Elmer F. and Ida (Holinger) Weck , 9 North 48 West

In 1895 Ida J. Holinger received graduating diploma from North Division High School in Chicago.
In 1898 Chicago, Ida J. Holinger is one of twenty teachers at the Chase School.
In April 1899, Ida's sister Clara C. Holinger married Paul H. Manz.

An article about the museum :
"The goat, I found, is actually an "ibex." An "ibex " is a wild goat of the mountainous regions of the Old World and has great, long, ridged, backward-curving horns. Our ibei, I learned, had been carved in Switzerland and came to the New World in 1893 to grace the World's Columbian Exposition, which was also held in Chicago. At that time, Arnold Holinger, the Swiss Consul General, was commissioner of the exposition and on the opening day of that exposition his wife gave birth to their sixth child, a son named Arnold Holinger Jr. The ibex was given to the family at the close of the exposition in honor of the new baby boy. It remained in the family home until 1925.
Then, Mrs. Sophia Holinger Mannhardt, a daughter in the family, took it to her home and it was there that the children of Arnold Holinger Jr., played with and rode the ibex as if it were a giant rocking horse. It was the children who gave the great carving the title, "Aunt Sosie's Goat." When the Chicago World's Fair opened in 1933, it seemed only fitting that the animal again become a part of the Swiss exhibit as it had been 40 years before. At the conclusion of the exhibit,the goat was to be returned to Mr. Holinger Jr., who had moved to an apartment. An apartment is just no place for a good-sized ibex, even if he is hand-carved and doesn't wander.
Mr. Holinger Jr., exchanged the goat for a coat. Well, actually, he gave it to his tailor, a Mr. Ernest Lohse, in exchange for a custom tailored suit with one pair of trousers. For awhile, Lohse loaned the ibex to a kennel in a Chicago suburb and, alias, it stood outdoors. It must have nearly broken the animal's wooden heart too, after having been an attraction at two world's fairs, to do no more than be a standing ad for a kennel. Lohse had not forgotten him, however, when he left Chicago and established a tailoring business in Neenah. He reportedly had told Anne Mannhardt of Chicago that he presented "Aunt Sosie's goat" to the City of New Glarus museum.
Anne Mannhardt wrote, "It is a fitting place of distinction for the Swiss object d' art." So goes the story of "Aunt Sosie's Goat." Gmur said the ibex had been a part of a small display and now holds a prominent position in a much larger one at the village"

In 1900 Chicago, Elmer, born July 1876 in Illinois, is a salesman, single, living with brother Albin F. and his family.
August 1902

In 1907 Misses Ida J. Holinger and Miss Elsa Holinger were living with Arnold Holinger at 1723 Deming Place, Chicago.
Arnold was the Swiss Consul, as in 1932 a concert in Chicago "will be the first public appearance here of Elsa Holinger Teschan, daughter of the late Swiss Consul, Arnold, and wife of Dr. R.F. Teschan, of Milwaukee. ..'dramatic soprano as unusually sympathetic in quality, superbly controlled and the facile agent of her interpretive intentions.'
In Chicago Mrs. Teschan was soloist with the American Symphony orchestra, the Apollo Musical club, the Singverein and many other musical organizations."

Elmer F. Weck, age 31, married Ida J. Holinger, 29, in Chicago Sept 25, 1907.
In 1910 Logan County, Elmer is 33, born in Illinois, married two years to Ida H. 32, Illinois. They have Arnold H. one month.

Elmer proved up 320 acres in sections 3 and 4, 9N 48W in 1913.

Elmer registered for WWI with a Haxtun address born July 2, 1876, farming.
In 1920 Logan County, Elmer is farming, 45, Ida 40, Arnold 9 born in Illinois ??, and Elise 8, Illinois ??.

In 1919-1920 Ida was the secretary for School District # 52, with addresses of Haxtun.

Elmer 1876-1922 is buried in Glendale, California, # 139763369.
July 7, 1925 Chicago

Arnold is a truck driver in 1940 Los Angeles, California, married to Freda 28, Canadian.

In 1933 Ida's sister Clara was also in Los Angeles
Clara was visiting in Milwaukee.

Ida is teaching grade school, widowed in 1940 Los Angeles, 60, and Elise 28 is a clerk with the Board of Education.
Elise had graduated from UC Berkeley 1932-1933
In 1942 Ida was living at 5911 El Mio Drive in Los Angeles, writing to compliment a motorman on a streetcar.

Ida Holinger Weck - July 3, 1877- March 17, 1948 died in California.
Arnold, born March 11, 1910, died in Los Angeles County Nov 13, 1994.


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