James L. and Sarah Secrist, brother Edward and Otilla Secrist, sister Grace (Secrist( Jones , 9 North 49 West

In 1880 Holt County, Missouri, Samuel Secrist is 35, Charity 32, James L. 13, Edward C. 6, Nettie G. 3 and Grace eight months.
In 1885, Samuel and C.M. are in Cowley County, Kansas, with James 17, Edward 10, Gertrude 8, and Grace 3.

In 1900 Holt County, Missouri, James Secrist born June 1867, just married to Sarah C. Aug 1869, both born in Missouri, have Samuel June 1888 and Nellie E. July 1891, both born in Kansas.
George P. Hendricks and Miss Mollie B. Secrist, both of Holt County, married in St. Joseph Missouri June 1909.
1905 Holt County, Missouri "Mrs. Horseman and children, of southern Kansas, are visiting her sister, Mrs. Ed Secrist at present. Mrs. Odilla Secrist and Mrs. Horseman and children, were visiting in Napier, Sunday, the guests of James Secrist and family."
In 1910 Logan County, James - second marriage is 42, Sarah 40, with Vivian 8 and Fern 6, both born in Missouri.
On the same page is Edward G. Secrist 35, Missouri, with Otilla 32 and two daughters Marie 12 and Martina 3, both born in Missouri.

James proved up a quarter in 25, 9N 49W in 1913.

J.L. Secrist of Haxtun is the secretary of school District No. 31, Phillips County, Colorado, in 1917.

Samuel Leroy Secrist registered for WWI in Sterling, born January 8, 1889 at Cedarvale Kansas, a painter, with a wife and two children.
In 1920 Sterling, S.L. is listed as born in Oklahoma, with Otha 30 Illinois, Edgar 8, Kansas, and Mary 2 Colorado.

In 1920 Logan County, Roy Rowan, 25 and Vivian 19 are farming. Roy had registered for WWI with an address of Haxtun, born Feb 14, 1893 in Lewis County, West Virginia, single, farming, supporting his father.

In 1930 Larimer County, James and Sarah are fruit farmers, with Arden 19. Vivian is married to Roy Rowan and thery're living with James.

James 1867-1939 is buried in Loveland # 41085772, with Sarah C. 1869-1947.
In 1940 Larimer County, Vivian is divorced, and mother Sarah is living with her. Sarah's nephew Guy Dozier, 23, born in Missouri, a steam-fitter, is living with them.

Samuel and Detha are in Los Angeles in 1930, with Elger 18 and Madge 12.
In 1940 Coos County, Oregon, Samuel L. is 50, with housekeeper Edih Deisert 48 annd Clyde Desert 16 California.
Detha is in Los Angeles, married but no spouse, with Madge 22 Colorado and Billy, grandson, 2, California.
Detha 1889-1971 is buried in Whittier California # 143932807.
So is Elger 1911-1962.
Madge Secrist was born April 24, 1917 at Sterling or Greeley, Colorado to Samuel L. Secrist and Detha Ray, dying Sept 22, 1990 as Madge Ann Waggoner.
She's buried in Whittier, too # 149337674.

Mollie and George Hendricks are in Lincoln Nebraska in 1910.
In 1920 they're in Alameda County, California, Walter Hendricks 28, Gertrude 27, and Charles 10.
"Dolly" is married to Keith E. Keltner in San Jose, California in 1930, 38, born in Missouri, with Charles Hendricks, 20.
George is married to Grace P. 42, born in Michigan, in 1930 Oakland, California, with Donna L., 6.
In 1895 Cowley County, Kansas, Odilla R. Cropp is 17, with John E. 45 and Laura A. 39, Nannie G. 15, Alta V. 13, Beulah B. 11, Cecil J. 7, Leah N. 4, and Nita E. 1.
(John Elias Cropp 1850-1935 is buried in Glendale California, per # 136156332, with Laura Elizabeth (Beamer ) Cropp 1955-1940 # 85373264)

One tree said Odilla and Edward married August 9, 1896 in Winfield, Cowley County, Kansas.

In 1900 Holt County, Missouri, Edward Secrist born July 1865, married four years to Odilla Nov 1877, have Marie Feb 1898, all three born in Missouri.
1906 Holt County "Mr. and Mrs. Edward Secrist and little daughter, .wane, who have spent the past eight months in Los Angeles, Calif., arrived home Sunday evening. They are well pleased with California, but are giad to get home again, and their many friends here hope they decide to remain in our city. Mr. Mrs. Samuel Secrist are still in Angeles, and may return in the..."
1907 Holt County " Mrs. Odilla Secrist and Mrs. Samuel Secrist visited relatives in Oregon (Missouri) a couple of days last week."

In 1910 Logan County, Edward Secrist is farming, 36, married 14 years to Odilla, 32, with Marie 12 and Martina 3, all four born in Missouri - they're next to James' family.
Ed is a motorman when he registered for WWI, with Odilla R. and Martina M. in Los Angeles, California, and they're there in 1920. Ed was born July 5, 1874.
He's a motorman in 1930 Los Angeles, alone with Odilla.

Ed died June 25, 1960 in Los Angeles County, mother's maiden name Brown. Edward Callon Secrist is buried in Glendale, per # 141209920.

Avilla Rebecca Secrist died Dec 4, 1946, and is buried in Glendale, too, per # 13799123. ""Mrs. Edward C. Secrist, whose husband is retired, passed away on December 4." in the Los Angeles Transit Lines newsletter "Two Bells."

The California death index has her born Nov 20, 1877, dying Dec 4, 1946 in Los Angeles County, father Cropp, mother Beamer.

In 1930 Los Angeles, there's a Martina M. Thomas, 23, born in Missouri, with Kenneth J. 31, a lawyer.
In 1940 Glendale, California, Kenneth is an attorney for the County District Attorney, with Martina 33 and Bevely 10.
In 1946 Kenneth is a Deputy D.A. in Los Angeles.

In 1930 Los Angles, Martina Thomas born Dec 16, 1906 in Missouri, died Nov 21, 1981 in San Diego County, father Secrist, mother Cropp.
She's buried in Inglewood, California, per # 79331343.

Marie is married to Erroll Barnes in Los Angeles in 1920 and 1930, in Santa Ana in 1940 and 1950, no children.
In 1930 Santa Ana Marie was a member of a women's club meeting in Santa Ana, and Mrs. Ed Secrist of Los Angeles was a visitor."
"Mrs. Ed Secrist of Los Angeles was presented with a bouquet of spring flowers in honor of Mother’s Day."


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