Logan County Colorado Pioneers

Charles A. Jones, Albert M. Jones, brother-in-law Edward C. Secrist(, 9 North 49 West

In 1880 St. Louis Missouri, Mark A. Jones, 38 is a bookkeeper, Mollie A. 36 Ohio, with Charles 11 Kentucky, William 6 Missouri, and Albert 3 Missouri.
In January 1887 Mary married Daniel W. Ettinger.
Daniel died in December 1893

In January 1896 Mary was the administratrix fo the state of Daniel W. Ettinger, deceased.
In 1897 M.A. Ettinger bought two lots in Forest City, Holt County, Missouri.
October 1, 1897

John and Mary's niece, Mrs. Annie M. Walker, daughter of William Weightman, was one of the wealthiest women in the world. She had $50,000,000 in 1904. William made his initial fortune by selling quinine during the civil war. Romor had it that he purchased the Holt County, Missouri farm for his brother.
In 1900 Holt County, Missouri, Mary A. Ettinger, born Feb 1844 in Ohio, is with brother John Weightman Sept 1867 Missouri. John's nephews William G. Jones 26 and Albert M. 22 both Missouri are with them. On the same page are Edward C. 24 Secrist and Odilla R. 22, with Marie L. 2.

Albert Marion Jones, mother Mary Ann (Weightman)(Jones) Ettinger, uncle William Weightman. Probably taken in Holt County Missouri about 1900.
Thanks to Forgotten Old Photos !

March 1901 Holt County "John Weightman and his nephew, Mr. Jones, are prospecting in the Indian Territory."

April 18, 1902 Holt County "Mrs. Ettinger of the Kimsey neighborhood will spend the summer with her son , Charlie Jones, in Colorado. She expects to return to Missouri in the fall."
April 1902 Mrs. Ettinger, in company with her son, Will Jones and wife, and brother, John Weightman, left Sunday for Colorado. We wish them prosperity and health in their new home."

1902 "John Weightman returned from Colorado this week, fully satisfied there is no place like old Missouri."
"Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Secrist returned from Iowa last Wednesday, accompanied by their daughter, Mr.s Jones, who had been very sick."
Samuel "Ed" Secrist's daughter was Mrs. Grace Jones. Grace and Charles A. married December 18, 1895 in Forest City, Missouri.
She was eight months old in 1880 Holt County, with parents Samuel and Charity M. Secrist.
James L. was 13, Edward C. 6, and Nettie G. 3.

May 23, 1902 Holt County "Mrs. Ettinger, Mr. and Mrs. William Jones, who left here last spring for Colorado, have returned to our city , and will make this their future home. We welcome them back."
In October 1902 leaving on a trip for Washington, D.C, were Wm. Weightman and wife and sister, Mrs. Mary Ettinger of Forest City...

1904 Holt County "Mrs. Ettinger is visiting her son Wm. Jones and family, in North Dakota at present."
In 1910 Logan County, Fleming precinct, Charles is a railroad telegrapher, 40, born in Kentucky, married 15 years to Grace L. 30, Missouri. They have Nellie M. 12 Missouri.
Next household is Albert M. Jones 32 Missouri, and his mother Mary H. Ettinger, 66, Ohio. She's had six kids, three living.
The next household is Edward C. Secrist 36 and Odilla 32, with Marie 12 and Martina 3.
September 23, 1910 Holt County "Mrs. Ettinger and son, Albert Jones, have returned from Flemings (sic, Colorado. Their many firends are glad to welcome them 'home again'."

Charles cash-claimed a quarter in 26, 9N 49W in 1912.
Albert cash-claimed a quarter in 22, 9N 49W in 1912 - eight days before Charles.
In 1916 Albert was the executor of the Mary A. Ettinger estate, made the first settlement - balance $ 284.75.
Albert Marion Jones registered for WWI in El Dorado Kansas, an oil worker in Towanda Kansas, nearest relative Bessie, born June 6, 1877. One tree said she was Bessie Merritt.
Bessie M. Thwing is in Caldwell County, Missouri in 1900, nine, with Leslie 37 and Mamie 32. Charles F. is three months, Charles G. 76, and Harriett A. 60.

In 1920 Los Angeles, Albert is a motorman with Bessie L. 28 Illinois, Eleanor 5 and Alberta 4., both born in MIssouri.
In 1930 Los Angeles, Albert 52 is a motorman, first married at 35, with Bessie L. 38 Illinois, a saleslady. Eleanor M. is 16, Alberta L. 14, both born in Missouri.
Albert died October 19, 1944 in Los Angeles County. He was born June 6, 1855 at Saint Louis, MIssouri.
Alberta Lee Logan, born Aug 24, 1915 in Missouri, mother's maiden name Thwing, father Jones, died Aug 9, 1992 in Sacramento County.

Mary Ann (Weightman) Ettinger 1844-1916 is buried in Holt County # 91704256. She was born at Cincinnatii, Ohio to John Weightman of Eand Rebecca Blow, both of England. Informant was John Weightman of Mound City.

In 1920 Clark County, Missouri, Nellie Suter is 23, a school teacher. J.E. Woodward, 70 widowed, Missouri, is boarding with her.
In 1920 Mountain Home, Arkansas, Charles is running a hotel, 52, with Grace L. 40, Raymond 7 and Mabel 5, both born in Washington.
In 1930 Los Angeles County, Grace Jones is married - but no spouse, 50, with Lloyd M. Sueter 48 and Madge N. Suter 32.
Charles is an oil company agent, Raymond a truck driver in 1930 LeFlore County, Oklahoma.

Nellie M. Suter, born Dec 15, 1897 in Missouri to Charles A. Jones and Lulu G. Secrist, died Oct 30, 1959.

Edward Callon Secrist 1874-1960 # 141209920 is buried in Glendale, California, with Odilla Rebecca (Cropp) Secrist 1877--1946.
Their daughter Martina Thomas 1906-1981 died in Encinitas, buried in Inglewood, California # 79331343.


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