William E. and Catherine (Doran) Gillaspy, 9 North 48 West

In 1850 Meigs County, Tennessee, Ellen Godsey is 11, with parents Drury L. Godsey 55 and Sarah 43.
Elinor Godsey married Stephen "Galispie" in Illinois in 1858, age 24.

William's mother might be Alenora Gillaspy 1839-1912, buried in Cherokee County, Kansas. # 24725559.
Lutishey /Louticia Cillar Gillaspie, age 16, married Voluntine Crowder, age 23, in Mills County Iowa July 23, 1876. (In 1880 Mills County, Valentin is farming, 26, Indiana, Loudicia 20 Missouri, with Cargus 2 and Burton C. two months.
In 1895 Crawford County, Kansas, Val Crowder is 40, Laura 27, both Indiana, with only Liliae Boyd 9, Estella 8, Simon 6, and Albert 6.
In 1900 Cherokee County, Kanas, Valentine Crowther born May 1853 in Indiana, Laura E. April 1868 Indiana ??? have Lucius Jun 1878, Burton April 1880 bothj Iowa, Lille June 1886 Indiana, Hestella Aug 1887 Kansas, Simeon Jan 1889 Kansas, and Albert Oct 1889 Kansas.
Laura Ellen Crowder 1867-1933 is buried in Columbus, Cherokee County # 21152899, with Valentine 1853-1917.
1913 Columbus, Kansas "Valentine Crowder, while doing some track work close to the Pratt Durkee strip pit today, fell into the pit, a distance of eighteen feet. His right wrist and two bones in the hand were broken. Dr. P. J. I lendrieksoii was called to attend the injury. "

James Gillasby, age 18, son of Stephen Gillasby, married Martha Carman, age 18, in Mills County Iowa January 21, 1877. (Stella Gillaspie, daughter of J.L. and M.J. Gilaspie died 27 Dec 1879 aged 2y 2m 8d, buried in the Godsey Cemetery, Mills County, # 35434296.)
(In 1880 Dade County, Missouri a James Gillaspy and Martha, both 22 born in Missouri, have Stephen L. 2. Martha is widowed in 1905 and 1915 Woodbury County, Iowa. In 1900 Sioux City, Iowa, Martha J. born Aug 1858 in Missouri, is married but no spouse, a cook.)

In 1880 Mills County, Iowa, Stephen T. Gillespie is 42, born in Kentucky, Elen 41, Mary B. 14, William E. 9, Finie A. 4, and Edward E. 3.
(George G. Foster married Mary B. Gillaspy in Mills County Iowa July 26, 1883. Belle Mary (Gillaspy) Foster 1866-1942 is buried in Cherokee County, Kansas # 24725416.
So is Edward Everett Gillaspy 1877-1906.)
When Finis Alvin Gillaspy married in 1896 in Mills County, his father was Stephen Thomas Gillaspy, mother Eleanor Godsey.

In 1885 Mills County, Iowa, Steven Gillaspy is 47, Alenora 49, with William E. 6, Finie A. 9, and Edward E. 8.
1898 Mills County "Ed Gillaspy of Pacific City was a Council Bluffs passenger from here last Saturday."
In 1900 Madison County, Nebraska, William is farming, born March 1879 in Kansas, married seven years to Catherine Sept 1873 Nebraska, with Catherine Oct 1893 and Mary L. Aug 1896.
Mills County death records: Stephen Thomas Gillaspy died April 16, 1900, age 62, buried in Godsey Cemetery, Mills County, Iowa.

William cash-claimed a quarter in 23, 9N 48W in 1910.

In 1910 Haxtun, Colorado, William is a drayman 39, Kansas, with Catherine E. 26 Nebraska, Ellen 16, Loretta M. 13, and William F. 9, all three born in Nebraska. His mother Elsnor Gillaspy 75, widowed, Tennessee is with them.
In 1920 they're in Denver, William a teamster, Catherine 46, Mary L. 23 a stenographer, William T. 19 a delivery boy. Ellen K. Burgett is married but no spouse, 26, with Harvey 5 and Virginia 4.
In 1930 Denver, William is still a teamster, Catherine no occupation. William T. is a teamster, widowed, with Loretta 7 and Eades C. 4 . Merle J. Burgett is 15, Virginia L. 14.
In 1940 Denver, William is 69, no occupation Catherine 66, William a laborer on roads, with Loretta 17 and Carl E. 14.

Ellen Gillaspy married Ira Burgett Oct 19, 1913, recorded in Logan County.
They divorced in 1920 in Denver. Ellen Burgett married Fred S. Taylor Sept 17, 1921, recorded in Denver.
Fred S. Taylor and Ellen divorced in Denver in 1923.

She might be the Mary L. Gracey in 1930 Denver, 33 born in Nebraska married to James A. Gracey 37 Colorado, a machinist for the D & RG Railroad They have John R. 6, James A. 4, and Joseph E. 4.
J.A. Gracey married "Louetta Gallaspy" Oct 23, 1922, recorded in Arapahoe County.
In 1940 Denver James A. and Loretta M. Gracey have John R. 16, James A. 14, and Joseph E. 14.

Joseph E. Gracey 1925-1981 is buried in Wheat Ridge, COlorado # 146565896.

William T. Gillaspy married Louise M. Hildebrant Feb 1, 1922, recorded in Denver.

One tree said Loretta born about 1923 married Warren J. Bonker 1917-1990 dying in Vancouver Washington. It said Loretta died in Denver in 1957.


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