Franklin Gregg, 9 North 48 West

Franklin proved up a quarter in 28, 9N 48W in 1906.

There's a Frank W. Gregg in 1900 Denver, born Jan 1869 in Indiana, a laborere in a cemetery, with Mildred M. Oct 1871 Indiana, Olo June 1892 Indiana, Nome Aug 1894 Indiana, and Neva Nov 1899 Colorado. Mildren's sister Eva Shoupe born Jan 1869 i nOhio is with them, and her brother Clarence Shcoupe Mar 1883 Indiana.
(Mildred is married to John Price in 1910 Longmont, Colorado, with Olo 17, Nonean 15, and Neva 11, Gregg.
Frank W. is in Grand Island, Nebraska in 1910, second marriage to Anne M. Gregg, 30 and living with her mother Arabelle Hendershott.
Frank is a real estate agent in 1920 Grand Island, widowed, but living with Arabelle Hendershoot.
Frank and Arabell are living together in 1940 Grand Island, both widowed,
Frank 1868-1951 is buried in Grand Island # 63481358. So is Anna M. Gregg 1880-1918 # 63481341.
So is Arabelle Hendershott 1858-1943 # 63481231.

Arthur G. Gregg proved up two quarters in 27 and 28, 9N 55W in 1915.

He might be the Art G. Gregg in 1910 Belleville, Kansas, 27, with Maude 24 and Gwendolyn 2.
Arthur Gregg is an electrician in a battery station in 1920 Belleville, Kansas, 37 with Maude 34 and Gwendolyn 11, all three born in Kansas.

Frederick W. Gregg cash-claimed 80 acres in 1, 8N 55W in 1913.
He might be the Fred W. Griggs in 1885 Floyd County, Iowa, 4, ssister Florence M. Griggs 6 , with Henry A. Pomeroy 34 and Mary L. Pomeroy 30.
Mary's father was James Harl, mother Alice Fleming, and she was Mattie Griggs in 1880 Floyd COunty, with E.A. 25, and daughter Florence 1.
Alice Wagner (Fleming) Hoel 1821-1912 is buried in Floyd County # 13721139.
Alice had married James David Hoel 1822-1889, buried in Floyd County # 10588526. " James Hoel was the son of Aaron and Jane Sayres Hoel. He married Alice Wagner Fleming Mar. 24, 1845 in Illinois. He was 66 years, 8 months and 17 days at death. James moved with family to Iroquois Co. Il. in 1834 and settled on the wild prairie. James and family left Iroquois Co. on May 20, 1856 and arived at Janesville, Ia. on June 7, 1856 and stayed there until 1878 when they moved to Rudd Co. Ia to a location that known as Hoel's Corner. He died there in 1889. His children were William Cory, Born 11-29- 1846. Laura A. Born July 10, 1849, David Aaron born Jan 8, 1851, Rebecca Jane Born Dec., 24, 1853 died Feb 2, 1854, Mary Alice, born Jan 23, 1855, Martha L. BORN June 14, 1857, Etna Frances, born June 23,1860, and James Fleming born June 18, 1862. "

Fred is in 1895 Iowa, born in Floyd County, 19, living with Alice W. Hall, 73, born in Ohio.
Fred is a printer in 1910 Weld County, Colorado, 29, born in Iowa, with Harriet 24 Illinois, married three years. They're in Glendale, California in 1920, wtih Frederick W. 8 born in Colorado and Dean B. 6 in Illinois.
In 1930 Alhambra, California, Fred is 49, Harriet E. 45, Frederick W. 18, Dean B. 16, and Betty J. 9, born in California.
In 1940 Los Angeles, Fred is a wholesale paper salesman, Harriet, and Betty no occupations.

Fred died in Los Angeles County Dec 31, 1961, born June 10, 1880, mother Hoel.

In 1882 Denver, Fred W. Gregg is a bricklayer, boarding at the Ashland House.


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