Washington Scott, 9 North 48 West

Washington Scott cash-claimed a quarter in 30, 9N 47W (Phillips County) in 1891.

Washington timber-claimed a quarter in 25, 9N 48W in 1895.

In 1860 Waupaca County, Wisconsin, E.G. Scott is 46, Ruth 42, Elizabeth 17, WInfield 11, Lafayette and Washington both 6, Fremont 3, Ruth 1.

There's a Washington Scott in 1870 Winnebago County, Wisconsin , 16, born in New York, with Ezekiel G. 55 and Ruth 52, Winfield 20, and Lafayette 16, all born in New York. Ezekiel and Winfield are laborers.

In 1880 Hamilton County, Nebraska, Wash Scott is farming 26, born in New, York, with Mary A. 20, Illinois.
Next household is Fremont 23 New York, with Adelia F 17. E.G. 65 and Ruth 61 are with them. Also on the page is Winfield Scott 30 New York and his wife Mary, 18, Iowa.
In 1885 Hamilton County, W. Scott is farming 32, M.A. 25, with son C.W. 3.
On the same page are E.G. Scott 78 and wife R. 60, and then F. Scott 28 farming, with D.F. 22, daughters R. M. 4 and D.A. five months.
1888 Holyoke Colorado "Wash Scott and Wm. Neven of Haxtun were down Tuesday."
In January 1890, witnesses for the land claim of Andrew T. Estes for the northeast quarter of 35, 9N 48W, were Owdaback Griswold, Edwin Angelo, Fremont Scott, and Washington Scott, all of Haxtun, Colorado.

In 1900 Gering, Scotts Bluff County, Nebaska, Washington is running a livery stable, born March 1854 in New York, married 18 years to Mary, May 1861 in Illinois, have Clarence W. Mar 1883 Nebraska.

In 1910 Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska, Washington is a laborer, 56, born in New York, married 32 years to mary A. 48, born in Illinois, a dressmaker.
Washington Scott in Keith County, Nebraska in 1920, born about 1853 in Iowa, widowed, uncle of Charles E. 28 and Pansy B. 25 Gering.
In 1930 Scotts Bluff, Washington is 75, a caretaker for the city park. Lula is 55.In 1940 Scotts Bluff, Washington Scott is 85, Lula 64 born in Canada.

Wash Scott is buried in Scotts Bluff County # 48783224 "Married his wife on Dec. 24, 1924 in Torrington, Wyo First wife, Mary, died in 1918. Lula was second wife. "
Mary A. (Nevens) Scott, per # 49046585 is buried in Gering, Nebraska 1861-1918, born in St. Clair County, Illinois.

This might be her Mary's father "McLouth, Kansas Times Friday November 24, 1893

On Tuesday evening of this week, A.N. NEVIN an old and highly esteemed farmer residing two and a half miles south of this city, died suddenly of neuralgia of the heart. About three weeks ago he fell from his hay mow, breaking an arm and fracturing one knee, from which he was still suffering, but was doing very well for an aged man, until last week Wednesday, when he was attacked with pleurisy in the right side, and on Friday had an attack in the left side.
The evening of his death his son-in-law and daughter, Clint and Mrs. MILLIKIN, had been spending the evening there and gone to their home, about three hundred yards distant.
After their departure Mrs. NEVIN laid down, telling Mr. N. to call her when he wanted to go to bed. The next she noticed he was stumbling toward the bed. She at once went to his assistance, laid him on the bed, bathed his face with water and camphor, but seeing that he did not revive, she ran to her daughter's house for help, but after they arrived he gasped once or twice and all was over.
Dr. RANKIN was called and stated that death was caused by neuralgia of the heart and that nothing could have been done to relieve him.
Mr. NEVIN was born in Brown county, Ohio, Sept. 4, 1824, and was therefor 69 years, 2 months and 16 days.
He was married to Miss Delila HAMILTON, December 21, 1845, to whom eight children were born, six of whom are living. He came to Kansas in 1874, settling in Brown county, and came to this county in 1884.
His funeral was held in the Methodist church in this city, Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock. The services were conducted by Rev. MAGGS, assisted by Rev. TAYLOR and Rev. DICKERSON and the remains were laid to rest in the new cemetery. "

