Logan County Colorado Pioneers

George W. and Florence (LaMaster) Fey, 9 North 49 West

In 1885 Dallas County, Iowa, George is 9? born in Dallas County, living with Jane McEltree 57, William 33, and Clara A. 18.
In 1900 Dallas County, G.W. "Fie" born Feb 1881 in Iowa, is nephew of Wm. McElree Feb 1849 and his mother Jane May 1827 , both Ohio.
Ella M. Fey is buried in Dallas County, wife of John, aged 20 years, dying 1882.
Ella M. Mcelree married John A. Fey April 6, 1880 in Dallas County, Iowa.
In 1880 Dallas County, John is 27, Ella M. 19, next to Sarah A. McElree 25 and her three young kids, widowed.
(Sarah married David Taylor, and they're in Greeley County, Nebraska in 1885, with the three McIlrie kids..)

George W. Fey married Florence "Lancaster" Nov 28, 1905 in Worth County, Missouri.

In 1910 Phillips County, Colorado, George is 37, born in Iowa, married four years to Florence 34 Illinois , with brother-in -law Clarence Lancaster 31, Illinois.

George proved up 325 acres in sections 18, 9N 49W and 13, 9N 50W in 1920.
In 1920 they're in Logan County, farming alone.
In 1930 they're living in Fleming, where "Willliam" does odd jobs.
In 1940 they're in Sterling, where he is a road worker.

George 1881-1971 # 55689037 is buried in Sterling, with Florence 1875-1948. Florence's parents, per FindaGrave, are Robert E. La Maaster 1848-1936 and Eliza (Morgan( LaMaster 1853-1936.


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