Charles J. Molander, sons Carl and Frank Oscar Molander, daughter Anna Nelson, 9 North 48 West

In 1900 Weld County, Colorado, Ernest Molander born March 1877 and Oscar June 1873 are farming, living with Victor Ehn, also born in Sweden.
Next household is Carl J. May 1840 Sweden with Marilda Feb 1845, August Jan 1870, Tyne April 1872, Hilma May 1879, Selma March 1882, Philip Mar 1884, and Alma April 1886, all born in Sweden.
April 21, 1910 " Mrs. C. A. Molander died at the Loveland Hospital Tuesday, following an operation for cancer of the kidneys. The Molander family have resided in the Oklahoma district for almost twenty years and are well known. Mrs. Molander was respected by all who knew her. Besides a husband, she leaves eight children to mourn her loss. Heartfelt sympathy is extended them in their hour of bereavement. " Christina Molander, wife of Charles 1858-1910 is buried in Johnstown, Colorado # 39234509.

Frank Oscar Molander filed naturalization papers in 1900 in Phillips County, Book 2, page 217.

Frank proved up a quarter in 34, 9N 48W in 1907.

In 1910 Logan County, Oscar is farming, living alone, 35 born in Sweden, immigrating in 1888, naturalized.
In 1920 Frank Oscar Molander is in Twin Falls County, Idaho, 45, a laborer, single. His brother Ernest Victor, 41, Alma 36 born in Nebraska, Winnie 12 COlorado, Emery 9, Colorado, and Everett 7 Idaho.
(Winnie M. Mcguire born at Ault, Colorado, dying in Salem Oregon, 1907-2002 and Delous A. McGuire 1904-1994 are buried in Twin Falls # 43729872.

In 1930 Oscar F. is living with Earnest in Twin Falls County, still a farm laborer.
Oscar is still a farm laborer in 1940 in Twin Falls with Frank and Alma in 1940,

August Molander is now practically living retired. Various business interests have claimed his time and attention and whatever he has undertaken has been carried forward to successful completion. He is still the owner of valuable farming property which he rents and his energies are now largely given to service as a member of the ditch board-a service which is of a most valuable character to the community. He was born in Sweden, January 24, 1870, a son of Charles and Matilda Molander. The father was a farmer of Sweden and came to America with his family in the year 1886. In this country he devoted his attention to agricultural pursuits and also to railroad work for a considerable period and he is now living with his son Philip upon a farm about two miles from Ault. His wife passed away in 1902 and was laid to rest in Eaton. Their family numbered the following named: Anna, who became the wife of Carl Nelson; Charles; August; Ture, who died in 1913; Oscar; Selma; Alma, the wife of Harold Balmer; and Philip, who married Hattie Swanson.

August Molander spent the first fifteen years of his life in his native country and whatever educational advantages he enjoyed were attained during that period, but his opportunities in that direction were somewhat limited and his most valuable lessons have been gained in the school of experience. At length he determined to try his fortune in the new world and with his brother Charles crossed the Atlantic. They did not tarry on the eastern coast but made their way at once into the Interior of the country, settling at Oakland. Nebraska, where they began farming, meeting with substantial success in this undertaking. In the spring of 1885 August Molander removed to Haxtum, Colorado. In the meantime his parents had come to the new world and the father, who was a very energetic and enterprising man, began farming in Colorado, where he had better opportunities than he could secure in Europe. He took up a claim there and August Molander assisted him in the development and improvement of the farm, aiding in the arduous tasks necessary to the transformation of wild land into productive fields. He also worked at times on the railroad, but owing to the unsettled condition of the country he returned to Oakland, Nebraska, where he began stock feeding, in which business he engaged until 1892. He then returned to Colorado and in the spring of that year took up his abode at Greeley, where he made his home from 1892 until 1895. He has been interested in farm properties at Ault and Haxtum since the latter year and he also began farming at Baton in 1895. He purchased land at Ault in 1898 and today has a valuable tract of one hundred and sixty acres there. In 1899 he purchased another quarter section from A. J. Eaton and through the intervening period has been more or less actively connected with agricultural interests. In 1901 he took up his abode at Ault and concentrated his efforts and attention upon the development and improvement of his farm, comprising three hundred and twenty acres of land. In 1913 he began feeding sheep and he purchased two hundred and forty acres additional situated about two miles north of Ault. On that property he remained for four years. In 1917, however, he left the ranch and established his home in the town and at the present time he is renting his farms, from which he derives a very substantial annual income. He is also connected with the Smith Lumber Company and is one of the directors of the First National Bank.

Mr. Molander was united in marriage on the 18th of February, 1903, in Oakland, Nebraska, to Miss Hilma Nelson, whose father was a farmer of that locality. Mr. and Mrs. Molander are members of the Congregational church and his political allegiance is given to the republican party. He is a director of the Ault Exchange and Is interested in everything that has to do with the welfare and progress of the community in which he makes his home. He is one of the intelligent, energetic and progressive men of his community who is now serving as a member of the ditch board and his work in this connection receives almost his entire attention and is of a most valuable character. He stands for all those interests which are a matter of civic virtue and civic pride and cooperates earnestly in every movement for the general good. He finds his chief diversion in motoring. He has led a busy life, is a man of generous nature and kindly spirit, and upright principles have guided him at all points in his career. While he had many hardships and difficulties to overcome in early manhood, he has steadily advanced and today is numbered among the men of affluence in his community.

A.S. Molander married Carl P. Nelson Nov 4, 1892, recorded in Denver.

Anna S. Nelson, formerly Anna Molander, proved up a quarter in 2, 8N 48W in 1900.
1920 Greeley " Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nelson and their son, Carl, Mr. and Mrs. Green and their children, Mildred and Theodore, and Robert Monson, all of Haxtun, were visitors of the August and Philip Molander families Sunday and Monday. The party was on its way to the mountains. Mrs. Nelson is a sister of the Messrs. Molander."


Possibly related to Charles W. claiming land in 8N 47W (Phillips County) in 1897, and Carl J. in 1895 in 8N 47W Phillips County.
June 22, 1900 "Charlie Molander delivered on track at Haxtun 900 bushels of good corn raised on his farm. He received 34 cents per pushel."
July 6, 1900 "a recent June hailstorm near Haxtun badly damaged the wheat crop of Henry Sheffield, Charley Molander and E. James."

In 1910 Phillips County, Carl J. Molander is 69, widowed, with son Charles W. 42, both born in Sweden, naturalized.
Charles W. Molander 1867-1954 is buried in Haxtun.


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