Anna Mabel Walden, 9 North 49 West

Anna proved up a quarter in 7, 9N 49W in 1921. The rest of that section was claimed by the Carrigans in 1918. Section 6 was Warren Pratt in 1919, section 8 Rhodes, Statke and Stibitz, section 18 Carrigan, Clodfelder, Fey, Krieger and Rhodes, and section 12 to the west in 9N 50W by the Sivey's in 1924 and 1927.

Anna M. Allen was born August 16, 1870 in Monroe County, Ohio to Ezekiel Allen and Mary O. Wadsworth.
In 1880 Larimer County, Colorado, Ezekiel is a day laborer, 37, with mry O, 35. "Anna M. is 9, David H. 8, Clarence E. 4, Mary O. 2, and Sarah A. January 1880 . The last two girls were born in Colorado.
May 1885 Larimer County, Colorado - Spring Canon items

She might be the Anna M. Walden in 1900 Rio Blanco County, Colorado, born August 1870 in Ohio, married nine years to Mathew Oct 1857 Iowa. Mathew is superintendent of a brick yard.
Annie M. Walden and M. O. Walden divorced in Rio Blanco County in 1905.
Anna Walden married Van Ceaphus Ogden in 1905 in Carbon County, Utah.
In 1910 Grand Junction, Anna M. is 38, married four years to Van C. Ogden, 28, an electrical engineer.
In 1910 Rio Blanco County, Ezekiel Allen is a carpenter, living alone, widowed, 66, born in Ohio.
In 1920 Rio Blanco County, Anna 49 is married to V.C. Ogden 38, with her father Ezekiel ALLEN 76, oHIO.

In 1920 Rio Blanco County, Matthew is now on his second marriage, to Lizzie, 33.


Mary Olive Allen 1844-1900 is buried in Meeker, Colorado # 52226955.
The U.S. Forest Service paid Ezekiel Allen for labor in 1906 Meeker, Colorado.
Ezekiel Allen 1843-1925 is buried in Meeker, Colorado, # 52226954.
(Ollie Allen married E.D. Attebery January 8, 1898, recorded in Rio Blanco County.
Ollie Attebury and Johh E. Attebery divorced in Garfield County, Colorado in 1916.
Ezekiel's daughter Mary Ollie Duckett was in Rio Blanco County in 1920, 40, married to John L. Duckett._
John L. 1880-1949 # 141795772 and Mary Olive Duckett 1878-1958 are buried in Rio Blanco County, Colorado.

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