Logan County Colorado Pioneers

August H. and Drusilla A. Browns, daughter Louis and Della (Browns) Vance, daughter John and Amelia (Browns) Scholl, son Albert F. and Phebe Browns, son Carl A. and Carrie Browns, 9 North 49 West

In 1880 Clarke County, Iowa, August Browns is farming 45, born in Prussia, Drusilla 34 Indiana, Amelia 16 Iowa, Albert 14, Iowa, Theodore 12 Iowa, Wilbert 10 Iowa, Minna 8 Iowa, Alfred 7 Iowa, Anna 5 Iowa, Laura 2, Iowa, and August's widowed mother Elizabeth 71 Prussia. Next household is John Browns, 17, Iowa.

Della Effie Browns was born Sept 20, 1883 in Clarke County, Iowa to A.H. Browns born in Germany and Drucilla Cook born in Indiana.
August H. Brown 1835-1918 and Drusilla 1846-1922 are buried in Sterling # 40724481.

John timber-claimed a quarter in 27, 9N 49W in 1901.

Wilbert O. "Browers" age 31, married Nellie H. Corran in Fremont County Iowa May 29, 1900. She was 20, the daughter of James D. Corran and Emma Fletcher.

In 1900 Union County, Iowa, Wilbert is a locomotive engineer, born August 1869 , mjust married to Nellie January 1881, both born in Iowa.

In 1910 Denver, Wilbert is still a railroad engineer, 40, with Nellie 29. They havent' had any kids.


1895 Clarke County, Iowa "Mr. and Mrs. John Scholl, of Pacific Junction, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Browns...Grandpa Scholl is very ill."

"March 14, 1895 - Al Browne departed for Sterling, Colorado, Monday where he will make his future home. Al is one of Madison township's best young men and will be remembered by many of his young friends. "
Albert F. Brown cash-claimed a quarter in 8N 49W, section 4, in 1891.

John Scholl married Amelia Browns March 17, 1881 in Clarke County, Iowa. Her father was A.H. Browns, and she was 17.
John Scholl is in 1910 Sterling, an engineer at an alfalfa mill, 53, Germany, married 29 years to Amelia 46, Iowa, with Nellie 18 Colorado.

Nellie Ruth Scholl married Ralph H. Groff January 19, 1916, recorded in Logan County.
Ralph Hamilton Groff registered for WWI in Phillips County, assistant cashier at the Farmers State Bank of Haxtun, born Sept 22, 1892 at Cheyenne Wells, Colorado.

In 1920 Denver, Ralph, 27, born in Colorado, and Amelia his mother-in-law, both widowed are living together. Ralph is a cashier at a bank.
In 1925 and 1932 Springfield, Missouri, Amelia Scholl (Wid John) lives at 626 E. Commercial.
In 1930 Springfield, Amelia "Schow" is 66, with brother - railroad engineer - Theodore H. 63, both widowed> Amelia M. Scholl, born Jan 29, 1864, died in Springfield Missouri November 12, 1934, to be buried at Sterling Colorado - (shipped to Brush November 14, 1934). Her father was A. H. Browns of Germany, mother Druzilla Cook of Indiana. Informant was J. H. Brown os Springfield .
Ralph is an insurance agent in Los Angeles in 1930, married to Mary M. 36, with Mary A. 7 and Ralph Jr. 8, all four born in Colorado. Mary's mother Delia Murphy is with them.
Mary Asella Groff was born January 3, 1923 in Denver to Ralph H. Groff and Margaret M. Murphy, last name Erickson in 1961, Arms in 1964, Elden, then Smith 1998, dying as Elden in 1998.
In 1910 Merino, Colorado, Henry L. Edwards is 46 born in California, married eight years to Minnie M. 38. Paul 6 was born in Oregon, and Carl eight months in Colorado.
In 1920 Merino, H.L. and Minnie have Paul 16, Carl 10, and Ralph 6.
In 1930 they're in Oakland, California, Harry L. 70, Mimie 56, Carl J. 20, and Ralph L. 16.
Minnie Mae Edwards, born October 4, 1872 in Iowa, died August 18, 1952 in Alameda County, California, mother Cook, father Browns.
In 1940 Ralph is a radio broadcaster in New York, 26, married to Barbara 22.

