Charles W. and Mary (Abbey) Dwight , 8 North 50 West

In 1870 Nodaway County, Missouri, Henry W. Abbey is 51, Charlotte 48, Sarah Jane 21, Mary M. 15, Charles F. 12, Emma A. 9, Rose Anne 7, and Lilly 5.

Charles Dwight is in Nodaway County in 1870, too, 12, with Rensciles 46, Ann 29, Celia 9, Mattie 7, and Ephram Dwight 49 born in New York.

In 1880 Nodaway County, Missouri, Charles is 21, born in Wisconsin, with Ransler 55, 55, farming, and Maryann 39, both born in New York. Celia is 18, a teacher, and Mattie E. is 16.
Arlina West, 65 is with them, widowed.

Next household is Henry Abby 60, widowed, with Minny 25, Rhoda 17, and Lilla 15.

Henry Abbey 1819-1881 is buried in Page County # 35049243, with Charlotte 1823-1880.

Charles W. Dwight, 26, married Mary M. Abby, 30, on March 19, 885 in Clarinda, Page County, Iowa.

April 27, 1889 - West Frenchman items in the Sterling newspaper "Mr. and Mrs. Dwight, of Missouri, have arrived and are settled in their new house."

March 1, 1890 " Chas. Dwight has returned from Nebraska and will sell his farming tools at public sale and leave the country. Such settlers are not of much benefit to a new country."

Charles claimed a quarter in section 33, 8N 50W in 1891.

Charles W. Dwight 1859-1892 is buried in Page County, Iowa # 67254380.
"Husband of Mary M ABBY (Born in Ohio about 1854), who was daughter of Henry W (Born in England) & Charlotte Abbey (Born in Connecticut) "
William M. Sangers, age 45, married Minnie Dwight, 42, on June 29, 1897 in College Springs, Page County, Iowa. She was 44.

In 1900 Buchanan County, Missouri, William Sanders is a hostler, married three years to Minnie born August 1855 in Ohio. She's had two children, both living. Edward was born Sept 1897 and Monroe March 1900 , both in Missouri.

In 1910 Nodaway County, William is farming, 57, with Minnie 54. Minnie says she's not had any kids.
They're on the same page as Samuel Snodderly 45 and Ella 33 (Minnie's sister), Blanche 8, and Clarence 2.

1937 Maryville Missouri "Mr. and Mrs. Gale Snodderly entertained at dinner Sunday for the following relatives: Mrs Amanda Carpenter, Mrs. Minnie Sanders from Atchison, Kansas, Mr. and Mrs J. J. Snodderly and Mr and Mr. Fred Snodderly and children. "

Minnie Sanders, born August 26, 1854 in Ohio to Henry Wallace Abbey born in Hull, England and Charlotte Abby Orton born in Zanesville, Ohio, died in Maryville, Missouri November ww, 1940, living there about two years wtih sister Emma Snodderley, the informant. She was to be buried in Bradlyville.
Her husband William M. Sanders, born Nov 27, 1850 Monroe Co, Mo; died Jan 16, 1935. Both are buried in Braddyville Cemetery, Page County.

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