John A. Coss, 8 North 50 West

Maggie Coss cash-claimed a quarter in 34, 8N 53W in 1890.
If she's the Maggie Coss in 1880 Fort Collins, a chambermaid 20 born in Vermont, she's probably not related to John of 25 years later.

John Coss married Mary S. Kelly in 1876 in Wood County, West Virginia (These are not proven to be John A.'s parents.)

John Albert Coss was born at Elizabeth, Wirt County, West Virginia to John Coss and Sophia Kelley.

This is the same area, and the same name - and might explain why census records don't show him, and why John A. was living with an aunt in 1900.

Parkersburg, W. Va., Nov. 11, 1893.
" For many months past the stores, residences and post ofllces of towns along the Ohio river between here and Sisters-ville have been systematically robbed by what appeared to be an organized gang of thieves.
After the robbery of the St. Mary's post oflice, a few weeks ago, United States Inspector Hooten and Deputy Marshal Mehen were detailed to ferret out the robbers, and by Tuesday they obtained sufficient evidence to warrant the arrest of Frank Bailey, of St. Mary's, on suspicion. To keep in the background themselves they detailed Special Officer Petty, of this city, and Sheriff Reynolds, of Pleasant county, to make the arrest.
After being placed in jail here Bailey confessed, and gave as his accomplices Edward Bailey, three men named Shamblin, Broh and Pyles, and five others, whose names have not yet been made public.
Pyles was arrested and secretly brought here on Wednesday. Broh escaped in a skiff, and is still at large, and Thursday night Edward Bailey and Shamblin were captured at Letart, on their shanty boat, Crown Hill.
Upon searching the boat a large quantity of stolen goods, identified as that taken at Cochransville and Hays station, was found scattered in "blind" closets. The four men arrested are now in jail, and officers started up the river Friday with warrants for the other five named by Frank Bailey and several others whom they think are members of the band.
Among those under suspicion is John Coss, the Ohio convict, who before his release wrote Mrs. Phillip Still his divorced wife here, that when his term was out he intended coming down and killing both her and her husband, and who, when he came here, was arrested and railroaded out of town. Coss' appearance tallies with the description of one of the robbers of St. Mary's post oftice and he left home for that place the night before the robbery.
The officers think that, although they have not yet arrested tho leader of the band, they have unearthed the largest, best organized and most desperate gang of thieves that has ever operated in this vicinity, and whose depredations will run up into the thousands."

Wheeling, West Virginia May 19, 1900

In 1900 Wirt County, John, born July 1886, is a nephew of Amos 64 and Emma 54 Kelley.

John's mother might be the sister of Amos.

John claimed a quarter in section 25, 8N 50W in 1913.

John served as a private in Battery A of the 341st Field Artillery.

In 1920 Logan County, John is single, living alone, farming, 33.

John married Hattie/Mattie Royle at Fleming on July 18, 1921.

In 1930 Logan County, John is farming, 42, apparently divorced. His father was born in Ohio, his mother in West Virginia.
A farm laborer, Joe Climor 65 born in Illinois is with him.

In 1940 Logan County, John is a poultryman, divorced, 5, lodging with Bessie Pack, 54, and her two sons.

When he registered for WWII in Logan County, he listed his employer as L.W. Davvenport, and a reference of Ed Lambert - both of Fleming.

John Albert Coss 1886-1958 is buried in Fleming, # 128480300.

There's a Sarah Elizabeth Pool born May 28, 1878 in West Virginia to John Coss and Mary S. Kelly, dying in Pittsburg in 1915, She was to be buried iat Homestead. Informant was John E. Poool.

When Elizabeth Coss and John E. Pool married in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, she said she was living at Elizabeth, West Virginia, and her parents' names were not listed. She was 21, John E. Pool 33.

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