Logan County Colorado Pioneers

Joseph E. and Mary (Conley) Dillenburg, brothers Jacob M. and Alte Dillenburg, daughter Elsina and Jake L. Rodgers, 9 North 49 West

Peter DILLENBURG and Sarah ROUDYBUSH DILLENBURG started housekeeping in a log house, a quarter of a mile west of the Lincoln schoolhouse, now known as the SLAVIK place. They were the mother and father of twelve children, all born in the log house. Eight of the children grew to adulthood.

In 1911, Joseph DILLENBURG and family and Jacob (Jake) DILLENBURG moved to Colorado.

On April 18, 1912, Grandma Sarah passed away at her home near Clearwater, Nebraska, of apoplexy. Her body was brought back to Diagonal. Rev. T. S. RHOADES preached at the funeral at Uncle John's house and burial was at the Marshalltown Cemetery beside her husband, Peter. After the funeral, Louetta May and John CLAWSON, Elta and Stoughtler went back to Nebraska. In February, 1913, they all moved out to Colorado.
John E. Clawson proved up two quarters in section 9, 9N 49W in 1916, and the rest of that section for Stock Raising in 1920.

In 1910 John Clawson is farming in Antelope County, Nebraska, 27 with Etta 28 Vesta 4 - all three born in Iowa, and Goldie eleven months born in Nebraska.

John Everett Clawson registered for WWI with a Fleming address, born Sept 28, 1883, wife Etta May.
In 1920 Logan County, next to Joseph Dillenburg, the Clawsons have added Delbert L. 8, Nebraska, Claude L. 6 Colorado, Pearl B. 4 Colorado, and Ruth N. 2, Colorado.
In the fall of 1923, Stoughtler came back to Iowa. Jacob returned to Iowa in the spring of 1924. In a short time, they both went back to Colorado, but didn't stay long. They came right back to Iowa and settled in Knowlton.

In the fall of 1928, Louetta May and John CLAWSON and their eleven children came back to Iowa. Louetta May went to the Savannah Hospital for surgery for cancer, but with no success. They settled in the little square house across the road from Uncle John's house. Louetta May passed away on February 5, 1929. Her funeral was at the Methodist Church in Diagonal and burial was in the Diagonal Cemetery. After her death, John and the children went back to Colorado.
Luetta May (Dillenburg) Clawson 1882-1929 is buried in Diagonal # 11823099.

In 1930 Logan County, John is married to Lavona 25 Kansas. He has Pearl, 15, Claude 17, Ruth 12, Dorothy L. and Doris T 9, Marjorie M. 7, Everett D. 5, and Lavona's kids Junior L. Paper 3 and Hazel 5.
Junior Louis Papes was born April 8, 1927 at Ellis , Kansas to Louis G. Papes and Lavona V. Saxton, and died in October 1977.

John E. Clawson died Nov 7, 1935, and is buried in Pueblo Colorado # 100979598.

Goldia Clawson Plank, 93, of Loveland, formerly of Fleming, died Dec. 29, 2002, in Loveland. Visitation will be from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Jan. 3 at Tennant Funeral Home. Funeral services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Jan. 4 at the Fleming United Methodist Church with the Rev. John Roberts officiating. Burial will follow at the Fleming Cemetery
Mrs. Plank was born April 28, 1909, to John and Etta (Dillenburg) Clawson in Clearwater, Neb. At the age of 3 her family moved to Colorado. They homesteaded north of Fleming where her father bought the meat market. She received her education in the Fleming school.
On June 23, 1928, she married John Sibley Plank in Sterling.
She was a member of the Fleming Methodist Church, WSCS, Priscilla Club, Royal Neighbors and Senior Citizens.
Mrs. Plank is survived by sons Bill Dean Plank and wife Jane, Tempe, Ariz., and Russell Plank and wife lnez, Loveland; daughter Betty Kohnen and husband Ralph, Aurora; 11 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by her husband on March 31, 1995."

Pearl (Clawson) Perry 1915-1993 is buried in Portland # 96073997, with Grand Edward Perry 1916-2005.
Claude L. Clawson - Sept 17, 1913-Nov 22 22, 1993 - last address of Morrison, COlorado.
Dorothy Thelma Hicks 1920-1994 is buried in Crescent City, California # 40203723, with husband Raymond Theodore Hicks 1920-1992.
( in 1956 her last name was Cox)
Doris Velma Rodgers born Dec 27, 1920, died May 15, 1993 in Los Angeles County.