Born in Merino, Colorado, Edwards worked for KROW Radio in Oakland, California while he was still in high school. Before graduating from high school in 1931, he worked his way through college at the University of California, Berkeley, earning a B.A. in English in 1935. While there, he worked at every job from janitor to producer at Oakland's KTAB, now KSFO. Failing to get a job as a high school teacher, he worked at KFRC and then hitchhiked across the country to New York, where, he said, "I ate ten-cent ($2 as of 2015),[3] meals and slept on park benches".[4]
After some part-time announcing jobs, he got his big break in 1938 with a full-time job for the Columbia Broadcasting System on WABC (now WCBS), where he worked with two other young announcers who would become broadcasting fixtures - Mel Allen and Andre Baruch.
The young director had an assured, professional manner, and in a few years he was well established as a nationally famous announcer. It was Edwards who introduced Major Bowes every week on the Original Amateur Hour and Fred Allen on Town Hall Tonight. Edwards perfected a chuckling delivery, sounding as though he was in the midst of telling a very funny story. This "laugh in the voice" technique served him well when 20th Century Fox hired him to narrate the coming-attractions trailers for Laurel and Hardy movies. He later used the conspiratorial chuckle frequently when surprising someone on his programs.
Edwards was the second host of the NBC radio children's talent show The Horn and Hardart Children's Hour. He appeared in a few films, including Radio Stars On Parade with the comedy team of Wally Brown and Alan Carney, and I'll Cry Tomorrow with Susan Hayward.

Alice Brown married Earl M. Sutherland June 4, 1902, recorded in Logan County>

Earl was a cattle herder in 1900 Logan County, born Sept 1880 in Colorado, parents Henry Nov 1849 Wisconsina nd Ettie January 1858 Missouri. Ellen is 14, Clara B. 9, and Ray F. 3, all kids born in Colorado.
He was born February 9, 1880 to Henry T. Sutherland and Queen E. harris.

Earl Martin Sutherland registered for WWI in Missoula, Montana, working for the Jewel Tea Company, occupation traveling overseas. His nearest relative was his wife at 318 S. Division, Sterling, Colorado.
He died in Los Angeles County February 23, 1949.

His reference for his WWII registration was Ray Powell, Logan County Colorado sheriff. Earle was living in Riverside, California, unemployed.

In 1920 Logan County, Alice Sutherland is divorced, 39, no occupation. Juanita is 12, born in Colorado. She has two lodgers.

In 1930 Alice is in Los Angeles, 49, working in a laundry. Juanita is 23, married to Charles Lewis24 born in California. Charles Jr. 5 and Richard 2 were born in California.

Alice Opal Sutherland, born November 12, 1879 in Iowa, died January 11, 1949 in San Diego County.

Juanita Belle Mosier born April 10, 1907 in Colorado to mother Browns and father Sutherland, died in San Diego County July 31, 1995.
She might have been the one marrying Louis R. Tigner in Runnels County Texas in March 1970.


Laura was born May 31, 1878 at Murray, Iowa,

In 1910 Lincoln County, Idaho, Charles M. Vance is farming, 39, born in Illinois. Laura is 30, Forest 6, Carl 4, and Glenn 2 were born in Montana.
Charles M. Vance 1871-1913 is buried in Sterling # 55011414.

In 1920 Logan County, Colorado, Laura Vance is widowed, 41, with Forst 16, Glenn 12, Eugene 9 Idaho, and Charlyne 6 Colorado.

