Cyrus Reed, Josiah E. Reed, Frank Reed, Fleming

In 1870 Otoe County, Nebraska, Cyrus Reed is farming, 52, born in Ohio, Lydia 47 born in Kentucky.
E.C. is 11, Herbert 10, Joseph 8, Albert 6, John 4. Susan Low 69 born in Kentucky is with them.

Susan (Kraft) Low died in 1878.
In 1880 Otoe County, Nebraska, Herbert Reed is 20, Josiah 19, Cyrus 16, and John 14. They're with mother Lavinia Parsons 57 and her husband Edwin 34, farming. Next household is Calarence Reed 21, farming, with wife Lyne 19.

Cyrus A. Reed was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, about 1863, who married Addie May Russell , born about 1868, in Otoe County, Nebraska on September 24, 1885.

Cyrus claimed 80 acres in section 12, 8N 50W in 1890.

The 1885 census of Otoe County has C.A. Reed, 21, farming wtih Jas Oakley and Wm Renaco, both 20, hired men.

In 1900 Otoe County, on the same page as Josiah, Cyrus born Sept 1863 in Ohio, with May May 1868 Minnesota, have Fred Sept 1887, Fay Sept 1879 COLORADO, Ada Decd 1891, Ralph APril 1894, and Bertha March 1896, all the other kids born in Nebraska.

In 1910 Saline County, Kansas, Cyrus is 46, May A. 42, Fred H. 22, Fay A. 20, Ada K. 18, Ralph R. 16, Bertha M. 14, Earl W. 5, and Amy O. 1. Elbert E. Russell 21 is with them.

In 1920 Kings County, California, Cyrus is 56, May 51, a farm laborer. Earl 15 and Amy 11 were born in Kansas.

Cyrus A. Reed 1863-1926 is buried in Mercedes Texas # 59807124.

May is widowed in 1930 California, and in 1940 is in Hidalgo County, Texas, 71, with granddaughter Versa A., 19 born in Kansas, - in Stockton Kansas in 1935.

Adeline May Reed, daughter of Edward Russell and Emily Knapp, born May 29, 1868 in Morristown, Minnesota, died August 9, 1959 in Elsa, Texas.
She's buried in Mercedes, Texas # 59807119.

Ada Kathryn Mock, born December 30, 1891 at Syracuse to Cyrus Albert Reed and Adeline May Russell, died May 29, 1966 in Cameron County, Texas.

Fay Albert Reed, born Sept 13, 1889 at Fleming, Colorado, registered for WWI in Plainville, Kansas, farming, with a wife and two children.

In 1920 Plainville, Fay A. is 29, Elsie C. 23, Glennys F. 5, McIvean R. 3, and Rolland A. 2.

Fay Albert Reed, born Sept 13, 1889, a farmer born in Colorado, died February 21, 1924 in Cameron County, Texas. He was to be buried in Plainville, Kansas.
He's buried in Plainville, Rooks County # 64811279.

In 1930 Plainville, Elsie is now married to Fred Jorgenson, with Glynns 15, Melvin 14, and Rolland 12, Versa 9, Raymond 4, and Francis eight months.
Elsie is buried in Beloit, Kansas 1896-1952 # 68906579.

Harry Fred Reed, born Sept 28, 1887 in Nebraska, died October 8, 1953 in Los Angeles, buried in Whittier # 1043397946, with Bessie Pearl Reed 1892-1977

Ralph Russell Reed was a doctor in 1930 California, born April 7, 1894. He died in Cameron County Texas September 6, 1980, a physician, divorced.
Earl Reed, M.D. his brother was the informant.

Josiah claimed a quarter in section 12, 8N 50W in 1891.

In 1900 Otoe County, Josiah, born October 1862 in Ohio, is married eleven years to Agnes born April 1873 in Minnesota. Ethel August 1890 was born in Colorado, Lavine July 1895 and and a son May 1900 were orn inNebraska. Bell Morris, Agnes's siter was born March 1883 in Nebraska, and is living with them.

In 1910 Syracuse, Otoe County, Josiah is the water commissioner, widowed, 47, with Ethel 19, Laverne 14, and Morris 9.

Josiah 1862-1924 is buried in Syracuse, Nebraska # 67815099, with Agnes May (Morris) Reed 1873-1904 # 67815107.

In 1951, Oscar Byron Copper is a writer, with Ethel R. living at 643 S. 19th in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Oscar was in Fremont, Nebraska in 1930, married, but was divorced in the 1940 census. He's buried in Lincoln 1878--1953 # 52191572.

Ethel V. (VanHorn) Copper 1890-1966 # 68102520 is buried in Syracuse, sharing a stone with Victor J. VanHorn 1863-1932
Maurice Reed, age 23, was born at Syracuse, and married Hazel Dinnich Adams , 24 of Sackville Nebraska on April 13, 1920 in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

In 1940 Omaha, Ervin Means is a stenographer for a railroad headquarters, 47, with Laverne 44, Eileen 14, and Allan 5, all born in Nebraska.
Luverne Means 1895-1977 is buried in Littleton, Colorado # 141486734.
So is Ervin R. Means 1893-1970 # 141486714.

Frank claimed a quarter in 32, 8N 50W in 1891.

Frank I. Reed filed for an invalid pension on December 13, 1904, for service in L, 1st Nebraska Infantry.
This Frank was in Missouri for the 1880 census, and in 1900 also. He had a daughter born 1890 in Missouri, not in Colorado, so he's not definitely the one in Logan County.
1895 McCook, Nebraska "It is a matter of rumor here that engineer Frank Reed, formerly of our town but now of Wymore, has come into possession of a large sum of money recently, by the death of an eastern relative."

One post said "Minnie Bell Fouts, born 28 Oct 1867 in Kirksville, Adair Co., Missouri to Samuel Fouts and Julia A. Baker married Frank Reed and died in Denver, Colorado, on 19 Aug 1929."
This Frank H. Reed was a railroad clerk in 1900 Grundy County, Missouri, born April 1870 in Ohio, married seven years to Minnie October 1867 Missouri, with Donald August 1896 Missouri.
He's a railroad clerk in 1910 Salt Lake City, 40, born in Ohio, with Minnie B. in Missouri, and Donald F. 13 born in Missouri.

Frank 1870-1948 and Minnie F. Reed 1867-1927 are buried in Grundy County.

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