Robert Lincoln and Mary E. (King) Dunn, brother Wilbur Franklin and Mary (Ramsey) Dunn    , 8N 50W

History of Brown County, Ohio

In 1880 Brown County, Ohio, Robert L. Dunn is 16, Wilbur 14, sons of Robert Dunn 64. Frances A. Dunn is 46.
Robert had married Francis A. Shaw on March 21, 1880 - Frances was born February 27, 1834.

Robert Lee Dunn 1815-1892 is buried in Ripley, Borwn County, Ohio # 142993796, with Elmina 1823-1877.

Lincoln Dunn, 25, son of Robert Dunn and Almira Shaws, married Mary E. King on November 24, 1887 in Mills County, Iowa.
She was 25, daughter of Lewis King and Betsy West.

Lincoln Dunn cash-claimed a quarter in 24, 8N 50W in 1891.

In 1900 Mills County, Iowa, Lincoln Dunn born October 1863 in Ohio, married 12 years to Mary January 1863 Iowa. They have Dewitt June 1888 Colorado, Rupert March 1891, Thomas Aug 1892, Walter Sept 1894, and a son born Sept 1899 , then lasat four born in Iowa. Niece Berhta Glynn 19 born in Iowa is with them.

In 1910 Robert L. 46 is a retail merchant in Jefferson County, Colorado, with Mary E. 47 born in Iowa. Rupert 19, Thomas L. 17, Walter E. 15 and Tony 10 were all born in Iowa.

Robert L. Dunn and Laura A. Noble married on June 9, 1914, recorded in Logan County.

Robert L. Dunn and Sarah E. Dunn divorced in Logan County in 1919.

Robert is divorced in 1920 Sterling, a watchman for the railroad, living in a lodging house.

Mary Elizabeth (King) Dunn 1863-1924 is buried in Fleming # 128511978.

Robert is widowed in 1930 Sterling, farming, born in Ohio, 55.
"At time of Rupert's death, the obituary states Robert was a night watchman at the Union Pacific roundhouse. He is listed in the obituary of Wilber Frank Dunn, his brother, as a resident of Sardinia, Ohio."

Rupert 1891-1918 is buried in Fleming, with Vera Edita (Barnett) Dunn 1898-1979>

Dewitt Dunn was born June 18, 1888 at Fleming, Colorado, and registered for WWI in Los Angeles, a laundryman, married.
Dewitt said he had served four years as a corporal.
In 1910 De Witt T. Dunn is a seaman, on the USS Maryland in Mare Island, California.
Dewitte registered for WWII in San Bernardiono, 53, with SW.E. Dunn of San Francisco as his reference. He was in the War Deapartment.

Talmage Dewitte Dunn born in Colorado to mother King died April 7, 1944 in Alameda County.

He's buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery California, # 3570369.



John Wiley Ramsey, age 15, married Lorella Jane Wardlow on August 1, 1867 in Brown County, Ohio.

In 1880 Adams County, Ohio, Mary E. Ramsey is 10, with John 33 and Lurella J. 29 Ramsey. Elonzo W. is 5, Ida E. 3,a dn Wily O. 1

John, per # 138870595, is buried in Abbott Burying Ground, Brown County.
So is Lourillia (Wardlow) Ramsey 1851-1885 # 138870627.

Wilber F. Dunn cash-claimed a quarter in 35, 7N 53 W in 1895, and then another 40 acres in 18, 6N 53W in 1904.

Wilbur J. Dunn cash-claimed a quarter in 13, 8N 40W in 1891.

1900 "Born- To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dunn of Merino, Friday last, a fine boy."

In 1900 Logan County, Wilbur F. Dunn is a farm laborer, born May 1866, married 13 years to Mary E. April 1870, have Manly O. April 1888 - all three born in Ohio. Mary E. Aug 1890, Wilbur C. March 1894, Robert W. Oct 1897 and Willilam H. Feb 1900 were born in Colorado.