Lula 1874-1940 is buried in Scottsbluff, per # 48783044 "Despondent because of continued illness, Mrs. Washington Scott fired a fatal shot through her head Sunday evening at the family home in Scottsbluff. Her husband, 83, stated that he was on the front porch of their home when he heard a shot, and entered the house to find his wife lying on a couch with a revolver resting on her chest. Death had been instantaneous. The deceased woman had left a note to her husband stating that she could endure her suffering no longer. She had purchased the weapon on May 17, giving as her reason that she wanted to kill some dogs which had been depredating upon her chickens. She had been bedfast for several years.### "

One of the experienced and representative businss men of Gering is Fremont Scott, who has the real estate situation well in hand in the Panhandle of Nebraska. He has been a resident of the state since his fifteenth year and to the unusual opportunities offered to those seeking them, in both past and present Nebraska, he attributes much of his success in life, although his friends are not slow in calling to mind his personal efforts that made these opportunities fruitful.

Fremont Scott was born January 15, 1857, in Shenaugo county, New York, the son of Ezekiel G. and Ruth (Wilcox) Scott, both of whom were born and reared in the Empire state. They came to Wisconsin in 1857 and from that state Ezekiel Scott enlisted for service in the Union army during the Civil War. Shortly after becoming a soldier he was taken sick and was so seriously ill that he had to be brought home on a stretcher. After recovery he resumed his former pursuits, being a man of education, and continued to live in Wisconsin until 1872, when, accompanied by his family with one team, he came to Nebraska, driving across country in pioneer style, and homesteaded in Hamilton county. While living there he is credited with killing the last buffalo that was slain in Nebraska. Later he moved to Phillips county, Colorado, where he remained eight years. In March, 1894, he returned to Nebraska and settled in Scottsbluft' county and here both he and his wife lived the rest of their lives. The latter was a member of the Presbyterian church. Of their seven children but two survive, Washington and Fremont, both of whom reside in Scottsbluff county.

Fremont Scott completed his public school course after coming to Nebraska. His boyhood and early youth were spent on a farm. Forced by circumstances to depend upon his own efforts, he developed sturdy qualities which have been useful to him ever since, undergoing as have other self-made men a discipline not altogether to be deplored. His first purchase of land was a tract held at $10 an acre, and he earned the money to pay for it by working at ditching. That was the nucleus of his present valuable farm of four hundred and twenty acres, which lies in Scottsbluff county. To farming and allied pursuits he devoted himself until 1913, in which year he came to Gering. Here he einbarked in the real estate business and his interests now cover a wide territory, particular attention being given to lands in Scottsbluff county and eastern Wyoming.

In 1878 Mr. Scott was united in marriage with Miss Adelia Florence Moore, who was born in Almakee, Iowa, and they have the following children : Rosie, the wife of Alvee Leonard, residing on Mr. Scott's farm : Daisey, the wife of Emerson Ewing, of Carter Canyon, Scottsblufif county ; Ruby Lillian who married Bert Scott, a farmer near Mitchell, Nebraska ; Violet, the wife of Zonoua Yates, a farmer south of Gering; Pansy, the wife of Charles Gering, of Gering; Emery G., a farmer and stockman on a ranch in Banner county ; and Pearl and Harold, both of whom are at home. All the children have had excellent educational advantages. Mr. and Mrs. Scott are members of the First Baptist church at Gering. Fraternally he is a member of the Modern Woodmen order. Like his father before him, Mr. Scott has always been a sound Republican and at different times has served vi'ith great public satisfaction in important county offices. For four years he was in charge of the county jail and also was deputy sheriff for some time.

In 1889 Phillips County, "Fremont Scott's baby has been quite sick, but is improving."
In 1890 Phillips County, in the Prairie Dale area, Fremont Scott was elected door keeper for the Farmers Alliance in Phillips County.
Fremont Scott proved up a quarter in 30, 9N 47W, Phillips County, Colorado, in 1893.

This is not likely the same Clarence 1957 Lincoln, Nebraska - "The funeral of Clarence W. Scott, 64, of Tampa, Tex., formerly of Lincoln will be held Tuesday at Tampa. Mr. Scott, a bricklayer, died in Wichita Falls, Tex where he lived for about eight years, had lived much of his life in Lincoln. Surviving are his wife, Elizabeth; dau^ter, Mrs. Jes.sie (Ray- nai Cates of Tacoma, Wash.; sisters, Mrs. Agnes Marshall of Lincoln, Mrs, Ruby Regler of Schuyler, Miss Hazel Scott and Mrs., Julit Benne, both of San Diego, Calif.; brothers Robert of Redlands, Calif., William of Lincoln and two grandchildren.


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