Ivo O. Hays, 9 North 48 West

In 1880 Mahaska County, Iowa, William Hays is farming, 26, Ohio with Nora L. 24, Ira E. 5, Della M. 4, Ida O. 3, and Otto I. newborn.
In 1885 Mahaska County, Jefferson Township, section 32, William is 31, Norah 29, Ira 9, Della 8, Ida 7, Otto 5, Mable 2, and Carlos 1.

In 1900 Mahaska County, William and Nora have Ira E. 25, Otto I. 20, Mable L. 18, and Ralph A. 10.

"Ira" O. Hays, son of William Hays and Nora Gardener, and Bertha A. Findley age 20, daughter of John R. Findley and Nancy A. Stewart, born in Monroe County, Iowa, married in Albia Iowa Feb 11, 1903.
John Randolph Findley 1852-1935 is buried in Monroe County # 47674495, and so is Nancy Ann (Stewart) Findley
In 1905 Ivo and Bertha Hays are in Mahaska County, Iowa.

Ivo cash-claimed a quarter in 12, 9N 48W in 1907.

In 1908 Ivo was a witness for the claim of Gustave Lassow for land in 9N 47W.

Infant of I.O. and B. A. Hays is buried in Haxtun # 58840369.

In 1910 Ivo, 30, and Bertha 28, both born in Iowa have been married seven years, two children but none living.
February 29, 1912 Eddyville Iowa
Arlington Heights, Illinois, September 20, 1956 " Ivo O. Hays was buried in Bethel cemetery in Bussey, Iowa after funeral services in Bussey September 17. Mr. Hays of rt. 1, Deerfield, died at his home at 1305 Carlyle place and was in state at the Lauterburg and Oehler chapel in Deerfield, September 13. He was born October 3, 1878 at Bussey and was preceded in death by his wife, Nancy, who died earlier this year. He leaves a son, L. J. Houser; a grandson, Dan B. Houser; 1 great grandchild; 2 sisters and a brother."
Ivo # 110613844 and Bertha A. 1882-1912 # 32184232 are buried in Bethel Cemetery, Mahaska County. # 68189707 has Bertha buried in Monroe Couty, but ther's no stone....
Ivo O. Hays, son of William M. Hays and Nora A. Gardner, married Nancy A. Nelson born about 1879 at Mahaska County, Iowa, in Albia, Iowa. Dec 24, 1913.

In 1910 Mahaska County, Herbert Riggs 34 is running a moving picture theatre, with Mable L. 25, Rita Mae 6, and Lenora Grace 3.
In 1920 Waterloo, Iowa, Mabel is 36, William 44, Rita 16, and Lenora 12, and six roomers.
In 1930 Chicago, William H. is a service station attendant, 54, Mabel L. 48, and Lenore 23.
In 1940 Chicago, Mabel is 57, the owner of a retail store, married, but living with a widowed partner age 48.


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