Donald Everett Clawson 1924-1992 is buried in Riverside national # 3802952.

i. Charles Walters Dillenburg was born in 1878 and died in 1953 at age 75.
ii. William Nathaniel Dillenburg was born in 1880 and died in 1900 at age 20.
iii. Elsina Anna Dillenburg was born in 1882 and died in 1950 at age 68.
iv. John Peter Dillenburg was born in 1883 and died in 1922 at age 39.
John proved up a quarter in 10, 9N 49W in 1914.

v. Lulu Sarah Dillenburg was born in 1884 and died in 1964 at age 80.
vi. Fred Etta Dillenburg was born in 1886 and died in 1954 at age 68.
vii. Grace Iona Dillenburg was born in 1888 and died in 1960 at age 72.
viii. Eva Jane Dillenburg
ix. Matilda May Dillenburg was born in 1891 and died in 1957 at age 66.
x. Albina Vexdia Dillenburg was born in 1893 and died in 1959 at age 66.
xi. Flonenes Maggie Dillenburg was born in 1895 and died in 1896 at age 1.
xii. Floyd Elmer Dillenburg was born in 1897 and died in 1957 at age 60.
xiii. Dewey Delbert Dillenburg "Twin" was born in 1899 and died in 1957 at age 58.
xiv. Truey Elbert Dillenburg "Twin" was born in 1899 and died in 1922 at age 23.
xv. David Dean Dillenburg was born in 1903 and died in Kansas.
xvi. Terse Gladys Dillenburg was born in 1904 and died in 1904.

In 1880 Ringgold County, Iowa, Elton was 8, with parents Peter 50 and Sarah 40.
Alte Dillenburg 1871-1923 is buried in Fleming # 128486799.
"Elta passed away in the summer of 1923 of pyorrhea of the teeth. He had been married but there were no children."

Jake M. Dillenburg proved up 200 acres in sections 11, 14, and 15, 9N 49W in 1914.

In 1920 Logan County, Jacob M. Dillenburg 47 is on the same page as Joseph. He's married but no spouse. Nephew Cecil L. Willoughby, 19 born in Missouri is with him.
Jacob passed away on December 28, 1952, of a heart attack, at the Fair Haven Rest Home north of Mount Ayr, Iowa. Services were held in the Nazarene Church in Diagonal and burial was at the Marshalltown Cemetery south of Diagonal. He had been married at one time, but there were no children
# 11865153 has him buried in Benton, 1873-1952. He shares a tombstone with brother Stoughtler Dillenburg, 1880-1950.
He might be the Jacob M. Dillenburg who married Hattie M. Patton April 21, 1917, recorded in Denver.
In 1920 Adams County, Colorado, J. N. Dillenburg is farming, 47, born in Iowa, with Hattie M. 50 Illinois. Alva J. 19 Pattor, Howard Patton 26, and Marian 21 Patton were all born in Colorado, step-children.
Jacob and Hattie May Dillenburg divorced in Boulder in 1927. Hattie M. Dillenburg's estate was probated in Denver in 1957.
Hattie May (Hedges) Patton is buried in Boulder 1866-1957 # 18007534 "Hattie May Hedges, born in Woodford Co., IL, the daughter of David Jones Hedges and Elizabeth (Ward) Hedges. She moved to Boulder Co., CO, where her sister, Dora Montgomery was living. She taught school for a few years and married William Howard Patton on 2 Sep. 1890, in Denver. They had five children. After W H Patton's death, she married Jacob Dillenburg. She died in Denver, CO. 18 Nov. 1957, at the age of 91 years"

In 1880 Ringgold County, Iowa, Joseph Dillenburg is 21, Mary E. 22, Charles W. 1 and William E. five months.