Laura was in Josephine County, Oregon in 1940, 48, Iowa - in Sterling Colorado in 1935. She
Laura Vance died January 25, 1943 in San Diego County

Forrest T. Vance born Jan 2, 1904 in Montana, died Janauray 1, 1975 in Orange County, California.
Glenn H. Vance 1907-1928 is buried in Sterling # 55800158.

Gene Vance is in Atwood, Logan County, Colorado in 1930, 19, a farm laborer for William and Myrtle Grater.
Gene D. Vance born Dec 6, 1910, died September 16, 2000, last residence Chandler, Arizona.
Charlyne M. Waddell is buriend in Glendale, California 1913-1985, per # 85540370.


Clarence J. Chapman's first wife was Georgia Anice Hamlin, marrying in Boulder County March 18, 1877. , divorcing in Larimer County in 1897, and he married Charloate Martin Nov 7, 1897 in Pueblo, Colorado.

Georgia E. Chapman married George H. Rist June 17, 1897, recorded in Larimer County.

Victor Chapman is in Weld County in 1900. His father Rev. Clarence J. Chapman 1858-1909 is buried in Boulder County.
Clarence's widow was Charlotte A. Chapman of 3340 Columbine in Denver, Mabin of Loveland, Geogia Rist of Loveland, daughters, Grace E. Martin of Denver, daughter, Victor Chapman of Merino, son, Martina Chapman of Denver daughter, Vivian Hamilton of Philadelphia Penn daughter, and Maurice Chapman minor of Berthod Colorado, son.

In 1910 Merino precinct, Victor C. Chapman is farming, 30 born in Colorado, married one year to Anna B. 34, born in Iowa. Victor Herbert is two months old.

Victor Clarence Chapman registered for WWI in Merino, born March 2, 1882, farming, working at Baintree Alberta. Nearest relative was Georgia C. Rist of Loveland, Colorado.
They were in the Canadian census of 1916 and 1921.

Victor - 1882-1953 is buried in Calgary, per # 155390862.
Anna Bertha Chapman 1875-1964 is also buried there, per # 154652621.
So is Victor Hubert Chapman dying 1988, per # 155390874.
" In 1945, Marcella met Victor H. Chapman, Sr. and married him. They had two children, Victor Jr. and Claudia. In 1960 Marcella returned to Rector and some years later met and married her childhood friend Glynn Powell. Glynn and Marcella resided in Indianapolis, Ind., until Glynn retired. Rector once again began a new era of retirement for them until Glynn passed away in 1995. "


1899 Sterling "Mrs. J. D. Presher, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. A. F. Browns, left this morning to visit the carnival, after which she will return to her home at Pueblo."
In 1900 Albert F. Brown is a barber in Sterling, born October 1865 in Iowa, married 13 years to Phoebe L. July 1866 Wisconsin. Ople I. was born March 1888, Harry E. Dec 1890, and Gladys G. Jnuary 1896, all in Colorado.

February 1900 "Mrs. Alice Presher left via the U. P. this morning for her home at Salt Lake after an extended visit with her sister-in-law, Mrs. A. F. Browns."

March 1900 "Now comes A. F. Browns, the barber with a brand new bath room outfit consisting of two porcelain-lined bath tub; a Wilks heater — in fact a first class bath room outfit complete, the outfit representing an expenditure of over $300 and it is a beaut. The outfit is in working order this afternoon for the first time and will be operated every day in the week except Sunday."

June 1900 "Earl Browns is conducting a bootblack parlor in his father's barber shop. Ladies wanting their shoes shinod and not caring to have the work done at the shop may send or bring them to the shop and after the work is finished they will be delivered to your home without extra charge."

1920 "FOR CONGRESSMAN - A. F. BROWNS - Mr. Browns has been a resident of Colorado for over 30 years and is known as a staunch Democrat. He has been active in all movements with which the party has affiliated itself. For seven years he has been Register of the U. S. Land Office at Sterling under appointment by President Wilson."
In 1921 A. F. Browns was the register at the Sterling land office.

