Cudaback and Emma L. Griswold, 9 North 48 West

1860 Rome Township, Lenawee County, Michigan Griswold, Socrates 49 M farmer 4300 800 NY , Lydia 46 F NJ , Slyvia 21 F NY , Cudaback 18 M farm laboer NY , George 16 NY , Mary 14 NY , Charles 8 M NY

1870 Rome, Lenawee County, Michigan
Watson, Zebliar? 43 M W farmer 2000 800 NY , Diana 41 F W keeping house NY , Ida M. 10 F W MI, Griswold, Cudaback 26 M W works on farm NY

In 1880 Lewanee County, Michigan, Cudaback is 35, Louisa 36, with Claude 8, Theda 5, and Walter 3.

Cudaback cash-claimed a quarter in 25, 9N 48W in 1891, and proved up a quarter in 8N 47W (Phillips County) in 1895.
Emma 1848-1891 is buried in Haxtun, # 58495838, "Wife of Cudaback Griswold"
C. Griscold was Adjutant of the Fleming post of the G.A.R. in 1895, for service as private in C, 18th Michigan.

Children, all born in Rome Center, MI: Claude Hamilton Griswold b 5/15/1872, d 5/25/1919 Theda Olivia Griswold b 7/31/1875, d 4/22/1976 Walter Levi Griswold b 1/2/1877, d 5/12/1957 Although the marriage certificate for Emma and Cudaback gives her name as Louisa Wallace, her son Claude gave his mother's maiden name as Emma Louisa Ingersoll. Though Emma was born in Rome MI, there is no record of a Wallace family there at that time. There are Census records showing Emma or Louisa Ingersoll living with Mary Ingersoll. "
Cudaback is buried in Los Angeles National # 9400348, "Cudaback was born March 2, 1841 in Wilson, Niagara County, New York & died in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA. He was the son of Socrates & Lydia (Cudaback) Griswold, husband of Emma Louisa (Wallace/Ingersoll) Griswold, Elsie C. (Hill/Sampson) Griswold and Laura B (Berry) Griswold. NOTE: the spelling of his first name varies. The Army listed it in at least three of those variations--including the one on his tombstone.

When he was about 10, his family moved from NY to Rome Center, Lenawee Co. MI. They travelled by boat and train. His father purchased a farm and Cudaback and his brothers and sisters grew up there. Sadly, his little brother William died a few years later followed by his mother in 1861. Soon after the Civil War started, President Lincoln called for volunteers from MI and Cudaback joined the 18th MI Infantry with his brother Eber. Another brother, George, joined the 5th Cavalry. Cudaback spent most of the war in Alabama, returning to MI at the end of the war. Father Socrates had died shortly before he returned.

He remained in Rome for several years where he married Emma Louisa and had three children before moving to SD near where his brother Eber had homesteaded. About 1888 he moved his family to Haxtun CO where he homesteaded a farm and also purchased additional acreage. It was here that Emma died. The children were by now grown and were soon marrying and moving away. Cudaback sold his land and drifted west. In Oakland CA he met Elsie Sampson, the widow of another Civil War soldier. They married and settled in Malibu CA where he could avail himself of care in the military hospital there. Elsie died in 1915 and in 1919 he married Laura Berry, another widow. Cudaback died in 1932 and was buried at the National Cemetery with Elsie. "
Walter L. Griswold - of Ouray County - married Carrie L. Owen Dec 20, 1900, recorded in Mesa County, Colorado.
"Walter was born in Michigan in 1877, but his family moved when he was young, first to SD and then to Haxtun, CO where his father obtained a homestead and his mother died in 1891. He married Carrie in 1900 in Mesa Co. CO, but soon they moved to Tacoma, WA where he worked as a carpenter. They remained in Tacoma for the rest of their lives. "
C.H. Griswold married Annie McKinley July 3, 1896, recorded in Ouray County, Colorado.
"Claude Griswold was born in Rome, Michigan where his parents lived until he was about 10 then in South Dakota near his Uncle Eber's homestead. By the early 1890's they were living on their own homestead in Haxtun CO where his mother Emma died. His father, brother and sister soon left the area. Claude moved to Ouray CO where he worked as a 'steam engineer' at a lumber mill, married Annie McKinley and soon joined the extended McKinley family as miners. They remained together, moving first to Delamar NV, to Tacoma WA and finally to nearby Horsehead Bay, purchasing land. Claude built boats there and everyone grew produce, cut firewood, and fished in Puget Sound. But Claude was injured in an accident, damaging his lungs, one brother-in-law had died from silicosis and another was gravely ill. They decided to move to a dry warm climate--Red Bluff CA in 1910. But his health continued to fail and though he continued to work, sometimes on the farms, sometimes in carpentry or as a blacksmith, the end came in 1919. "

Theda Griswold married Harry Angelo Nov 24, 1892, recorded in Logan County, Colorado.
In 1900 she's in Lewanee County again, married to Claud S. Howes, 28, with Pearl 5, Harold 2, and Marion six months.
Then in 1910 Theda and Claude are in Tacoma Washington with Harold 12, Marian E. 10, and Pearl L. 1 Angelo 16 born in Colorado. Harold Howes ws born in COlorado, too, 12. Marian E. 10 was born inMichigan.
Theda O Griswold Johnson was the daughter of Cudaback and Emma Louisa Griswold, born in Rome MI. The family moved to South Dakota for a few years, then Haxtun CO, where her father obtained a homestead in the 1890's. There her mother died in 1891. Theda married Harry Angelo in 1892 in Haxtun. She married Claude S Howes in MI in 1896. Her children were Pearl Angelo, Harold, Marian and Robert Howes. Sometime after 1910, Claude and Theda divorced. But Theda listed herself as a widow until her marriage in 9/1/1920 to Louis D. Johnson (Claude was still living, was remarried and also living in Tacoma). The Johnsons continued to live in Tacoma until Louis died in 1953. At the time of her death, almost 101 years old, Theda lived at the home of her daughter Pearl Angelo Mills in Sherman Oaks CA.

Hattie P. Shew, formerly Hattie P. Griswold, proved up a quarter in 8N 43W in 1892 - that would be near Holyoke, about thirty miles away from Cudaback.
In 1908 Hattie P. Griswold was delinquent on taxes in Phillips County.


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