Willis E. Seapy, 8 North 50 West

Willis' great-grandfather "John Sherwood married Sally Pease in Palmyra, Wayne, NY on 15 March 1824. The family lived in Collins, Erie, NY in 1830. In 1836, the family migrated to Ontario, Canada, where Dorcas Sherwood married John Kirk Seapy from Ringstead, Norfolk, England on 9 Dec 1842 at Burford, Brant, Ontario. In 1846, the Sherwood and Seapy families settled in Plato Township, Kane, Illinois. "

This is Willis' grandfather "John Kirk Seapy was born July 18. 1815, at Ringstead, Norfolk county. England. He came to America at the age of fifteen years and in 1845 settled in Kane county. In the east, on the 9th of December, 1842, he had married Miss Dorcas Sherwood and with his wife came to the middle west. Here he turned his attention to farming and was one of the intelligent and progressive agri- culturists of the county. In his later years he erected a pleasant home in Elgin, where in well earned ease he enjoyed the fruits of his former toil. He passed away December 6, 1885, leaving five daughters and two sons, all of whom until recently were residents of Kane county. "

In 1860 Steele County, Minnesota, Catherine "Seapey" is 35, born in Canada, married to Thomas Seapey 38 born in England. William H. is 12, Thomas E. 11, Lorinda 9, John W. 5, Mary E. 4, and Charles W. 1.
Charles was born in Minnesota, all the other kids born in Illinois.

One tree said her maiden name was Miller.

In November 1863 in Steele County, Catherine was the administratrix of the estate of Thomas Seapy.
Her petitions in 1868 said that he had left five minor children. Lorinda 12, Mary E. 6, Charles W. 4, Robert J. 2, and Willis six months.
Maybe William, John, Mary and Charles were not minors at the time of probate ?

In 1870 Newaygo County, Michigan, William "Seba" is 8, born in Illinois, Mary Seba 14 born in Minnesota. They're with Emanuel Oakley 50 and Catherine 45. Killum Oakley is 23, Minerva 14, both born in Ohio.

In 1870 Kane County, Illinois, it looks like William 23, John P.W. 18, and Charles W. 12 are living with John Seapy 55 and his wife Dorcas 57. Next door is John Seapy 75 born in England with James 39..

Mary E. Seapy, age 19, born in Illinois, married Alexander Campbell, 25, born in Canada, both residents of Ashland Michigan, married there March 23, 1875. William Campbell was a witness.

Emanuel Oakley, age 73, born in New York, died in February 1891 in Spencer, Medina County, Ohio

One researcher wrote about Alexander Campbell "In 1880 they were living in Ashland Township, Nowaygo Co., MI Alexander had married a Mary Oakley or Seapy b. abt. 1844 in Minnesota He and Mary had a daughter Elizabeth Eunice (Bessie or Betsey) Campbell in 1877. Alexander's wife Mary is listed as insane on the 1880 census. It would appear he moved his 3 year old daughter in with his brother William and his mother Betsey next door, and had Mary's mother Catherine Oakley b. abt. 1824 in Canada, and her brother Willis E. Seapy b. abt 1863 living with him and Mary. Willis and Mary list their father's birthplaces differently so they may only be 1/2 siblings. "

In 1880 Neaygo County, Michigan, Willis Seapy is 17, with his sister Mary Campbell 26 and her husband Alexander Campbell 29. A mother Catherine Oakley 56 is with them.

1890 Sterling Colorado - county commissioners "Willie Seapy's claim, $15.40, was allowed."

Willis claimed a quarter in section 28, 8N 50W in 1891.

August 10, 1899 Greeley, Colorado "Thomas G. Macy, coroner of said county, upon the dead body of Julius Larson ying there dead, by the jurors whose names are hereto subscribed the said jurors, upon their oaths, do say:
That the said Julius Larson came to bis death in the town of Evans, Weld county, Colo , on the night of August 5, 1899, by means and at the hands of parties unknown to the jury.
George C Baggs, foreman,
John A. Kinsey,
William T. Taylor,
Fred J. Allnutt,
Willis E Seapy,
William R. Morrison."

In 1900 Evans, Colorado, Willis Seapy is a shoemaker, married but no spouse, born July 1862 in Minnesota.
His mother Catherine Seapy born January 1825 in Canada is with him. She's had eleven kids, two living.

In 1910 Newaygo County, Michigan, Willis is 47, an artist - perhaps a photographer - born in Minnesota, married - his first - two years to Sallie / Lillie 32 born in Canada - her second marriage. She's had two kids, both living. Lydia A. Bunning, one stepdaughter is 6 born in Michigan, Charles is 1, born in Michigan. Catherine Seapy, 84, born in Canada, widowed is with them. She's had nine kids, one living.

John Bunning, per # 7242390, is buried in Ashland Center Cemetery, Newaygo County, in 1907 per one tree.

Willis E. Seapy, age 45, son of Thomas Seapy and Catharine Miller, married Lillie E. Bunning in Newaygo County Michigan on June 11, 1908. She was the daughter of David R. Ryckman and Mary S. Zoofelt. (there were quite a few Zufelt census listing in Canada.)

Lillian Ryckman, born about 1874, was in Hamilton City, Ontario in the 1891 census.

David Ryckman, age 45, died in London Township, Middlesex County, Ontario on December 20, 1888.

In 1932 the Cramahe town council paid George B. Tait R1.30 for groceries for Mr. Seapy.

Willis' sister Mary Elizabeth (Seapy) Buchanan 1858-1933 is buried in Caddo County, Oklahoma E 57523038, wife of David Lawrence Buchanan.

Lydia Bunning, daughter of Willis Bunning and Lily Ryckman, married Duncan Dunbar in Northumberland County Ontario on March 30, 1921.
Lydia 1904-1983 is buried in Gormley, Ontario # 102007361.

William David Bunning 1869-1947 is buried in Sterling, Colorado - but FindaGrave says he was born in Germany.

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