The stone in Sterling Riverside cemetery has Albert F. "Browns" 1865-1921 # 54642615.
Louis W. Vance proved up a quarter in section 1, 6N 55W (Morgan County) in 1913.
That was the same section that Carl A. Browns proved up a quarter, also in 1913.

In 1910 Della is 26, married five years to Louis Vance, 31, farming in Morgan County, Colorado.
Louis Warren Vance, born April 9, 1878, registered for WWI in Merino, farming, with wife Della.
SSDI has him born April 9, 1879 in Industry, Illinois to Clinton F. Vance and Emma F. Cordell.
(C.F. Vance, born 1848, is in Vance Cemetery, Industry, Illinois, per # 89287606. E.F. Vance -1852-1901 is also there # 89287622)
Della E. Browns married Louis W. Vance April 5, 1905, recorded in Logan County.

In 1910 Morgan County, Lewis W. Vance is farming 31, Della 26, married five years.

Next household is Carl A. Browns, 23, with his new bride Carrie M. 20 both born in Iowa.

In 1920 Merino precinct, Logan County, L.W. Vance is 41, born in Illinois, Della 36 Iowa. Druzilla Brown, 76, widowed, is with them.

Della E. (Browns) Vance 1883-1971 is buried there, # 56287809, with Louis Vance 1878-1958.
Probably wrong. Della would be the daughter of August and Drusilla.
In 1910 Denver, Alfred is 36, Martha L. 39, with Gerald V. 6..

Coroner Finds Victim Shot Self, but Explanation of Tragedy is Absent; Relatives Say He Had No Financial Worries; Health Was Poor.
During the ten days his wife, the Denver police and sheriff, of Lincoln County were hunting for Alfred T. Browns, Denver attorney and real estate man, he was lying dead by his own hand. His body was found late yesterday afternoon in an abandoned corral 1 ½ miles north of Golden by a party of workmen. Near the body was a Smith & Wesson revolver, and an examination showed he apparently had shot himself thru the head. The coroner of Jefferson County, who took charge of the body, dismissed immediately all suspicion of foul play, pointing out that Mr. Browns cound not have sought so remote a spot on any other errand than suicide.
The finding of the body leaves the mystery of his motive as great as the original mystery of his disappearance.
Mr. Browns left his home of 3406 Vine Street the morning of June 15, saying he intended to go to Hugo, Colo., where he owns some land. He was last seen to leave his office at 428 Symes Building and start for the railroad station.
Forty-eight hours later, when he had not appeared at Hugo and no word from him was received by his wife, the authorities were notified. The sheriff of Lincoln County organized a posse to search for him in the hills and plains near his destination.
W. O. Browns, his brother and partner in the real estate business, and A. F. Browns, another brother who is the Registrar of the Federal Land Office at Sterling, joined in the search. When no clue was found they thought he might have traveled out of the state while suffering from asphasia.
When the news reached Denver that the body found near Golden had been identified as Mr. Browns’ thru some papers in his pocket, neither the widow nor the brothers could account for his desire to end his life.
Mrs. Browns said her husband had been run down physically in the last few weeks, but that his ill health was in no way alarming. His finances are said to be in correct shape and he is not know to have had great worries of any kind.
Mr. Browns was 43 years old. He came to Colorado from Iowa twenty years ago. He lived in Sterling five years and since has made Denver his home. He leaves a widow and a 12 year old son.
Source: Published in the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, CO on Monday, June 26, 1916.

