James H. Hughes , 8 North 50 West

James proved up a quarter in section 33, 8N 50W in 1895.
In 1901 he cash-claimed forty acres in 23, 9N 51W.
Wilbert Salisbury had cash-claimed that forty acres in 1900, as part of 160 acres....

He might be the James Hughes in 1900 Logan County, Iliff precinct, born December 1844 in New York, farming, widowed.

He might be the James H. Hughes, son of Hugh and Margaret H. Hughes, born at Utica, New York, who married Margaret D. Davies in Mifflin, Iowa County, Wisconsin on January 1, 1883.

In July 1910 James W. Hughes and Harriet "Gilaspy", both of Allison, Decatur County, Iowa, married in Sterling.

If anyone has information on the history of the Logan County James Hughes, please let us know.

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