Edwin Strain, 8 North 50 West

September 1889 "Ed Strain is still confined to his bed, from the hurt received some six weeks ago.
"Miss Bina Strain, we are glad to state, has recovered from her attack of lung fever and is able to be out."

December 1889 Frenchman items in the Sterling newspaper "Bina Strain has closed her school and will soon return to Nebraska."

1890 "Ed Strain is building a new grout barn." "Little Roy Strain is quite sick. Dr. Stanton is attending him."

1890 "Mr. Ross Strain has arrived home from his Nebraska trip."

1890 Colby, Thomas County, Kansas, Brewster items "Ross Strain visited the Hub Thursday." (towns liked to refer to themselves as Hubs.)

Roscoe D. Strain proved up a quarter in Thomas County, Kansas in 1898.

1896 Goodland, Kansas "Ross Strain, Rock Island operator from Norton, was in Goodland Saturday."

Edwin claimed a tract in sections 4 and 7, 8N 50W in 1892.

1933 Altoona, Iowa "Walter Strain of Lincoln, Nebraska is visiting his cousin Ross Strain. The two men attended a reunion of the Cowman family at Grandview Park Sunday."

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