Robert J. and Frances (Wray) Patterson , 8 North 50 West

In 1870 Marion County, Iowa, R. J. Patterson is farming, with Francis, both 27. Jas. R. is 3, Emma 1.

In 1880 Weld County, Colorado, Robert J. Patterson, a cattle raiser, and Francis are both 37, with James R. 13, Emma J. 12, John F. 10, Dewitt C. 5, and William E. 3.

They're in Weld County in 1885, R. J. and Francis 42, James 18, Emma 17, John 14,DeWitt 10, Wm. 7, Bessie 8, and Charles one month.
Sterling September 9, 1889
George died at Exeter on September 6, 1889 age 32, born in Canada.

He's buried in Exeter, # 16575440. Emma is buried in Sterling # 55506628.

Robert J. Patterson cash claimed 160 acres in sections 5 and 8, 10N 48W in 1878.

In 1900 Logan County, Robert J. Patterson born July 1842 in Virginia, married 3 years to Francis Sept 1841 Virginia, are stock raisers.
William E. born March 1877 in Iowa is a stock raiser, Bessie L. June 1880 and Charles A. April 1885 were both born in Colorado. On the same page is John Patterson December 1870 in Iowa, with Martha E. Mar 1871 in Iowa and Merlie L. October 1899 Colorado.

He timber-claimed 40 acres in 1895 in section 14, 8N 52W.

Robert claimed a quarter in section 21, 8N 50W in 1908, and another eighty acres in 1916.

August 1898 " At R. J. Patterson's, four miles northeast of town, the storm entirely destroyed his apple crop and did considerable damage to other crops. Mr. Patterson expected to have at least one hundred bushels of apples but this storm cleaned the trees. This is too bad. The loss of other portions of his crops would have been felt much less in comparison."

March 17, 1899 Sterling "The news of the accidental shooting of Mrs. J. R. Patterson by her husband this morning was received in this city like an electric shock. Word was brought in from the ranch, about four miles northeast of town, by a messenger who was dispatched to summon Dr. J. C. Chipman. The man rode as if a life hung in the balance and reported Mrs. Patterson as shot in the groin. Fortunately this was incorrect. Dr. Chipman at once repaired to the Patterson home and attended to the lady's injuries. The deplorable accident happened in this way: Mr. and Mrs. Patterson were in the kitchen, about four feet apart. He was oiling a shotgun , which he thought was unloaded. His wife stooped over to pick up a small basket and stood holding it in her hand when one barrel was discharged, the load tearing through the flesh of both lower limbs, a few inches below the hips. The bone fortunately was not touched. Four shot entered the right wrist. The gaping wounds were quickly and skillfully dressed by the attending physician, fourteen stitches being required on the larger wound in the left limb. The flesh was fearfully torn and mangled and the doctor thinks it will not be fully healed under thirty days. To show the force of the charge it is stated that it went through a door and tho window of an adjoining room. The hearty sympathy of the entire community is extended to the victim and her husband, who is almost crazed with self-reproach, and everyone rejoices that the accident was not attended with a more serious result."

June 1900 "R. J. Patterson was in town to-day and bought four water tanks of the Goddard & Henderson lumber company. He will use them to water his cattle on the range."

Robert Jacob Patterson 1842-1918 is buried in Sterling, wtih Frances (Wray) Patterson 1841-1931.


Bessie Patterson cash-claimed a quarter in sections 17, 18, 19, and 20, 8N 50W in 1904.
Bessie 1880-1908 is buried in Sterling.

Charles A. Patterson cash-claimed forty acres in section 28, 8N 50W in 1911.


William E. Patterson, assignee of B. L. Sperling, estate of Alfred Bachelor, proved up forty acres in 28, 8N 50W in 1911.
Also in 1911, he proved up a quarter in section 23.

In 1912 William, assignee of Francis M. Moore, administrator of the estate of Lewis St. Cyer, proved up forty acres in section 28.
In 1915 William, assignee, involving the right of William Clark, proved up another forth acres in section 28.

William 1877-1962 is bured in Sterling, with Carrie B. (Gleason) Patterson 1882-1952.

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