Logan County Colorado Pioneers

Adelbert F. and Nina Eva (Davis) Lewis, daughter Bertha (Lewis) Eldridge, 9 North 49 West

Adelbert Fay Lewis was born July 24, 1878 in Westfield, New York.
In 1880 Polk County, Nebraska, Nina Davis is 2, born in Nebraska, with Greeley H. 25 and Mary L. 19. Urie E. is 3 and Elsie is eight months.
(Greeley Davis 1854-1905 is buried in York County # 95781951, with Mary 1861 -1906 # 95782170 - saying she died in Logan COunty, Colorado)

In 1910 Logan County, Adelbert is 31, with Nina E. 31, both born in New York. Bertha E. 11, Frances V. 9, Martha 7, Francis F. 5, Esther P., 2 and Gertrude E. newborn were all born in Colorado.

Adelbert F. Lewis proved up a claim in 26, 9N 49W in 1911.
Bertha E. Lewis married John W. Eldredge Dec 20, 1917, recorded in Logan County.

Adelbert had a name change in Arapahoe County court in 1920.
In 1920 they're farming in Elbert County, with Florence 18, Myrtle 16, Francis 14, Gertrude 9, and Ruby M. 7.
In 1930 Loveland, Colorado, Adelbert is a laborer, with Eva 51, Myrtle 27, Francis 25, Gertrude 20, and Ruby 18.

Adelbert 1878-1955 is buried in Loveland # 30430867, with Eva 1878-1946.

Bertha is married to John Eldredge in 1920 Logan County. He's 26, born in Nebraska, farming, Bertha 21 Colorado, with Dorothy E. 2, Colorado.
John is probably in Lancaster County, Nebraska, in 1900, born April 1893, with father Edgar a day laborer, and52 and Catherine 30 Missouri. Emery is 13, Ivan 12, Gordon 9.
(Edgar 1848-1926 # 116595981 and Emma 189-1955 are buried in Polk County, Missouri. Emery A. Eldridge claimed land in 6, 11N 50W, Logan County.l Emery A. Eldridge 1886-1964 is buried in Loveland, Colorado # 31268998. Gertrude 1896-1985 # 31269010 is ion the same tombstone. Emery was farming in Logan County in 1920, 33, with Gertrude 24 Samuel E. 6, Harvey 4, June 2, and Orval #. eight months - all born in Colorado. In 1940 they're in Jefferson County, Nebraska, with Kenneth 17, Royal 14, Robert 11, Dean 5, and David 1.

Edgar's children were Emery Alvinzia,Enid Catherine, Ivan A.,Gordon Annis, John Wallace, Ellen, Julia. My husband's father was Gordon, who was born in 1890 and died Jan 1965. He died in Kearney, Nebraska. He married Hazel Mary Morgan in Oct. of 1919. His children were Dwight Alfred, Melton L., Marvin Melvin, Neil, Bernice Lucille, and Russell Gordon. Russell is my husband. Melton died in 1924 at age 2 days. Neil was killed in 1939 in a tragic hunting accident involving his brother Marvin and is buried in Hebron, Nebr. Rest of graves in Kearney... Dea Eldridge
In 1930 Logan County, Emery is 42, Gertrude 34, Samuel 16, Harvey 14, June 12, Orville 10, Kenneth 7, Royal 4, and baby Robert. James Kenneth Eldridge was born Feb 26, 1928 at Iliff to Emery A. Eldridge and Gertrude Bowman.)
John W. Eldridge proved up 322 acres in 5, 9N 49W, in 1920.

In 1930 Finney County, Kansas, John 37, Bertha 31, Dorothy 12, and Alice M. 9, are farming.
In 1940 they're farming in Finney County, Kansas, John 47, Bertha 41, Dorothy 22, and Alice 19.
Bertha 1898-1949 is buried in Garden City # 12386366.
Dorothy Evelyn Eldridge 1917-1950 is also buried there - # 12386370.
John Wallace Eldridge 1893-1978 is buried in Garden City # 12386374.

Myrtle might have married John A. Bruce in 1939, and in 1940 Aurora Colorado John is a mess hall helper in a government hospital 49, Myrtle 37.
John Altin Bruce 1891-1953 is buried in Rock Springs, Wyoming "Mr. Bruce serviced in the medical corps in World War I. He was born March 14, 1891 in Evanston. Several years later he came with his mother and sister to Rock Springs and lived here until 1919 when they went to Denver. Their home was on West Flat. Survivors are one sister, Nettie Bruce Decker, and two brothers, Frank and Austin Bruce, and three nephews, all of Denver. "

Alice Marie Eldridge, Garden City was graduating from Anderson College in 1956. "Miss Eldridga, daughter of Mr. John Eldridge, 908 N. 6th St., has been active in the CIHU club for women."
John Wallace Eldridge is also buried there 1893-1978 # 12386374.

Florence Horst 1900-1968 is buried in Loveland # 31741181, with Henry 1890-1967.
Loveland Reporter Herald Monday Oct. 28, 1935
Betty Jane Horst, five months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Horst of Keenesburg, Colorado, passed away Sunday following an illness of whooping cough and pneumonia. Betty Jane is survived by her parents and twin sister, and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Lewis of West First street. Mr. Horst was formerly street commissioner of Loveland before they moved to Keenesburg."

Gertrude Eva Lewis was born March 31, 1910 near Fleming to Adelbert F. Lewis and Nina E. Davis
In 1942 her name was Moore, then as Gertrude Eva Moore in 195, and in 1994 and Gertrude E. Edwards.
She's buried in Chismville, Arkansas 1910-1994, # 62610489.
Ruby Marie Lewis married Winfield Byron Comin January 2, 1936, recorded in Weld County.
Ruby might be the one married to Byron Comin in 1940 Cheyenne, Wyoming,. He's 26, Ruby 24, with Valera seven months.
Ruby is buried in Cheyenne 1912-1979 # 72202698.

Valera Mae Comin, 69, passed away Dec. 28, 2008 at St. Anthony's Hospital in Denver following a short illness. She was born Aug. 1, 1939, to Winfield Byron and Ruby Marie (Lewis) Comin in Cheyenne, where she grew up and, following high-school graduation in 1957, continued her education at St. Joseph's Hospital of Nursing (RN) and Loretto Heights College (BS) in Denver.
Francis F. Lewis 1904-1935 is buried in Loveland, # 145260897

July 15, 1935 "Deaf Mute Is Found Dead in Loveland Jail
Loveland, Colorado
Released from the city Jail hours after Sheriff George Saunders had completed an investigatlon of his activities. Francis Lewis, SO, a deaf mute, the son of A. F. Lewis of this city, returned to a Jail cell Saturday afternoon and hanged himself with a wire noose. His body was found by his father who, having obtained his son's relcaso from custody, had directed him to return home. Lewis was picked up about ??? at midnight by Sheriff Saunders. The Sheriff questioned the man by written...."


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