In 1885 McPherson County, Kansas, J. Dillenburg is 26, M. 26, C. 6, W. 5, S. 4, J. 3, and F. seven months.
In 1905 Ringgold County, Iowa are Joseph, Mary E, Charles, John, Julie, Fred, Grace, Eva, Matilda, Albina, Floyd, Truie, and Dewey.
In 1910 Antelope County, Nebraska, J.E. Dillenburg is 57, married 32 years to Mary, with John 37 - all three born in Iowa. Lula 26, Fred 24, and Grace 22 in Kansas, Eva 21, Tilda 19. Allie 17, Floyd 13, Terey 11 amd Dewey 11 were born in Iowa.

In 1920 Logan County, Joseph E. Dillenburg and Mary E. are 61, Charles W. 41 a well driller, John P. 36, Floyd E. 22, Truey E. 20 and Dewey D. 20. Mother-in-law Crena Casteel 83 born in Indiana, is with them.
Joseph proved up 200 acres in 10, 9N 49W in 1916.
Joseph Elmer Dillenburg 1859-1933 is buried in Fleming, with Mary Dillenburg 1858-1922 # 128487005.

In 1910 Logan County, Charles is 31, born in Iowa, farming alone in the Crook precinct.
In 1920 he's still single, living with parents and four brothers.

Charley W. Dillenburg 1878-1953 is buried in Sterling # 55012222.

In 1920 Madison County, Nebraska, Grace I. is 30, married to Sam T. Allison 46, a traveling salesman for a threshing machine company, with Guelda R. 5 Nebraska.
In 1930 Lincoln County, Colorado, Sam is farming, 56 Iowa, Grace 40, Guelda R. 15, and Donald E. 8. Her brother Dewey Dillenburg 30 is a farm laborer with them.
Grace is widowed in 1940 Hugo , with Don 18 a school janitor, and grandson Billie Joe 3.
Guelda Ruth Allison born Oct 6, 1914 at Norfolk, Nebraska, died Jan 3, 1995 as Guelda Doty. In 1959 Denver, Guelda (wid Carl J.) was a clerk for Acme Uniform Rental, living on Emerson Street.
"Geelda" Allison married George B. Leonard August 18, 1937, recorded in Arapahoe County.
In 1953 her hame was Guelda Mainard.
Fred Dillenberg married Vera Elliott on May 23, 1917, recorded in Logan County.
In 1920 Phillips County, Fred is farming, 34, Vera 23, Larelda 1, and EDthel M. six months.
In 1930 Phillips County, Colorado, Fred is a farm laborer, 44. Vera 34, with Lavelda 12, Ethel 1, Twila 9, Alven and Alva 6, and Bernard E. four months.
They're in Logan County in 1940, renting a farm, with Alvin and Alvan 16, Eugene 10, and Eddie Lee 1.

Fred Eltz Dillenburg 1886-1954 is buried in Sterling, # 55624876, with Vera B. (Elliott) Dillenburg 1896-1970.

Lavelda is in San Francisco in 1940, 22, married to Kenneth B. Sharp 25, a laborer for the WPA, both born in Colorado. Kenneth was in Sidney Nebraska in 1935, Lavilda in Crook, COlorado. They have Doris 1, born in California.
On the same page is Harold E. Sharp, 33, born in Colorado, with Ethel N. 30. She was in Crook, COlorado in 1935 and is managing an aprtment house.
Harold Eldon Sharp, born July 18, 1916 in Colorado, died April 5, 1982 in Contra Costa County, mother Loderback.
His parents are probably Burdette B. Sharp 1892-1973 # 54909834, and Bessie E. 1893-1987. buried in Sterling
Lavelda married Charles J. McMurdo in Sacramento June 19, 1960.
She might be the Lavelda Inez Pilliard, born Jan 28, 1918 in COlorado, dying June 8, 1978 in Sacramento.
She's buried in Sacramento # 150736788, with Albert W. 1911-1990

Eddie, born Sep 14, 1938, died July 11, 2007, last residence Concord, California.

Alva L. Dupell, 1923-1999, died in Clackamas County, Oregon, per # 95420707.

Alben L. Dillenburg 1923-2002 is buried in Sterling, # 46930041.

Albina Vertie Dillenberg married Frank J. Hradeckey September 18, 1912, recorddd iN Logan COunty.

Albinia Verdie (Dillenburg) Hradecky 1893-1959 is buried in Fleming # 44703207.