Alfred T. Browns, # 46397556 is buried in Crown Hill, Jefferson County, Colorado.
In 1920 Denver, Mattie Lister "Broures" is 41, with Gerald Vincent Broures 15, a messenger for a bond company.
Mattie Louise Browns born Feb 20, 1871 in Illinois, died Dec 10, 1956 in Los Angeles County, California, mothr Morton, father Highshew.
Gerald, born Feb 15, 1903 in Colorado, died Jan 25, 1971 in Sonoma County, California.
He was born in Denver to Alfred T. Browns and Mattie Highshew, marrying Beryl Huffman of Des Moines Iowa April 9, 1934, She was a widow, parents Constantine Martindale
On November 10, 1945, Carl A. Browns and Carrie May, born at Osceola Iowa December 26, 1883, a farmer, permanent residence at Rocky Ford, Alberta, crossed the border at Sweetgrass, Montana. They were going to visit Mrs. Haris in Loveland COlorado.
His sister Mrs. V.C. Chapman of 1015 19th Avenue Calgary was going with them.
Carl August Browns 1883-1959 is buried in Calgary - same cemetery as his sister.
Carl 1883-1959 # 153038984, Carrie Mae 1889-1970 # 153038985.



1899 " Miss Mattie Highshew, who is teaching the Sedgwick school, and Mrs. William Epley were Julesburg visitors last Saturday."

Mattie L. Highshew married Alfred T. Browns September 24, 1902, recorded in Denver."

1903 Loveland Colorado "Mrs. Mattie Highshew Brown came up from Denver on Saturday to visit Loveland friends. "
1911 Loveland "Mrs. A. T. Brown and son came up from Denver to visit the Payne family west of this city. Mrs. Brown will be remembered as Miss Mattie Highshew. "

Alfred T. Browns died in June 15, 1916, widow Mattie L. Browns of Denver, and son Gerald V. aged 12 years.

Mattie died in Los Angeles County, California December 10, 1956, father Highshew, mother Morton.
She's buried with Alfred in Crown Hill 1871-1956 # 46308555.
(C. Perry Highshew had proved up a quarter in 2N 53W in 1890 - that's in Washington County, Colorado, C. Perry Highshew 1834-1902 is buried in Monte Vista Colorado # 57091223.)
Michael Osborn married Mary H. Morton in 1850 in Vermilion County, Illinois.
Perry Highshew and Mary W. Osborn married November 23, 1867 in Livingston County, Illinois.
In 1870 Livingston County, Perry is 38, Mary 39, Charles Highshew 1. Willsi Osborn is 18, Francis 15, Perry 13, Sarah 10, and Shepard 6.
Gerald married Beryl (Martindale) Huffman, daughter of Constantine Martindale and Alice Riggs, in Des Moines, Iowa April 19, 1934.

Lillie was born February 20, 1888 in Madison, Clark County Iowa to August and Drucilla Browns.

Lillie Ursula Browns married Henry Elmer Skinner August 6, 1908, recorded in Logan County.
In 1920 Weld County, Henry is a railroad agent, 37, born in Iowa, Liilie 37 Iowa, Wendell 9, Avah L. 8, Maurine 4, and Courtland W. six months.

Greeley, Colorado 1950 "Mrs. Henry Skinner and son, Courtland, spent two weeks in Canada visiting her brothers, Carl and Wilbert Browns, and a sister, Mrs. V. C. Chapman, all residents of Calgary. Enroute to Calgary, the Skinners toured Yellowstone National Park and Glacier park. Mr. and Mrs. Chapman and the Carl Browns accompanied the couple to Banff, Canada, and Lake Louise. After the group returned to Calgary, the Skinners began their homeward trip thru British Columbia to Vancouver and Rainier, Washington. From Washington they traveled down the west coast to San Francisco, Calif. There they spent part of two weeks with Mrs. Skinner's daughter, Mrs. C. W. Courtright. The rest of the time was spent at the home of Mrs. Minnie Edwards, a sister, in Oakland, Calif. The Skinners traveled back to Greeley thru the mountains and back to their home at 2531 Ninth street. Courtland is on vacation from his teaching position at McCormick junior high school at Cheyenne, Wyo. He will return there in the fall. "

Lillie died December 20, 1956 and is buried in Greeley # 65308894.

Henry died in Ogden Utah October 12, 1961, usual residence Greeley, Colorado. He was the son of Henry P. Skinner and Orcela D. Karns. He's on the same stone as Lillie # 65308895.

