

George R. Chase married Mary in 1884 in Woodbury County, and in 1885 Woodbury County, Iowa, George is 78, Mary E. 66. born in Indiana.
George served in K, 38th New York Infantry, recieving an invalid pension in 1868, and Mary Chse received a widow's pension Decemer 1897.

Sloan State Bank, Sloan, Iowa.
The Chapin Brothers, F.E. and A.W. Chapin, conducted a Merchandise Business and a little later opened the Sloan Bank in June 1883. As their business in the bank prospered they sold the Merchandise Business and in the fall of 1885 built a new building with a brick veneer for the bank at the corner of Fourth and Evans Streets. 

In 1885 Sloan, Iowa, Frank E. Chapin is 26, a banker, with Louilla 25. Chauncey is 2. Adelbert Chapin is 35, and John N. Chapin is 76, also bankers.

"The public schools of the city consist of a primary and a higher school, the latter presided over by F.E. Chapin, and the former by Mrs. F.E. Chapin. The number of pupil is attendance is seventy. The school building was erected in 1881, and is a two-story, frame structure, with dimensions of 28×40 feet. Its interior arrangements consist of two large classrooms, and a smaller recitation room. A smaller brick building had supplied the needs of the place for several years prior to the erection of the present schoolhouse."

In 1885 Sloan, George Jeffrey became bookkeeper for the Chapin Bros' bank, going to another bank in 1889.
In 1893 the Sloan State Bank (Chapin Bros. Bank) and the Farmers State Bank merged and George S. Jeffrey was elected Cashier of the Sloan State Bank.

Frank E. Chapin 1858-1887 is buried in Sloan, # 84517640, with a son Lowell 1886-1887.

H.W. Chase is in Sioux City, Iowa in 1885, 41, with M.E. 39. They have Wm. B. 18, Verga 12, and Florence 4. With them is Eliza Palmer 66.|

In 1900 Sloan, Luellah, born September 1857 in New York, is widowed. She's had two kids, one living. Chauncey . was born October 1882 in Iowa.

Henry W. Chase is in Woodbury County in 1900, too, an attorney born August 1845 in New York, married 27 years to Mary E. Dec 1850 New York. Florence J. was born Sept 1882 in Iowa. They have two roomers.
1906 Los Angeles "Mrs Henry W. Chase of Sioux City. Iowa. Is visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Alfred E. Burns of 1724 Hobart boulevard. "
Alice Virginia Burns was born October 28, 1881 at Sioux City, Iowa, Alfred 1864 at Birmingham, England. They had Earle Chase Burns Sept 1, 1904 in Los Angeles.

In 1902, Mrs. F. E. Chapin of Sloan was an invited guest for the fifth-fifth commencement of Grinnell College.

September 10, 1903 Grinnell, Iowa

1905 Mapleton, Iowa

In 1905 Sloan, Luellah J. (wid Frank E.) is a teacher at the Floyd School, and boards at 1609 N. Boulevard.
Adelbert is a real estate man, living at 1721 4h SAvenue.

May 1906 the Class of 1904 Grinnell COllege lists C.C. Chapin with an address of Haxtun, Colorado.

1908 Grinnell College class of 1904 "C.C. Chapin is living on his claim at Fleming, COlorado."

In 1910 Logan County, Luellah J. is 55, born in New York, widowed. She's had two kids, one living. She also has a hired man, a young Dan.
Next household is Chauncy C. Chapin, 27, born in Iowa, living alone, both parents born in New York.

Luellah claimed a quarter in sections 4 and 9, 8N 50W in 1913.

Chauncey claimed two quarters in section 10, 8N 50W in 1913.

Chauncey registered for WWI in Fleming, born October 14, 1882, farming, with Luellah of Los Angelees, California as a reference.

He's living alone in 1920 Logan County, farming, 37.

1920 Grinnell College newsletter

Luellah is in the 1920 census of Woodbury County, Iowa., 65, widowed, boarding with Carl Larson 49.
Luellah (Chase) Chapin 1856-1921 is buried in Hollywood, California # 11229585.

"Application filed July 18, 1924. Serial No. 726,755. :
To all whom it may concern.
Be it known that I, OHAUNCEY C. CHAPIN, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Sterling, in the county of Logan and State of Colorado, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Transfer Switches, of which the following is a specification.
My invention relates to induction coils wherein thereare primary and secondary circuits, and has for its object to provide means for transferring portions of the coils from the primary to the secondary, or from the secondary to the primary. Another object is to utilize such means in a practical application, such as, for instance, a radio tuning coil. A further object is to provide such a mechanism which is of simple, durable and inexpensive construction. A still further object is to provide a radio ituning coil in which the inductance of the primary and secondary circuit may be varied through the medium of a single controlling member, the respective inductances being automatically adjusted to predetermined values. More specifically it is my object to provide an induction coil mounted on a rotatable drum, the drum carrying at its periphery a series of transfer switch units, each unit serving to connect a transferable section of coil to an adjacent transferable section when in one position, and to connect the adjacent Y sections to the extremities of an external circuit when in another position. "

Patented Jan. 19, 1926.

Chauncey must have died in 1929...

1935-1936 Colorado Attorney General Report - Logan County "Estate of Chauncey C. Chapin, deceased. Estate closed and money paid to State Treasurer."

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