Edwin Angelo, son Harry Angelo, 9 North 48 West

In 1880 Grant County, Wisconsin, Edwin Angelo, 38 born in Ohio, works in a a blacksmith shop. Carrie 37 was born in Ohio, Florence 18 in Wisconsin, Harry 11 Jula 8, and William 4.
In 1890 Edwin Angelo was one of six Phillips County, Colorado delegates to the Republican convention in Denver.

Harry cash-claimed a quarter in 26, 9N 48W in 1894.

Pearl Louise Angelo was born Dec 13, 1893 to Harry Angelo and Theda Olivia (Griswold)

Theda O Griswold Johnson was the daughter of Cudaback and Emma Louisa Griswold, born in Rome MI. The family moved to South Dakota for a few years, then Haxtun CO, where her father obtained a homestead in the 1890's. There her mother died in 1891. Theda married Harry Angelo November 24 1892 in Haxtun (recorded in Logan County). She married Claude S Howes in MI in 1896. Her children were Pearl Angelo, Harold, Marian and Robert Howes. Sometime after 1910, Claude and Theda divorced. But Theda listed herself as a widow until her marriage in 9/1/1920 to Louis D. Johnson (Claude was still living, was remarried and also living in Tacoma). The Johnsons continued to live in Tacoma until Louis died in 1953. At the time of her death, almost 101 years old, Theda lived at the home of her daughter Pearl Angelo Mills in Sherman Oaks CA.
Edwin had proved up a quarter in 29, 9N 47W - Phillips County, Colorado - in 1890 - about six miles away.

Edwin Angelo 1841-1897 is buried in Ottawa, Kansas # 62050023.
" Edwin Angelo, whose funeral took place yesterday, was one of the best types of the American volunteer soldier. He enlisted early in 1861 in the 7th Wisconsin volunteer infantry, and served in the corps, army of the Potomac, through all its battles from Yorktown to Appamatox; was severely wounded, the last time in one of the battles under Sheridan, which resulted in the surrender of Lee. He has now joined the 40,000 Union veterans who.. have died during the past year."
So is Jennie 1877-1906 - this must be William's wife.
In 1900 Fremont County, Wyoming, William Angelo, August 1875 Wisconsin, married to Jennie April 1877 WV, have Harry Dec 1867 Wisconsin, farming, and Jennie;s brother John L. Crossley June 1860 Indiana.
In 1910 Fremont County, Harry is married to Emma 27, with Muriel 4 and Zelma 3. They're living with her parents Niesl, 53 and 43. Harry is a blacksmith-rancher.
In 1920 Harry is a traveling salesman for machinery, with Emma 36, Muriel 14, and Edwin J. 1 born in Oklahoma.
Harry Lee Angelo 1869 1956 is buried in Oklahoma City # 58751193. So is Emma Nicol 1883-1974 # 58751164.

Emma Meriel Angelo 1905-1994 is buried in Oklahoma City # 58751115.
"Emma Merial, of Oklahoma City, passed away Friday, February 18, 1994. Born at Angelo Ranch in Circle, Wyoming near Dubois, Miss Angelo moved to Oklahoma City with her family and was a graduate of Oklahoma City University. "Mike", as she was known by many friends, was founder of Angelo Advertising, which she owned until her retirement. Merial is survived by her brother, Edwin James Angelo, Sr. of Oklahoma City; 5 nieces and nephews; 5 great nieces and nephews; and numerous other relatives and friends who called her "Totsie". "

William 29 and "Bessie" 23 were in Ottawa Kansas in 1905.
1905 Ottawa " J. R. Boardman and Will Angelo left Friday for Yellowstone park.where they will take part in a most interesting expedition against big game. A movement is on foot under the sanc tion of the government to clear portions of the park of mountain lions, and Mr. Boardman has secured an invitation to join the party. Messrs. Boardman and Angelo will be in the west for some time. "
1906 Ottawa "Mrs. Will Angelo died at the home of her brother-in-law, John R. Boardman, 815 South Main street, shortly before 6 o'clock this morning. Death was caused by leuchaemia. The funeral will be held from the Boardman ...Mrs. Angelo was Miss Jennie Safreed before her marriage to Mr. Angelo at Newcastle, Wyoming, nine years ago. She was 29 years old. A little more than a year ago she became seriously ill with the disease which caused her death, and although she went to Colorado last spring, neither a change of climate nor the skill of physicians could help her. She was brought back to Ottawa and taken to the Boardman home, where her condition was one between life and death for many weeks. Mrs. Angelo was a charming woman who had many warm friends in Ottawa, whose sympathy is extended to her bereaved husband.

