Logan County Colorado Pioneers

Chester C. French, 9 North 49 West

In 1880 Weld County, Colorado, May G. French 33 is 33, Esther C. 8, Chester C. 6, Wilbur J. 4, and Edwin E. 1. A carpenter Joseph Kempton 63 is on the same property.
Wilbur D. French, age 32, is a stock grower in Weld County in 1880, living alone, born in Missouri.
In 1885 Weld County, Wilbur French is 32, Mary 37, Chester 11, Wilbur 9, Eddie O. 6, and Mabel A. 3.
Wilbur D. French had a cash claim in 3N 62W, which would be in Weld County.

Town bully Wilbur D. French carried a gun to intimidate his fellow Greeley, Colorado townspeople. He had once been arrested for cattle rustling and was suspected of murdering his wife a year before this photograph was taken. Late in December 1888, French was arrested for the murder of mill merchant Harry Woodbury, with whom French was overheard arguing over the price of 600 pounds of flour before a gunshot sounded. The townspeople were concerned that because no one actually witnessed the murder, French would get away with another crime. In the early morning hours of December 29, 1888, they took the initiative and broke into the County jail, prying the bars with crowbars and hammers. French was dragged to a nearby tree and hanged from the neck until dead. The image shows the townspeople surrounding the hanging body, the county jail apparently in the background. The townspeople, who include a few young boys, appear solemn but unapologetic for the deed– the only known lynching in Greeley, Colorado history.

One newspaper said "W. D. French and his son, John Samples and John Hogan entered the house of Harry Woodbery by breaking in the door and deliberately shot at him, killing him instantly."

Wilbur Dwight French, 1846-1888, per # 37757107, is buried in Linn Grove Cemetery, Greeley. Block A, lot 64, space 4.
So is Mary French 1847-1887 # 65221126, block A, lot 64, space 3.

In 1900 Washington County, Idaho, Chester is a cattle buyer, living alone, born March 1874 in Colorado.
In 1901 Chester C. French sold land in 22, 3N 63W, Weld County to C.I. Waite.

Chester cash-claimed a quarter in 34, 9N 49W in 1906, and an additional 128 acres in section 2 and 3, 8N 49W in 1911.

In 1910 Logan County, Colorado, Chester is a stock grower, 36, with a hired man.
He's farming in Logan County in 1920, age 40.

Chester is a pipe worker in 1930 Denver, living with Edward Cook 72 and Daniel Sullivan 77.
In 1940 Adams County, Colorado, Chester is living on the Adams County farm for the aged., 86.
Wilbur Maynard French, age 28, born in "Royden" (?Roggen) Weld County, Colorado, and Mabel Shelton French, had Mary Catherine French in Chicago, Illinois July 3, 1904.
In 1910 Chicago, Wilbur, 33, and Mabel S. French 30, born in Missouri, have Marjorie, 5.

Wilbur registered for WWI in Chicago, a physician, with Mabel, living at 3958 W. 16th St in Chicago. He was born July 29, 1876.
Wilbur, Mabel, and Marjorie are still in Chicago in 1920.

Esther C. French 1871-1880 is buried in Linn Grove Cemetery, Greeney, block A, lot y64, space 2, per # 65221125.

1902 Ouray "Mrs. Amos Walther and Mrs. George Richardson were up from Ridgway to attend the meeting of the S.S. Club at Mrs. Dr. Ashley's yesterday.

1907 Ridgway Colorado "Mrs. E.A. Walther in company with Mrs. May French of Denver, went down to Montrose for a weeks visit with Mrs. George Richardson."
1907 "Mrs. Walther and Mrs. French, mother and sister of A.K. Walther, came in from Denver last week for a family reunion, They were joined on their way here by Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Richardson, of Montrose."
Amos Walther was the Ridgway banker.

This is not likely the family from Greeley

In 1900 Edwin E. 21 and Mable A. 18 French are living with their uncle and aunt James and Martha Spencer, both 45 born in Ohio.
Edwin E. French married Jennie E. Bird July 24, 1907, recorded in Denver.
In 1910 Thurston County, Washington, Edwin is 31, Jennie 26, with Reginald 7.


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