Jake Lenard Rodgers was born June 2, 1884 at Ringgold Iowa to James Rodgers and Mary J. Wright.
In 1910 Antelope County, Nebraska, Jake is farming, married seven years to Ella Z., with Edna V. 6 Iowa, Bula M. 3 Nebraska, and a cousin Loyd Fry, 20, born in Ohio.
Sylvia Grace Rodgers, born May 10, 1911 at Fleming to Jake L. Rodgers and Elsina A. Dillenburg, died as Syhlvia Messick Sept 4, 1994.
Lillian Opan Rodgers was born near Sterling Dec 24, 1914, dying Nov 21, 1994 as Lillian Opan Ungerer.

Jake proved up a quarter in 15, 9N 49W in 1914.

He owned that quarter in 1918, with "Jake L. Rogers" on the plat. Next to him is Jake M. Dillenburg, with J.A. and Joe E. Dillenburg a mile north.
Jake registered for WWI in Washington, Kansas, farming, born June 2, 1884, with Sina Ella Rodgers.

In 1925 Marshall County, Kansas, Jake is farming, 40 , Sina 43, - both born in Iowa - Bula 18 Nebraska, Sylvia 13, Lillian 10 - both Colorado- and Dorothy 5 Kansas.
Elsina Anna Rodgers 1884-1950 is buried in Marysville # 72253628, as is Jacob L. Rodgers 1884-1948 # 72253630.

Sylvia G. Messick 1911-1994 is buried in Marysville, Kansas # 62640474.
So is sister Beulah Messick 1906-1987 # 62593754. "Marysville Advocate, Marysville, Kansas, April 30, 1987 page 8 col 3. Buelah Mary Lucretia died Sunday. Services Thursday and buried in Marysville. She married Glenn R. Messick 6 September 1928 and had one daughter, Charlene. Preceded in death by parents, Jake and Elsina Dillenberg Rodgers and husband Glen in 1974. She was born 25 December 1906 at Neligh, Nebraska. "

When Floyd Dillenburg registered for WWI in Logan County, Colorado, he was working for Bal Nicholas of Crook. He was born April 26, 2897 in Benton, Iowa.
His father was born at Mount Ayr, Iowa.
In 1925 Floyd Dillenburg is in Marshall County, Kansas, 27, with Mable 23, following sister Elsina's family. and her husband Jake Rodgers.
They're in McPherson County in 1930, Floyd D. 32, Mable 28, Robert I. 4, Richard D. 3, Ronald and Raymond both seventeen months old.

In 1940 Floyd is in Washington County, Oregon, 43 born in Iowa, with Mabel V. 38 Nebraska, Robert E. 14 Kansas, Richard D. 13 Kansas, Ramond E. 11 Nebraska, Ronald D. 11 Nebraska, William J. 9 Nebraska, Glen E. 8 Nebraska, James E. 3 Oregon, and Sharly L. 1. Oregon.

Floyd Elmer Dillenberg 1897-1971 is buried in Forest Grove, Oregon, # 34056851, with Mabel Vera (Holoch) Dillenburg 1901-1975.

Truey Elbert Dillenberg registered for WWI in Fleming, born April 18, 1899, working for his father.
In 1940 Dewey is in Washington County, Oregon, a farm laborer, with Mildred 23 , both born in IOwa. Charles, 66, is living iwth them. The brothers were in Hugo Colorado in 1935, Mildred in "Joppa" Missouri.

Dewey D. Dillenburg 1899-1957 # 55229123 and Mildred F. (Culp) Pace 1916-1957 are buried in Sterling.

Fred Dillenburg proved up 240 acres in 2, 9N 49W and 35, 10N 49W in 1916.
In 1920 Fred is in Phillips County, Colorado, 34, with Vera 23, both born in Iowa, with Larelda 1 and newborn Ethel M.

Jonathan A. Dillenburg proved up two quarters in 3, 4, and 10, 9N 49W in 1916.
In 1920 Logan County, Jonathan is 47, wife Nellie E. 36, both born i n Iowa. Cousin Etta M. Wiloughby 14 born in Nebraska and aunt Ida M. Willoughby, 52 divorced bor n in Illinois are with them, too.

S. Loren Dillenburg proved up 40 acres in 11, 9N 49W in 1921.
He must be the Steckler L. Dillenburg living with brother Jonathan in 1920 Logan County.Steckler is 38, born in Iowa.


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