James D. and Lavinia Stout

In 1910 Jim Stout is a shoveler for a lead and zinc mine, 43, born in Missouri, married 17 years to Lavinna 40 Illinois. Pansy is 12, Edgar 10, Clyde 6.

1911 Coffeyville, Kansas "C. A. Stout has received a letter from his son, Selden Stout, at Sterling. Colorado, in which he tells of a narrow escape from death, which he experienced one day this week. Although he was only badly bruised, he regards his escape as remarkable and is quite thankful to have escaped so fortunately. Selden was riding a bicycle, when he saw an automobile approaching. The auto was on the right side of the street but about the same time it reached Selden. it turned to the otther side. Selden thought to escape a collision by riding up a driveway, when the auto took the same course, a collision resulting. It was a matter solely of miscalculation upon the part of both Selden and the auto driver, as the latter lived at that point and was just driving into his own yard. The auto knocked Selden off his bicycle and both wheels of the automobile passed over his legs. Had the auto gone squarely over his body, the accident might have resulted fatally. The bicycle was wrecked. Selden is working in a drug store at Sterling) during the summer months. He expects to finish his dental course in Kansas City the coming school year."
Pansy Stout married Edward Mathews March 9, 1914, recorded in Sedgwick County, Colorado.

In 1920 Logan County, Colorado. James D. is living in the sand hills north of the Burlington Railroad, with Joseph E., Clyde S. and Vergil E.
Lavina Jane 1870-1959 is buried in Fort Collins # 54138923, With James 1869-1947.
So is Clyde S. Stout 1904-1972 # 54138916.
Virgil 1912-1988 # 54138926 and wife Edna 1918-2009 are also buried there.
Joseph 1900-1975, married Goldie Sivey in 1920, and they are buried in Omaha, Nebraska, # 145792484.

When Joseph signed up for the WWI draft, the examiner described him as being of medium height, stout in build as well as name, with blue eyes and "light" hair. At that time (Sept. 12, 1918) he was single, and farming in Fleming township, Logan County, Colorado with his father, James Stout. He had been born in Missouri to James and Lavinnia Stout.


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