Jeremiah Thurston , 9 North 48 West

Jeremiah cash-claimed a quarter in 31, 9N 48W in 1891.

April 24, 1894 "Alla N. Oakes" married Wilbur H. Thurston, recorded in Denver.

Alta proved up a quarter in 5, 8N 48W in 1894. Also in Fairmount are Alta Naomi Thurston 58746849  1867-1943 and her husband Wilbur Harlan Thurston 1863-1911.

The tree said Alta had Harold Marlin Thurston Jun 3, 1895 in Arapahoe County Colorado (Denver at that time was in Arapahoe), and that he married Sylvia Eleanor Howard Aug 10, 1917  (recorded in Arapahoe County) and died in Denver Nov 17, 1979.

This Thurston was in Nicollet County, Minnesota in 1870, age 7, with sister Janine F. 2, both born in Minnesota. Henry Thurston is 35, a carpenter, and with Henry are Barbara 56 and David Griffith, a farmer, 63, all three born in Pennsylvania. Lillian Griffith 3 is with them.
In 1875 Nicollet County, Asa Bartlett is 64, Massachusetts, Sarah J. Bartlett 33 Pennsylvania. With them are Ellen B. Thurston 36, Wm. Thurston 39, both Pennsylvania, Wilbur 12, Mia 8, Carroll S. 14 Illinois, and Henry A. 10 Minnesota.

In 1880 Bremer County, Iowa, Ira Thurston is farming, 70, born in New York Anonila 63, Ohio. Next household is I. D. Thurston 39, Michigan, with Sarah A. 33, Louis @. 10, Sarah A. 7, Zasnia 5, Bea 3, and Charles nine months.
In 1900 Black Hawk County, Iowa, "Dwight" Thurston is 59, ASarah A. 52, with Charley 20, Frank 19, Blanche 16, Maud 14, Everett J.9, and Alta Fay 6.
In 1910 Ira and Sarah are in Custer County, South Dakota, with Alta 16 and James 19.

One in Middletown, New York, born about 1853 - married to a Canadian woman, son John B. Thurston. is Jeremiah isn't on census rolls after 1880, and it's possible they went back to Canada.


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