Logan County Colorado Pioneers

Frank and Katherine Jane (Roudybush) Elliott, 9 North 49 West

In 1870 Henry County, Iowa, William Elliott is 53, Isabella 50, Perry 16, Charles 14, Frank 12, Bell 9, Ann 6, Carrie 5, and Fannie 2.

In 1880 Henry County, Iowa, Isabel M. Elliott is 60, with Frank 21, E. Anna 17, Carrie 13, and Fannie 11.
In 1880 Ringgold County, Iowa, Catharine J. Rowdybush is 13, with E. Rowdybush 45, Mary 40, Emma A. 16, Susan L. 11, Christopher C. 8, William A. 6, and Charles E. 1.

In 1900 Henry County, Frank born May 1858 is a teamster, Jane Aug 1865, John Sept 1873, Jesse May 1884, James Jan 1889, Edna Mar 1891, and George Mar 1899.

In 1910 Antelope County, Nebraska, Frank is 53, farming, Jane 45, James M. 21, Edna 19, Vera 14, George 11, and Lawrence 6.
Frank proved up two quarters 2, 9N 49W, and 34 and 35, 10N 49W in 1916.
In 1920 Logan County, Frank 64 and Jane K. 53, both born in Iowa, are farming. Grandchildren Velma Campbell 15 Iowa and Lester Campbell 9 Nebraska are with them, along with mother-in-law Maria Roudybush, 82, Pennsylvania.

In 1930 Dailey, Logan County, Frank is managing a pool hall, alone with Catherine J.
In 1940 Sterling, Frank 85 and Catherine 74 are with James, 53.

Frank Everett Elliott 1855-1947 # 55608977 and Katherine Jane Roudybush Elliott 1866-1946 are buried in Sterling.


In 1910 Antelope County, on the same page as parents Frank and Jane Elliott, Elmer Campbell is 31, Jessie 23, both born in IOwa, with Velma 5, Glen 3, Forest 2, and a btwo-months old son. All born in Iowa except the baby.

Jessie M. Campbell 1885-1911 is buried in Riggold COunty, Iowa # 16840356, with Elmer L. 1879-1918.
One tree said Elmer died in Haxtun, Colorado.
Velma Grace Harnden, born in Iowa Dec 23, 1904, to father Campbell, mother Elliott, died Feb 10, 1989 in San Joaquin County.
In 1930 Haxtun, Jadoe A. Harnden is 64, widowed, born in Illinois, with son Leo S. 30 Colorado. Velma G. is 25, Clarence S. 8, Lillian L. 6, Vioola N. 4, Donald H. 2,a nd Rober W. ten months.
In 1940 San Joaquin County, California, Velma G. is 35, Clarence S. 18, Lillian L. 16, Donald H. 12, Robert W. 10, and Dorothy E. 9.
Leo S. Harnden was an inmate at the Stockton State Hospital in 1940.
In 1968 Leo S (Velma G. ) live at 1265 Locust Venue in Manteca, California.
Leo died in 1979, wife Velma, sons Don, Clarence and Bob, all of Manteca. Two daughters, Lillian ASnexander of Sacramento and Dorothy Huse of SEscalon.

Lillian Lorraine Harnden Alexander of Sacramento has died.
Mrs. Alexander was a native of Haxtun, Colo., and lived in Sacramento 35 years. She previously lived in Manteca for 20 years.
She was a clerical worker for the U.S. government for 40 years.
She was a member of Northgate Community Church, Manteca.
She enjoyed gardening, ceramics, sewing, crafts, animals and the Sacramento Kings.
She is survived by her children, Denis Alexander Powers and Roy Alexander, both of Sacramento, and Tim Alexander of Rio Linda; brothers, Donald Harnden of Modesto and Robert Harnden of Manteca; sister, Dorothy Huse of Modesto; and eight grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, William Payton Alexander; and one brother and one sister.
James Melvin Elliott registered for WWI in Sedgwick County, Colorado, born January 4, 1890 in Henry County, Iowa, farming in section 1, 9N 47W, with a wife and one child.
In 1920 Sedgwick County, James M. is 29, Clara 23, born in Nebraska, with Melvin L. 3 and Bertha 1. Clara's sibling Carl G. Bivens 20 and Lottie Bivens 28 are with them.
(Carl 1899-1952 Bivens # 39222656 and Lottie (Cook) Bivens 1890-1973 are buried in Sterling.)
In 1930 James and Clara are farming in Phillips County, Colorado, with Melvin, Bertha, and Marjorie R. 9.
James is widowed in 1940 Sterling, an apple picker in an orchard, with his parents. He was in Oregon in 1935, so that's probably his last work.
James, born at Mt. Pleasant Iowa, married Carrie Loutisha Gruhn born in Oregon, in Washington in April 1964. Charlotte Elliott was a witness.
He died in April 1967 in Everett, Washington.

Clara Emmaline Elliott, 1896-1950, born in Exeter, Nebraska, died in Yakima, Washington, father Joseph Bivens, mother Edith Rose.

In 1917 P.A. L. Hegberg owned a quarter in 35, 10N 49W. Next to him is James Elliott 320 acres and Frank B. Elliott 240 acres.
In 1920 Logan County, Edna is 28, married to Paul A. Hegberg, a retail meat merchant, , 32, a naturalized Swede, wtih Irma I. 7 born in Iowa, Catherine #. 5 and Melva M. 3 both born in COlorado.
In 1940 Paul and Edna are in Polk County, Oregon. Paul is a ditch digger for the water company, with Richard 17 a sawmill worker, Stanley 15, Leonard 12, and Betty 9. All were in Yuma County, Coloorado in 1935.
Paul, born March 26, 1887, died in Polk County Feb 26, 1984.
Edna died July 23, 1970 in Polk County, Oregon.
They're buried in Dallas, Oregon # 30359305 and # 30359306.
Leonard 1921-2003 is buried in Tukwila Washington, # 91505649.

Vera Bell Elliott was born March 2, 1896 at Trenton, Henry County, Iowa to Frank Elliott and Katherine Jane Roudybush.

In 1920 Phillips County, Fred C. Dillenburg 34 is farming, Vera 23, Larela 1, and Ethel M. six months.
Fred is a laborer in 1930 Logan County, 44, Vera 34, Lavelda 12, Ethel 10, Twila 9, Alvin 6, Alva 6, and Bernard four months.
They're farming in Proctor, Colorado in 1940, with Alvan and Alva 16, Eugene 10, and Eddie Lee 1.

Vera 1896-1970 # 55624885 and Fred Eltz Dillenburg 1886-1945 are buried in Sterling
Alvan L. 1923-2002 is buried in Sterling # 46930041.



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