E. Wendell Skinner 1910-1978 is also buried in Greeley # 65308893.

In 1900 Logan County, Albert F. Brown born Oct 1865 in Iowa is a barber, married 13 years to Phobe L. July 1866 Wisconsin, a dressmaker. Ople I. Mar 1888, Harry E. Dec 1890, and Gladys G. Jan 1896 were all born in Colorado.
In 1917 and 1918, Albert F. Browns was the registar of the U.S. land office in Sterling.
In 1920 Sterling, Albert is the registar of the office, 51, Ellen M. 36, both born in Iowa.
Albert F. Browns 1865-1921 is buried in Sterling, # 54642615.

In 1918 and 1936 Oakland California, Phoebe L. Browns (wid Albt) is a dressmaker.
In 1920 Oakland, Ople Rogers is a bookkeeper, 31, married but no spouse with son Frank Rogers, Jr. 5, born in Oregon. Pheba Brown 51 widowed is with her.
In 1930 Santa Clara County, Phebe L. 63, Ople I. Rogers 40 is divorced, and Frank W. Rogers 16.
Ople I. Rogers, born Aug 20, 1888 in Colorado, mother Brown, died Dec 17, 1964 in Santa Clara County.
They're in San Jose in 1940, Opale a practical nurse, Frank a bus boy in a hospital, Phoebe L. no occupation, and five male lodgers.
Frank died in Santa Clara County in 1940.
Phebe Lavina Browns, born July 16, 1866 in Wisconsin, died Jan 2, 1943 in Santa Clara County, mother Crooks, father Presher.
Her father is John Delos Presher, 1844-1931 buried in Oakland, California # 114241143, with his wife Sarah dying 1906, buried in King, Wisconsin # 41495001.

Harry Earl Browns registered for WWI in Sterling, born there Dec 14, 1890, farming at Rocky Ford, Alberta (Canada) - he's almost certainly the Harry Earl Browns, 1890-1942 with a marker in Calgary, Alberta "Killed on Saipan" # 113170360.
Hilda's family had moved from Iowa in 1910 to Canada in 1911.
In 1957 Fresno, California, Hilda E. (wid Harry E) is a bookkeeper, living at 1223 E. Floradora.
Hilda E. Browns, born Aug 14, 1895 in Iowa, died June 19, 1986 in Fresno County, mother Wengert, father Weins.
Gladys Browns was in Sterling in 1910, age 14, living with the Tarlor family.
Maybe she's the Gladys Browne who married Robert Austin Jan 27, 1915, recorded in Weld County. Gladys was 18, and Robert 21, and they took the train from Greeley to their home in Fort Collins after the ceremony.
In 1900 Pottawattamie County, Iowa, Albert Brown born Oct 1869 is a clerk for the railroad, married eight years to Effie, with Allison May 1892, HerbertJan 1894, and Edna Jan 1900.

In 1910 Logan County, Albert J. is farming, 40, Effie H. 35, Herbert 16, Edna A. 10, and Mary 2, all born in Iowa.

In 1920 Logan County, Albert J. is farming, 50, Effie K. 44, Mary M. 12.
In 1930, Albert J. 60 (born in Kansas) is doing hand laundry in Raton, New, Mexico, with Effie K. 54 and grandson Gerald Deal, grandson, 7, born in Colorado.
Albert J. 1869-1948 and Effie Kathryn (Head) Brown 1876-1959 are buried in Las Vegas, New Mexico, # 155412989.
(Gerald Duane Deal "son of Edna Alta Brown and Fred B. Deal" 1922-1949 is buried in Hannibal, Missouri # 84868363.) Herbert Vian Brown registered for WWI in Willard, Colorado, on a rented farm, born Jan 27, 1894 at Council Bluffs, Iowa, with a wife and child.
Herbert 1894-1962 is buried in Las Vegas, New Mexico, # 97797004.


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