Logan County Colorado Pioneers

Roy M. and Stella Current, 9 North 49 West

Stella Vaughn married Samuel Keller December 1, 1896 in Fountain County, father Frank, mother Webb.
In 1900 Fountain County, Samuel born June 1875 and Stella Oct 1879 have Pearl January 1898.
In 1900 Fountain County, Roy M. Current is farming, married to "Louis", Sept 1874, with Fay E. May 1894 and Ester G. Aug 1898.
Louise 1873-1902 is buried in State Line, Indiana # 20207412.
In 1910 Fountain County, Indiana, Stella Kellar is 29, born in Fulton, Indiana, married to Samuel H. Kellar, with Pearl.
Pearl Anna (Keller) Tilton 1898-1987 is buried in Vermilion County, Illinois, # 114410089.
Samuel H. Keller 1876-1911 is buried in Fountain County. # 9610181.

Roy Martin Current, born March 8, 1874 in Warren County, Indiana to Martin W. Current and Mary A. Olehy, married Stella Keller in Warren County Febraury 28, 1914. Her father was James F. Janhos (possibly Vaughn), mother Manday F. Webb.
Amanda Frances Webb and James Franklin Vaughan married in Fountain County August 17, 1865.

Roy registered for WWI in Logan County, farming, born March 2, 1874, with Stella.

Roy proved up a quarter in 20, 9N 49W in 1919.
In 1920 Logan County, in the area north of Fleming, Roy M. Current is an organizer for the Farmers' League, 45, with Stella 37, both born in Indiana Lillian L. is 4, born in Colorado.
Roy M. Current 1874-1925 is buried in Colorado Springs # 34468143.
Stella is widowed in 1940 Colorado Springs.
In 1942 Colorado Springs, Stella (wid Roy M) lives at 510 E. Kiowa.
Stella born Oct 18, 1879 is buried in Colorado Springs # 70814910.
Lillian Current is in the Colorado State School for Girls in Jefferson County in 1930, age 14.
In 1940 Colorado Springs, she's a waitress, married to Roscoe Lovell, a truck driver, 28, born in MIssouri.
Lillian Lee Stoddard, born Jan 1, 1916 in Colorado, died August 24, 1988 in Los Angeles County, mother Vaughtn, father Current.
1956 Douglas County, Colorado "Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Harper returned home Saturday afternoon from Colorado Springs for a few days before flying to San Francisco, Calif., where Mr. Harper will undergo an operation on his eyo. Mrs. Lillian Stoddard of Los Angeles, accompanied them home from Colorado Springs and will leave Wednesday for her home. Tho best wishes of Mr. Harper s many friends go with him."
Kenneth M. Harper, a road worker, had lost one eye as a youth, and was undergoing surgery to save the sight in his other eye.


In 1920 Logan County, F.E. Current is farming, 25, with Syber 27 Illinois, Dorothy 6, Indiana, and James Rufus 4 Wisconsin.
Faye is farming in Roberts County South Dakota in 1930, 39 Indiana, with Charlotte 39 Illinois, Dorothy B. 15 Indiana, Jasper R. 12 Wisconsin, WIllis M. 6, Minnesota, and Floris M. 4, Wisconsin.

Faye E. Current is in Las Animas County, Colorado in 1940, a railroad pumper, 44, with Charlotte S. 45, Dorothy B. 22, Gaspar R. 21, Wilils M. 15, and Floris M. 13.

Fay Emery Current 1894-1960 was son of Martin and Mary Current, buried in Sheldon, Missouri, # 108055312.

In 1910 Vermilion County, Illinois, Ester Current is 11, the niece of Hugh 59 and Mary 50 Makemson .
She was the daughter of Roy M. Current and Louise N. Logan, born Aug 25, 1897 in WSarren County Indiana, and married Charles William Wertzbaugh in Warren County March 13, 1914.
Esther G. Jordan, daughter of Roy M. Current and Lou N. Logan, married C. M. Orthman in Treasure County Montana January 10, 1956..


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