Logan County Colorado Pioneers

Clifton E. and MayBelle (Smith) Potter, 9 North 49 West

Clifton E. Potter was born Sept 6, 1872 at Cantrill, Iowa to Wesley Potter and Mary J. Stott.
In 1880 Scotland County, Missouri, May Bell Smith is 2, with parents George and Lucina Smith.
In 1900 Clifton is in Van Buren County, Iowa, 29, married to May B. 22 for seven years. They have Mildred A. 4 and Emmet C. 1.
In 1910 they're in Hayes County, Nebraska, farming, with Mildred A. 14, Irene 5, and Leona 2 - the last two born in Nebraska.
(maybe because her brother Milton B. Smith - who married Dora Bell Brook Dec 14, 1898 in Scotland, Missouri - was there in 1910 and 1920. Milton is buried in Palisade # 11876841 1868-1924 "His first wife was Dora Bell Brook Smith Allison Mattly. His second wife was Angelina Pares Smith. Milton's mother-in-law ? Alvira Brook is buried in Haxtun 1855-1917. ")

Mildred Potter married Charles Cassady on April 17, 1912, recorded in Logan County.

Clifton proved up 240 acres in 13, 9N 49W in 1914.

In 1920 he's managing an elevator in Routt County, with Belle 42, Irene 15, Leona 12, Isabelle 9, and Earl two months. Mildred Casaday is with them, divorced, with her Marie 6, Louise 4, and Milo 2.
January 13, 1928 "Harold Overmeyer of MacGregor and Miss Leona E. Potter of Steamboat Springs were married Wednesday morning by Rev. J. J. Jones of the Congregational parsonage. Mrs. Mildred Cassady, sister of the bride, was witness to the ceremony. Mr. Overmeyer, who lived with his parents on their ranch on Elk river, is now employed at MacGregor, where the young couple will live. Mrs. Overmeyer is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Potter of Steamboat Springs and has been attending the Steamboat Springs high school."
April 13, 1927 "Milo Cassady age 10 years , was severely burned Sunday afternoon by electricity from a high voltage wire which was touching the ground on the highway about four miles west of Steamboat Springs. Charles Hill, blacksmith, had taken several children for a car ride about 2:00 o'clock Sunday afternoon. When he saw that two of the poles which carried the high-tension wires of the Colorado Utilities corporation were leaning and that a wire was touching the ground, his first thought was to return to town and notify the company. When he was attempting to turn the car around, the front wheels became stuck in a mud hole. While he was examining the wheels the children got out of the car and walked toward the poles. Mr. Hill did not know they were near the wire when he heard a scream, and saw the boy fall to the ground. The other children declared there was a flash from the wire. Milo had a toy gun in his right hand. It was into the hand which carried the gun that the electricity took its course up the arm, over the face and down into his feeL where the burns are severe. Parts of his hair were singed and there is a burn on top of his head. Mr. Hill immediately applied first aid treatments to the child, and brought him back to consciousness. He could not bring him to town as the car was still mired. But a passing car brought the boy to the hospital where his burns were dressed. He is resting easily and has been very coureageous. He stated that he did not attempt to touch the wire. It is possible, however, that the gun may have come in contact with the wire without his knowing it. Milo is the son of Mrs. Mildred Cassady, a widow. He is in the third grade in the Steamboat Springs school. "
1927 "Milo Cassady , who has been in the hospital for several months recuperating from electric burns , is now at the home of his grandparents , Mr . and Mrs . Potter . "

Mildred Casady is in Steamboat Springs in 1930, a laundry worker, with the three.
Mildred and Milo were parties to a suit in 1929 Routt County against the Colorado Utilities.

Clifton E. Potter 1870-1958 is buried in Steamboat Springs # 61074905, with May Belle 1877-1960 # 61074980.
April 28, 1960 "May Belle Potter Died Sunday ; Services Today
Funeral services for May Belle Potter were held today at the Root Mortuary chapel with Rev. Reuben Johnson officiating. Mrs. Potter, resident of Steamboat since 1919, died Sunday after a long illness. She was born in Scotlancd county, Missouri. July 13, 1876. She came to Steamboat from Fleming Colorado, in 1919. She is survived by one son, Earl of Steamboat and four daughters Mrs. Mildred Kiddie of Milner ; Mrs Irene Walker and Mrs. Leona Overmeyer of Steamboat and Mrs. Isabel Ward of Superior. Wyo. ; and a brother, Nat Smith of Black Hawk, Colorado.

Hazel Irene (Potter) Walker 1903-1984 is buried in Steamboat Springs # 59035727, with Harry Walker 1885-1945.
Leona E. (Potter) Overmeyer 1907-2000 is buried in Steamboat Springs # 61071515, with Harold 1905-1992.
Earl Potter, born Sept 26, 1915, died Feb 1981, last residence Craig, Colorado.

Dorothy Louise Casady was born Dec 24, 1915 at Cantral Iowa to Charles Casady and MIldred Potter, name Gould in 1948, Drake in 1956.
She's buried in Walden Colorado 1915-2003 # 95478303.

Anna Marie Petranovich was the daughter of Charles and Mildred Casady. Marie married Frank Petranovich on Feb 20, 1936. She and Frank lived in Oak Creek, Colorado until 1950 and then he joined relatives in Alaska. Marie and their daughter and son followed a year later.
Anna is buried in Riverside National # 57788281, with Frank 1915-1997

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