In 1910 Logan County, Franklin is farming, 45, with Mary 40. Mary's had nine kids, all living. Wilbur is 15, Robert 12, Hobert 10, Benjamin 7, Elmina J. 5, Dorothy 3, and James one month.

James T. Dunn 1910-1911 is buried in Sterling # 28187113.

In 1920, Wilber is a dairy farmer in Logan County, 53, Mary 49, Chas W. 24, Robert W. 22, Hobert W. 18, Benjamin W. 16, Jennie E. 15, and Dorothy R. 12.

In 1930, Wilbur and Mary are in Denver, with married son Robert W. 33 and his wife Mildred 23 born in Kansas.
(Robert W. Dunn and Millie Franks had married February 10, 1925, recorded in Denver.)

Wilbur Franklin Dunn 1866-1938 is buried in Sterling # 28187114

Manly O. Dunn married "Oriscella Frezise" on December 22, 1908, recorded in Logan County.

Manly O. Dunn 1888-1970 is buried in Sterling # 57361607, with Priscilla Jane (Trezise) Dunn 1885-1968
Mary Emily Dunn, born August 16, 1890 in Fleming, Colorado; died March 08, 1980 in Denver, Colorado - Buried Riverside Cem., Sterling, CO. She married Edward Burleson Matthews November 26, 1917."
Mary 1890-1980 # 554336838 and Edward B. Mathews 1885-1970.

Hobert W. Dunn and Dorothy T. Michaels had Wilbur Glenn Dunn on January 1, 1925 in Sterling.
They had married in Greeley in 1924.

In 1930 Sterling, Hobert is 30, a helper at a creamery, with Dorothy 23 born in Indiana. Glenn is 4, Robert 2, aZnd William E. one month.

Hobert, in the California Death Index, was born January 1, 1901, dying April 11, 1956 in Los Angeles County, mother Ramsey.

In 1940 Denver, Dorothy Dunn is 32, married but no spouse, with Glen 14, Robert 12, and Billy 10.

Hobert W. Dunn 1900-1956 is buried in Sterling # 28187110.

Robert W. Dunn 1898-1967 # 27881776 and wife Millie F. Dunn 1905-2001 # 27881784 are buried in Fort Logan.
"Benjamin Wilson Dunn, born November 14, 1903 in Merino, Colorado; died October 25, 1970. Buried Denver, Colorado. He married Ina Wood Abt. 1925; "
Ben's buried in Fort Logan # 21377434. "Radar Maintainence Unit, WWIII.

Jennie E. Dunn married F.L. Sherman on February 16, 1925, recorded in Sedgwick County, Colorado.

Jennie E. Dunn is in Denver in 1930, divorced, a stenographer in a brokerage firm, living in a lodging house.

"Jenny Elmina Dunn, born December 25, 1904 in Sterling, Colorado, married Jennings Gordon McKenzie July 08, 1931"

They're in Denver in 1940, no kids, Jennie a stenographer.
One tree said Jennie died October 1, 2000 in Sun City Arizona.
The crypt in the Methodist Church columbarium in Sun City has Jennie 907-2000 # 100345023

"Dorothy Rose Dunn, born July 08, 1907, married Frank Taylor 1929;"

In 1830 Denver, Frank is 26, born in Missouri, Dorothy 22 born in Colorado - living in a boarding house.
In 1940 Denver, Frank is 36, born in Missouri, a secretary-treasurer for a savings and load association Dorothy is, a stenographer for a securities company.
"DOROTHY TAYLOR ANDERSON, 88, of Denver died July 3, 1996. Memorial services were July 7. Mrs. Anderson was born in Sterling on July 8, 1907. She married Frank Taylor, 1929. He died. She married Robert E. Anderson, 1985. She was a secretary at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, and owner of Beck Card & Gift Shop. She was past matron of Eastern Star. Survivors include her husband; sister Jennie McKenzie of Arizona.