In 1910 William is in Ottawa, running a photographic factor, now married to Ida M. 32, Kanasa, with William 1. Ida's mother Florentine Blake, widowed, 65 is with them.
September 1907 "A . wedding which will interest a large number of Ottawa friends is that of Miss Ida Blake and Mr. Will Angelo which took place at four o'clock terday morning at "The Manse," the Presbyterian parsonage. Rev. Howard I. Kerr performing the marriage ceremony.. There were no attendants at the wedding. Miss Blake wore her going-away gown of blue cloth, with hat to match. They left on the early train for the Underwood "raneh at Birch. Tree, Mo., where they will spend their honeymoon. On their return to Ottawa they will be at home with the bride's, mother, Mrs. L. S. Blake at 109 east Fifth street. Mrs. Angelo, who came to Ottawa fror Peoria about five years ago, is a very charming young lady and has made many friends during her residence here. She possesses an unusually amiable disposition and prepossessing manners. Mr. Angelo is well known in Ottawa as one of the prominent young business men. He is manager of the stock department of the Underwood & Underwood house here. MrsA Angelo was formerly the bookkeeper for the Jones Clothing Co. Both Mr. and Mrs. Angelo will receive the congratulations of a host of friends. "

William, per # 113366807, died in 1955 and is buried in Hutchinson, Kansas. Ida May Angelo died in 1954 and is also buried there.

Florence Angelo married John L. "Crossby" October 19, 1889, recorded in Phillips County.

One tree said Edwin's daughter Florence Crossley 1867-1900 is buried in Denver. # 13463447.

Julia M. Angelo married John R. Boardman Dec 14, 1889, recorded in Phillips County.

1901 hunting in Wyoming - Julia Angelo Boardman, Inez Wightman.
THANKS TO THE KEYSTONE-MAST COLLECTION - University of California - Riverside

Harry and Will Angelo

June 1906 Ottawa Kansas "Ross Boardman, the thirteen-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Boardman, was drowned yesterday afternoon while swimming with a small party of boys at a point up the river north. The boy was able to swim but encountered a current shore. The current was very swift at the. point where the boy went under, that was beyond his strength. There seems also to have been an undercurrent which drew him down. He was in the water about twenty-five minutes before the body was recovered. The two Boardman boys, together with Leon Simpson, Will Schnoke and one or two other companions had gone swimming about three o'clock. They went to a new swimming hole, which the boys have named the " Pollywog," Mathias, who is strong and a good swimmer, could hardly stand against it. The water, however, was not more than four feet deep. Every effort that the boys could think of was applied to resuscitate drowned boy, but without producing any signs of life. A short time afterward Will Angelo reached the spot in an automobile, having received the word which the Simpson boy brought to town. After a little further effort toward bringing the boy to life, the body was taken with all speed to the Boardman home, where for an hour a number of physicians made an ineffectual effort at resuscitation. Numerous other swimming parties were at the other swimming holes along the stream. The boys had only tine yesterday. Ross Boardman was a particularly ....and is attractive and manly boy, who had greatly ".f endeared himself to all his acquaintances. The shock of his sudden death has affected the neighborhood in which he lived as a bereave-; ment personal to all who knew the boy, who had been won by his gentleness and manliaess. , Mr. Boardman was in Colorado on business but had started home yesterday. The sad news reached him as he left the Santa Fe main line train at Newton, early this morning, after acquaintances had tried by many messages to locate him in Colorado. He arrived at "9 o'clock this morning.
1921 Oklahoma City

"2/1/1923 MRS. BOARDMAN DIES SUDDENLY (Thursday)Wife of Welfare Board Head Succumbs After Short Time of Illness--Mrs. John R. Boardman, 1435 W. 35th street, wife of John R. Boardman, president of the Oklahoma City welfare board, died Thursday morning at 1 o'clock at the family residence following a short illness. Mrs. Boardman was taken critically ill Saturday. She was born in Wisconsin in 1872. She married Boardman 32 years ago, 1891. The Boardman's have lived in Oklahoma for fourteen years. Funeral announcements are being delayed pending word from her relatives in Wisconsin. Boardman is president of the Boardman company. [THE OKLAHOMAN newspaper]"


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